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help net
help net
Right now there's no purpose for a net..not until the island Thord-Atin is cleared...but for now just for fun, in a battle, press the "try to capture" button from the drop-down menu in a fight.:D
Right now there's no purpose for a net

read the 
 post. X-(
what drop down menu in a battle... and what will happen
i don't have a question about the net, but i was wondering if you can hold more than one monster at a time on the way to TA?  it would save a whole lot of clicks by doing so.  thanks!

OK guys... i believe Both Monty and Jason have posted a LARGE help post on how to catch a monster.

You do this w/ a net during battle.

However. If you do not have a boat an have not killed 100 monsters on TA, it will do u no good to catch one. Because u could not release it anyways.

So.. Search out the Post on forum an read it.

Kitten, I know how to use a net and i have a boat and have killed a 100 monsters, but my question was if you can carry more than one monster at one time.  thanks!

Ok.. Lipos... Sorry i missed that part of ur Post.. I was really talken to the others... I will try to read more carefully from now on ;)