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Pure misery
Pure misery
Pure misery
Died.  On my way to the temple, I decided to take on an easy opponent to pay for the trip back to TA.  Noticed too late that I apparently forgot to chair while I was at home.  Tried to run, but no such luck.  Died.  Lost oodles of stuff: 103 what'sitsnames, 171 nubs, antiballast, etc.

Ye gods.  That hurts.

OUCH!  Sorry to hear that Sandy...  Hope i never do that... :( Sorry to hear but good luck getting it back and remembering to chair first... Whats that, Antiballst #5 now? ;\

yeah, i have a similar sob story. got killed on TA, forgot to sit in my chair and went out to turn some nubs into stones. hadn't gotten but four steps outside of my house when i died... from poison. lost my ballast and about 120 nubs. good thing i have a rich digger to pay for all that stuff.

I lost around two million in stuff like the antiballast, the nubs, satchels and subtattoos, but I wish the money was the biggest problem!  It's the 103 antigrav thingies (which I accidentally called what'sitsnames in my post above)... it probably took me about 4000 conquests to gather that many what'sitsnames to convert to thingies.  And then there's the cost of 103 gadgets and contraptions... oh, I gotta stop thinking about this!  



Ouch Sandy - that hurts, I have my share of 2nd antiballasts but the anti-gravy thingy's - that painful.  If you need are in need of additional contraptions and gadgets - let me know be glad to help out as I can.

I won't even tell you how many of those I've lost Sandy...  oi

Shows how important concentration is. I just finished Kings Mission 39, but my previous attempt was pitiful. Cleared it all op to Lord Nekrodenus, but decided to let the kill wait until I had levelled Terrax to lvl 30 (300.000 xp) and chaired. Went back, killed the Lord, then going back while listening to the radio, took a wrong turn and got slaughtered by an Vampire Lord.
No offense Tombie,

But by far your problem has aboslutely 
 comparison to Sandy's unless maybe you didnt buy insurace...  All you have to do it goto the King, accept the mission and click done, no need to redo the mission....  The items Sandy lost are far from eaisily replaced...
       I really feel your pain, I do now being on my FIFTH antiballast with one character,I know what amajor loss is like,although my losses still don't add up to your by the sound of it. my sympathies Sandy

chin up, chest out and keep on fightin!
Note to self, you were complaining about losing 100?!  I just lost over 1000!!!  They were the hard-earned Atlantis variety too, not the new cheap imported TA variety.

I've got to do a little math to check out the differences, but I suspect my building efforts may have just been stopped dead for a while.


Two million? That sucks. At least it wasn't too bad.
note to yon: all posts in this thread were over a year and a half old, except the one immediately before yours.  and your post definitely does not reply to that one.  in fact, i have no idea what you're talking about! :p

anyway, that's bittersweet news sandy.  i feel your pain, as i have lost some valuable stuff in my day... though not to the extent of 1000+ whatsits!  that's got to feel horrible.  but it's also good news to some of us if you're done building... it'll mean we can do more when the next few buildings open. :p  sorry again for your loss.

Well, why would he bump an old topic of his from two years ago? :|
read sandy's first post in the thread, and his reply that he posted today.  i can't make it any more clear than that.

YoN, Sandy lost 1000 alien whatits, which take a very long time to get. In a whole day's clicks, you can get maybe 20 of them. 

In this game, that is a huge loss. 

Jason's point is that you should not post to threads you don't really understand.

i just had a huge scare... which i thought was "pure misery".  *note to self: don't try to do atlantis mission questions by memory!*

ya, so i just tried to do that... this was the response i got from one: "Hope fades....." which didn't sound promising.  i checked larkiguide, and it said this as the effect: "Lose item. (Right hand item 3 of 3 times.)"  sure enough, my right hand was empty.  i was devastated, and shared my pain with those in chat, too afraid to check larkiguide to see how much it was going to cost to replace that lvl 66 s/s weapon.  then lusha pointed out to me that it's a starter weapons and doesn't have anything in it except a few ingredients (no previous weapons).  i'm saved! :)

Died, forgot to chair, headed one step to my clanhouse to get some silvers to buy insurance, completely did not notice that daemonlightmaster drawing nearer, and died again. :(

...and around 500 thingies gone too 

"Hmmm, I see you were a fool and lost your antiballast. However, you have been very loyal to Larkinor. So I will replace it. Try not to lose it again, they are expensive to replace!" the King says.


I think I'd rather have the -50kg from the thingies than -20kg from the antiballast. Ships are overrated - I'll swim there with my newfound dexterity.