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Xmas Bonus
Xmas Bonus
Xmas Bonus
I know it's probably too late as this thread seems to have been removed...
A FANTASTIC Christmas Pressie (for my Quick Mage especially) would be the ability to redistribute 5 or 10 points.  My mage was "built" before I found out about optimal point distributions for certain types of character and consequently has many strength, luck and dexterity points that would be of more value in Persistence!
I totally agree.  I was actually going to suggest this myself - When I started,  I didn't realize the character combinations, so I ended up distributing points in regrettable places.  

Either that, or... can I please please please delete a character?  without having a million dollars?  That would be a good christmas present! At least maybe for newbies who caught on a few moments too late...
I concurr.  This would totally help those people who mistakenly put attribute points in useless places like maybe luck for a fighter, which isn't necessary (unless you want to dig on TA or something).  I know I certainly would appreciate it.  

I agree with this as well. I posted this to the original thread--it was the last post before V locked it. Although, I only asked to redistribute 2 points as I was trying not to be too greedy. 
well, as someone with under one week experience on the game,  I don't have that many points TO re-distribute.  (so it didn't even occur to me that i was being greedy).  But yeah, even two would be helpful.
I wouldnt say that many.....maybe 2 or 3 but not 5 or 10.....thats just plain greedy.  :|

I don't think anyone meant to be greedy.  I've never received a larkinor "christmas present" before; so I didn't know what's considered resonable.  
thats because your 
 to the game.....and 5 doesnt seem reasonable nor 10. But if you seen in the other post for xmas post, some mentoined 2 or 3 because its reasonable.% or 10 isn't thats why its not mentioned.
I believe 3 would be nice...thats how much you get per level, so that seems just right. ;\ 3 attribute points...I'd be will to pay 300k for that..what a gift it would be! :D
I DID read it, but sorry, must have forgotten to memorize the list.

I'll try harder next time ;)
It is impossible to retroactively reassign stat points owing to the effects it has on other factors
If it not too much trouble, when will we find out about the bonus?  The reason being that some have asked for interest on money in the bank and right now I have enough to "finally" become a citizen, but if there is going to be interest paid then I might just wait until after the holiday season is over.  Thanks in advance  Rock Hound
The bonus will take the form of extra clicks.