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A poem I wrote for a special player who wants to change.
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A poem I wrote for a special player who wants to change.
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A poem I wrote for a special player who wants to change.
This is a poem for a player here. Hope he identifes with it. BTW hes from California.

A Lonely Man

Among optic illusions, 
a lonely man crawled,
having fallen under a spell
driven by a spiritual current.

Floating on an updraft,
to where he doesn't know.
Floating higher and higher,
his immagination roaming free.

Does anybody know where he's going?
He claims that fate cheated him,
but he, himself, wove his web of  existence
while leading his putrid double life.

Secrets locked deep inside him,
opened and poured vile forth
like an angry inflamed wound,
was this the end of his world?

Choosing his words carefully,
he cried out to whoever was there,
I feel shackled to loneliness,
that is what my life has always been.

The pulse in his soul struggles,
his life now changed forever,
his heart opens to goodness,
could he start over again?

Hungering for a new chance,
he now knows his destiny
he knows what direction to procede,
still can he: can he?

As he returns home,
he finds he's at peace with all,
no longer alone in this monstrous world!
He now must find himself a sense of purpose.

Rose 11-23-05

Where did you copy and paste that from :)?
actually that was good, copied or not. 
I really liked the imagery...it conveys a sense of the person and his feelings.
I wrote the poem myself.  I have a book of poetry published too. I can write for anyone or any occasion. Glad you all enjoyed it.
Really nice poem ROSE.Any chance of you doing some more here please?


You wouldnt know talent if it jumped up and punched you in the mouth.

LMAO Jade:)

Really nice poem...maybe you could do some more?
lol can you write a poem for me Rose? 
What type poem would you like?  One of your name or maybe an angst?  
A scone and tea at half past three make the day a little a brighter take your cakes and fancy tarts and shove them up your sh*ter. 

Scones scones they are quite smashing they also are delicious i leave in that cupboard over there right beside the dishes. 

Wheres ma scone? wheres ma scone? oh here it is next to the phone. 

:p Soz I Could Not Resist

Francesco Totti
What type poem would you like? One of your name or maybe an angst? 

One of my name please...ty. :)
What a load of pretentious crap,send the guy an e mail.Nobody else cares (except melodramatic teenage girls).

Well virus i guess you're entitled to your opinion same as anybody else,but before you start jumping to conclusions about the people who have posted replies about ROSE's poem,i would just like to point out that i don't consider myself to be melodramatic and i'm certainly not a teenage girl.

Just so that you know for future reference i was born on the 6th of June 1984,that makes me 21.

Not exactly a teenager is it.

nevermind suit he just a little boy with a big mouth.
heres my poem

I can sum up life in three words: it goes on.

lol. thank u and good night.
So, your a girl! Your automatically melodramtic. 2/3!

Call me Suit you sir, not virus.

A poem for a player here also. 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I once thought I was ugly
Until I met you

You seem to have an attitude problem where women are concerned.
Do you consider all females to be melodramatic?

If you want people to call you 'Suits you Sir',why don't you use that name to log in on?

Finally, is there a lady in your life?
if the answer to that question is no,then with the attitude you have towards women i can fully understand why there is'nt,if on the the other hand the answer to the question is yes,then the poor cow has my deepest sympathy.


oooooooh cold. but u cant say that cruelly. suit's my friend or so i think.
suits your friend? lol bloody...

as for suit hes a little gimp :)
hes just a kid not grown up yet !

Answer to question number one
: My username has been banned more times than gary glitter from playgroup, that is why I do not log on as Suits you sir anymore.

Two: It may have escaped your vast library of knowledge but men and women are different. They like different things, like films and books etc. Another thing the female sex tends to prefer more than their male counterparts is poetry. Most Females just happen to love that pointless emotional melting pot of foolishness. 

I am not being sexíst, or even displaying any kind of real negative attitude towards women.

And as for you feeling sorry for my girlfriend (none of your business, hope your nose dosent stop you eating btw) I actually feel sorry for whoever you are involved with, because if this is how mch you usually read into things (totally wrongly) and try to anaylse silly things, then he must be getting great use out of those anti-deppressents he is probably using.  

Suits you sir.
Suit if you have been banned so many times, why do you still reveal your identity? The mods still know who u are, and will ban you accordingly.
"Answer to question number one: My username has been banned more times than gary glitter from playgroup" ..lmao virus..that was worth looking a this post alone..now behave urselves people..lol
Nice poem by the way Rose..god..he sounds depressed lol
Are you refering to someone in the USAF by the way?..
yeah rose nice1. I wud write one also for my bloodygirl :$

My question regarding your nic was the second one in my previous post,not the first as you seem to think.
Might be an idea if you paid more attention when your reading other peoples comments.

I don't think much of your attempt at humour.(your remark about Gary Glitter).Rather sick sort of joke if you ask me.

As for the size of my nose,well i'd just like you to know
that it's like the rest of me.Small,perfectly formed and
nice to look at.

My fiance is'nt on anti-depressants by the way.
When he's with me he has no need for stuff like that.


I am behaving myself thanks.


Hope it's not too long before we see some more of your work.


hey guys dont mess with suit. he just might be a changed man. u never know. i mean he and i used to constantly fight, then i felt bad and apologized to him. i really didnt wanna be a mean person, but hey...that was then this is now. by the way chillo, write me a good poem that will actually move me.
Im sorry, I was going to say nothing, but you really have asked for it. 

Is your brain, like the rest of you, small? It's just that you obvously have a huge ego, it is a wonder how you manage to fit it onto this website...


Sorry bloody, but I am trying ;\


Are you having a laugh or what.
A site aimed at teenagers,where do you get that idea from.
I haven't seen anything that says this site is aimed purely at teenagers.If there is something to that effect maybe you or someone else (perhaps a Moderator even)could tell me and all the other over 20's where it is.I have'nt been playin on this site very long but i have met some really nice people,some of whom are a lot older than me.I was under the impression that this site was aimed at people of all ages,i hope i'm not wrong.

Yes i'm engaged,how very observant of you.
Don't really know what that's got to do with me playing on here though.
Unless of course you are implying that engaged (and possibly even married people)should'nt be playing on here.(I sincerely hope you're not).

As for the size of my brain.
Well all i can say to that is,at least i have one.
From your last comments maybe you're lacking in that department.


man u guys r mean and im still gonna help virus out.

Get a life. 
If you're engaged then get out, and have a laugh in something that people like to call the "real world". 

Stop acting like a stuck up pompous spoilt child, and take a look outside your front door, you may be suprised to find there is something outside of it.

Peace love and empathy,
You didn't tell us why you are still here, Suit.
go play some chess suit ya lil geeek :D
Just thought I would paste this here as well as in the 'the poems topic' as there seems to be a little confusion over who I am and Rose is, we are two separate people....

......"I'm sorry to disappoint you but I did not >write the poems in the topic: 

>A poem I wrote for a special player who wants to change....
>They are by the player called by the nick 'ROSE',
>mind you the poems are very good and I would love to take credit for them but I can't.
>Keep up the good work ROSE,".....<

Merry Christmas all
cream rose x

I,ve got a life thanks.A very nice one actually.
I,ve got a guy whom i love and he loves me.I,ve got a wonderful dad and three fantastic sisters whom i love and care about very much.I also have a large group of friends who i see on a regular basis,i don't sit in doors on my backside all evening doing nothing.I was actually out last night,when you were stuck indoors typing up your last comments.I wont tell you where i was or what i was doing,after all this is a family site.
Don't want to get banned for being rude.

My replies to you are made when i'm at work,in the few quiet moments we get here.
Maybe you are the one who needs to get a life.

Merry xmas all.


karinski major girl pants :)))) :p


If you're going to make comments about me,please spell my name correctly.

Thank you.

Jade i think he was joking. :p
suit im still here to help ya.i honestly think jade that u do need to look outside ur window and even try this thing thats really popular now. it called LIFE.
if u look back bloody you'll see suit started the whole argument, ur just too dumb to realise!
bewildered how u can stick up for him lmao
give ur head a bloody good wobble lol
The Power.

Thanks for your input.


Hope you and virus will be very happy together.
You deserve each other.


forget it. u guys r jsut really dumb. 
she loves me really...Cant ya just Tell !!!!!!!!!

well yes i seeit in her eyes :p :)

Hope chillo dont read this, he'll come after me ! :p
eh though luck  POWER  
fortunally bloody really likes chillo as u can see from theyr posts 
and  chillo is a good  guy   and he knows  bloody has eyes only for hymself :p 

 dam im such a spoiler :)
yo chillo probbably some 50 year old pedo
Its amazing the response a mere poem gets eh rose? ..lol
oh my oh my. jeez. chillo is sumtimes annoying but hes nice. and vlad is ok, and power...im not even gonna say anyhting.
well wat u say to me isnt very nice either, but ill ask for forgiveness anywayz. forgive me or no?
WE will ALL forgive u when u stop bloddying the forums with crap..now..silly girl..give ur silly fingers a rest..leave ur com alone..
np bloody if i carry on ill end up ban as usual.
oh okey you can talk? back from your ban for spamming i see? want another one?
well im feel really bad if ive done wrong to u all. sry.
Bloody, you don't need to apologize. You don't have a problem, they do.
well sometimes theyre right. so i apologize for wat ive said and done.
Just Wonering what u mean by spamming Player's Club ..this post was probably started of by Rose as a heartfelt feeling..then all heck breacks loose from all YOU spammers lol ..

And ,in my best English Ladies and Gentlman..i can spell and pronunciate..work that one out lol..
Here's your poem Rain.


If the walls could talk,
as the rain trickles upon.
Once empty, quiet spaces
vanishing in a face of life.

Untangled it pours,
leaving it's trail of secrets,
words of wisdom

Promising to return one day,
filling the empty void once again,
from somewhere in the distance,
traveling upon the wind.

Chased by the light,
a timely note of music,
time to dream, once again 
for I've only began.

written by: S.R.L 
Once again a very nice poem.

Would it be possible for you to write something for me please.
My mum died on the 8th December 2004 and this is a very sad time of year for me and my family.Something about mums in general would be nice,that way it would apply to other people who have lost or are mourning the loss of their mothers at this time of the year.


Would also like to apologise to you for turning your topic into a battleground in the earlier pages.


Jade, Sorry to hear about you mother, I send all my best wishes to you and your family. Take care

bloody your a sweet girl...and its swell that you apologize and try keepin peace Don't let people on here tell you to stop posting stuff I love your postings and think you have alot of bright ideas I read your work when I can. Take care and keep typin up a storm.

My mom has passed too, so I can understand somewhat your feelings.  I know it's not a long poem, but its words are powerful. I hope they express what you wanted. 
Many blessing of healing.

Memories Sadden Me
Yet Comfort Me Most

I sit here reaching forth for you,
if only for a single memory,
listening close for your footsteps
aching so for your touch.

The days have slipped by quietly,
my heart in agony still,
embracing only my memories,
filling the void inside my mind.

Piecing together the life we shared
as waves of love envelope me,
a promise to be together again
as future pushes toward past.

My memories remain so sweet
as my mornings give way to noons,
my day is never done,
till I whisper, I love you.

My numbing sameness, 
quenched with a lifetime of memories,
As my memories of you hold me,
as only only a mother can do!

written by: S.R.L.
Are you the original Jade?  I know one player with the Jade nick, she was good friends of Lone Wolfs too.
aww thnx frank. that was sweet. im not tryin to listen but its so hard. thnx for comment

Thank you very much for your kind words.


A beautiful poem.A big thank you to you for taking the time to write this for me.Its very much appreciated.

In answer to your question,no i'm not the Jade you refer to.
I haven't been coming on this site for very long and don't know the player Lone Wolf either.

jade im really sry for starting stuff with u and im also sry for ur mom. my deep sincer heartfelts and apologies to u. 
helo rose age sou o Messais saudade de ti