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Marrige.... Isn't about time
Marrige.... Isn't about time
Marrige.... Isn't about time
Hey All... Lovely little 18 yr old Eragon has made the contract of marrige a part of her life 19 November Two Thousand Five. Deanndre Jeannette Kegley(18) To David Solomon Hansen(21).
Congratulations Andi, wish you many years of happiness:)
congratulations andi... have a great honeymoon, and a wonderful married life :)
congrats andi
wish u a very happy married life and a wonderfull wedding:)

Congrats Andi!
Don't expect to see you in Larki much for a little while :)
concrats andi 
hope you and david live long happy lifes together :)
Hi Andi, I don't know you, but more best wishes can't hurt!  So many congratulations!
congratulations andi!!!:D

For A Robber Near You
Congratulations Andi best wishes and hope u both have long and happy lives together :D

~AJB B-)
Congrats Andi:D! 
Went for an older man eh;), best wishes.

Congrats andi!:)
have a happy marrage and best wishes to u:)

Wow I wish ya a happy life andi :D 
I hope ya have a nice honeymoon. ;)
Congratulations! I wish you and him the best of luck and long years of married bliss.

congrats, make lots of babies and drink wen they start cryin. lol. jk. congrats tho.
My best wishes to both of you, Andi!
I hope you have a long and happy marriage.

Zuni :)