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TheCoward NinjaKnight Hides again
TheCoward NinjaKnight Hides again
TheCoward NinjaKnight Hides again
If you are going to steal from those tougher than you by all means cash out if you can but hiding in home after I let you get to market so you could dump is cowardly and ungentlemanly this comes from one of the people who owns close the this most thieving levels (totaled in one group) so I do know how the game is played If you run again then hide in home all of your chars Bael, SirFightsAlot(thief) ,DigDug(thief robber) and SnakePlissken (thiefrobber)(Kurt Russel is just cryin at the pervision you hav done to this char) will be hunted robbed stolen from and killed by all of my acccounts at every turn I see you. Furthermore there is not any hour within a day when I might not show up so findin a diff time to be on wont even help so quit hiding especially sinie I gave you cash out time!!!!! wow you got some attention maybe now you are a somebody ( umm nope lol !!)
Bearlord, you are a good guy! WTG for post Bear!
Its a shame yup he is a coward that one I will hunt him too.
bearlord, while you were scoping out all of my characters,did you bother to notice how many famepoints my 3 main characters have.NO....because you would have seen that ive gotten my butt kicked so many times for stealing,robbing,and just famepoint hunters in general. But no, you had to run as fast as you could and whine on the post as to how you were cheated.Well BOO HOO.So the next time i steal from you i will be sure to stand in the same area as you for as long as it it takes for you to extract you revenge,because now everyone knows just how delicate your ego really is.see ya around Girl
for that comment ur getting it from me now.
ninja bad move from now on u got me on ur tail also 
Nice now you've got me to deal with...Im going to have the pleasure of beatinhg the tar out of you everytime i see yea around.
Wow ninja enenmies all around...
Well Im gonna kill you too. Just tell koo koo when snake plissken is ready to die :D
This was a superb assault! You've made 320 hitpoints damage with your elvensteel ballast!
Your weapon vampirizes 67 hitpoints to you!
You've won a heroic battle!!!
17000 experience points earned for the victory.
You need 18 410 690 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 1 famepoints!
Now you have 2467 famepoints!

That was fun.
Most people in this thread seem to be under the impression that it's possible to have a major effect on a person's game.  I've never seen it that way.  With no ill will toward ninjaknight intended, I'd be very interested in seeing a running tally of all the times a group was able to effect a targeted player.

to set the record straight Bearlord stole from snake Plissken,i counterstole(automatic)a giant mothshield.I then went to the market and promptly sold it for a cool $149000.thats the facts,now bearlord knowing hes carrying a high end item like that steals anyway.Now thats just careless in my opinion.and to get mad about it and to openly bash someone on the fourum by calling not 1 but all thier characters a coward,just says alot about this guys charcter.As for the other players who have responded to this string,friends staying together is 1 thing and i admire your comradery,but know the facts of the matter before you act or post,because without that knowledge your are only sheep being led.And also a word of advice dont steal,if you dont mind being stole from.Adios
Sorry BearLord, but I've made that mistake enough times to laugh at your misfortune!  That's hilarious!

Sorry to ruin your lol Sandy but it didn't happen first I have no char called Bearlord second never had that kinda shield and third how would I know the evil person is restin in home from a counter steal so now we know the COWARD is a LIAR too
Okay, I'm going to attempt to gracefully get the heck out of this thread now.  You guys need some time alone.

I wasnt even talking about you werepanther.I was talking about bearlord the one who started this thread.
LMAO... Hey Ninja.... BearLord = WerePanther :D

lmao that was price less...quick some one post that.. oh wait already on forum..:d

Then who is this Bearlord that started the string and all this?
hey panther why dont you just stay out of this an quit acting like some ol prison punk in everybodys business.the dudes characters are weregriz, cu chulainn,fafhrd,and grey mouser.so you like to call people liars and cowards too huh panther,well heres one for you, biker wanna be. B A N D I T O S . enough said huh panther.
Ok you know what ninja?? I am now going to double my efforts to destroy you. FYI bearlord really does = werepanther... we defend our respected fellow players here ;\
Duller than grandma's lost butter knife you are 
So hard to keep my cool sometimes.
First again (feel like I am teachin a kid) Bandido's dont spell their name with a T it helps set aside those not in the know.
Second I was a biker and got smart and quit the active life although I still run a couple of hidaways. If you must be childish and throw names I will give you a couple Pagans SWw Ch 216  and  Outlaws SW Ch 437 and oh yeah I hold several sets of wings as well as 1% patches.
Thirdly to help you understand I am Werepanther , PaganMale , BearLord and several others. So quit cryin and hidin be the man you imply you are and take your whippin or get lucky and beat me.
To continue to act this way and attack others in open chat is just going to get you hunted like a rabid dog and you will have no fun in this game at all.  SeeYaSoon
Ok enough, you have all said your piece.  No more need be said.  Do not re-start this thread.