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So i have a few squishy's in the game... Anyone else have some?

B = squishy
slipknot = squishy
silver = squishy
*new* blud = squishy

*feeds each of his squishys and muzzles blud*

greatest2pacfan = my squishy
willday = squishy

just got him today.... :)

i dontlike being your squishy.

can i quit??
please, what is this, this... squishy?

Watch Finding Nemo... Dory and Nemo's dad.. the jellies...
I can't remember that movie, ...am I squishy?
jb your last several posts have been 'hrrmmmmm' :p
yes, i know 
the forum topics are so 'out there' its incredible...
what in the world is a squishy??!
I must be Squisy impared.
No idea what it is, never saw the movie.
who is my squishy.....hmmmmmmmmm

i think i stepped in something squishy...eewwww

Ok so in Finding Nemo, Dory and Nemo's father have to swim through an area of the ocean with a field of jelly fish (squishy's).  Dory sees a small one before the big ones arrive and doesnt know what it is...  So she says its cute and i shall call it my Squishy... Hence where i got it from... Go rent the movie its cute (ack i didnt just say the.. ;\)


Pick someone... i recomend JB ;)

*points to the Hyper plated feeder and alcohol dispenser's for all this squishy's*
Dont fight you all have your own :)
your squishy is a player you choose to be it.

then if your like pyra you treat it like a dog and give it orders and say stuff like noo noo squishy and good squishy.

i hate being a squishy it winds me up being called it
Is that something to be particularly proud of jb? :p
I know: Dolphin Of Blue My squishy:p

For A Robber Near You
new squishy

mr joe = squishy the II
Dropping Blud as a squishy.. hes not on anymore :( *sigh*

*takes pixie as his squishy #4*
*takes affe as his squishy #5*

Guess its time to build a squishy sleep and play area...
awww im no longer a squishy *cries* i see how its gonna be :(
takes jason as her squishy number 2:D

For A Robber(and a Squishy)Near You
you shall regret that choice >:)

Can I be someones squishy:p
I volunteer to be zuni or smurfys squishy lol:p
Noo... You are my #1 squishy, for sure!  :D

Yay I am a squishy thank you Zuni:p

New squishy....]:)

iplaylarkinor= squishy the III

*doesnt even leave him a bowl or food*  
*zaps it a couple of times*

<--- Is particularly happy with her #1 squishy, Noo.
And so, brings Noo oodles of noodles and strawberry lemonaide to feast upon.  The luncheon is to celebrate the star next to squishy-Noo's name.  I'm so glad you decided to sub again !  :D

aw thank you squishy owner:p
i am glad i subbed again lol and hope to be in all weekend:p
Kayie (now no# 1 squishy:D)

seems to me you need to do more to your squishy iplaylark than starve it and shock it, you need to lock him in a cage and throw away the key, maybe even ship the cage to another country to calm himk down and teach him a little respect...

Thats all i can say... Tho i thought of takeing iplay as my personal squishy i decided against it because IT is too much of a PITA to even be worth my time...

TY AA for taking him and please lock him up and send him to the deep blue sea for a month or eternity...

*puts out food, beverage, and new beds for all his squishies*

Take Care!
Teach me respect captain? this level 19 name of mine killed your "CaptainBlack" one :) i deem YOU MY squishy, ha ha ha!.
now now squishy....squishys can't have squishys... 
thats the rules  ;)

*zaps the squishy again for good measure*

Thx pyra,
hmmm this beds comfy and the foods good too:D

For A Robber And A Squishy Near You

none of your caracters have ever faught mine, i tried today and you never attacked and since your caracter is on shy, i couldnt attack you... im on here m-f 4-12. if you wanna fight catch me on here and ill take care of ya... 
yes, my 19 has fought CaptainBlack before :). and sorry, out of clicks today.
you may have faught captainblack, but in the arena which honestly is not much of a challenge, however, you have not faught me in a p2p otherwise i would know about it...  you really need to grow up and stop antagonizing people, honestly, it gets old.

seems to me you need to do more to your squishy iplaylark than starve it and shock it, you need to lock him in a cage and throw away the key, maybe even ship the cage to another country to calm himk down and teach him a little respect..."

it seems YOU were doing the antagonizing, hypocritical idiot.

seems to me you need to do more to your squishy iplaylark than starve it and shock it, you need to lock him in a cage and throw away the key, maybe even ship the cage to another country to calm himk down and teach him a little respect..."

it seems YOU were doing the antagonizing, hypocritical idiot.

Now now...

There is to be no name calling like that in larki.  If you continue to call people names like that, the past will catch up to you and im sure any mod in FoD right now would not have a problem demeriting or banning you.  You have been a persistent problem from day one and that to me show's unsportsmanship quality.

Oh so its your brothers account? You should learn how to respect others and follow rules.  Walking in one day and make allegations that he's used someone else's acoount and that he got a temp ban for not following rules proves to me that YOU are the problem and that you should not PROVOKE me into catching you in yet ANOTHER lie.

And for your information:

No player is allowed to direct personal attacks and/or vulgarity toward other players. You should be able to state your opinion without the use of inappropriate wording. 

The following are not tolerated: 
3.11 Using other's account 
3.12 Lending your nickname to other players (please also see 5.5) 

5.5 FlyOrDie will not tolerate using multiple nicknames in order to avoid banishments. Offenders of our rules might face permanent banishments on all nicknames used by them (please also see 3.12).

So V, LD, any mod out there...  He has admited to breaking the rules in an open forum.

You blatenly admited to being on his account.  There is my proof that you broke the rules.  You stated before that you had a temp ban (oxymoron) and that when you created this account that ban had been lifted (again oxymoron).  I stated that you broke the rules by using his account.  I also stated that you, in the past, had a temp ban and that ment you obviuously broke the rules and deserved it.  Why dont you take your own advice and comprehend what you tell others.  I like how you try and act all big and bad but lets face it, im not provokeing you.  Im useing factual information and calling you on it.  Real people do not continue to call others "idiot's" when they are told by a Mod to stop it.  One day when you grow up and understand what you say, you will learn your lesson.
hey iplay, what happened to ya today, i followed you for a bit to let you attack me since you are convinved you can beat me... i even took the baloon and went into chat but you weren't to be found... maybe we can try another day... 
sorry, was clearing out the arena after i trained a little, lol.
Pyra can the Twinkie squishy come out of the freezer yet? :(
Am i no ones squishy?
...or is that a good thing?
Bomb2Win casts a spell! Fiery magic flies towards you! Your opponent has made 123 hitpoints damage to you!
You've surprised your opponent! You've made 178 hitpoints damage with your lava sword!
Your weapon vampirizes 34 hitpoints to you!
You've won a heroic battle!!!
2400 experience points earned for the victory.
You need 382 173 more experience points for the next level!
You obtained 1 famepoints!
Now you have 2215 famepoints!

Told ya i'd whip you iplay... i didnt even have to break a sweat
Congratulations, you gained 1 FP, feel proud.
its not abut the fame... it was a thing of principle since you had swore you had beat me and could beat me... other than that i wouldnt have wasted time to fight you iplay. hey and at least i didnt lose that one point
I'ts official!  Halo 6 is OUR squishy! If anyone messes with him they're gonna have to mess with us too!

Talitu :D
Jasminder :p
Tea Leaf (maybe) ;)

We DO know that he can be a nuisance,but still....
Halo 6 is YOUR squishy?  Since when!?  Im afraid i took Braves as my squishy from the begining and being Pixie now plays Larki, Braves is OUR Squishy and will always be OUR squishy... ;)  Just a heads up...

Dear Pyratic,
We checked all the Squishy posts first and, nope, nobody had Halo 6 for a squishy. ( We did think that odd because he IS soo cute. And, besides, we were tired of thumping him. Now we wouldn't touch a hair on his sweet little head!)
Also, we visited Braves in chat and he agreed for Halo 6 to be our squishy!
Unlike some things in Larkinor, Squishy owning is SERIOUS
business and I guess we will have to come to some arrangement.  I suppose we could share him...  There is always King Solomon's solution but I don't think he would like that very much?
Perhaps you could come up with another solution?

Talitu , Jasminder & Tea Leaf(maybe)

:) :)  :p
Hmm...  So that makes Squishy owning even more difficult...  See i went by Account name for Squishy owning, Your purposeing Char name for Squishy owning...  This will have to be looked into as many people have squishys and that can make the squishy populatin quadruple...

well pyra you said nothing about my chars :p and lady esme is much nicer then you.   you tried to lock me in a freezer :(

~ braves, ps umm incase noone noticed its halo06 ;) 
Pyra, can there be TOO many squishys?  I mean locking  them in the freezer could be, well, a little hard on their numbers. Don't you think?
You won't have to worry about Halo 06 (06 please note)
he will be well cared for- even if he is only a char.

Esme [for Talitu, Jasminder,& Tea Leaf(maybe)] :)

I agree that the some of the squishy population needs to be set free or put to sleep. I ,being the giant mutated twinkie I am, needs to stay in hopes of increasing the giant mutated twinkie population which is on we believe. The twinkies are very good natured and if given training can be the best squishy. The only problem is when they are being trained they tend to shoot cream filling. I believe this has something to do with timidity. So please save the giant mutated twinkie when you wipe out the other more unfaithful squishys ;)
Well i guess i need to redefine the rules of Squishy's.  And since I am the starter and King of the Squishy's i shall decree that no one can decide on a Char to Char basis to be a squishy.  Only an Account to Account basis.

I also decree that if a Squishy is unhappy and finds its self a new Squishy owner, the two owners may agree to change ownership of the Squishy in question.

With that being said, Lady Esme...
Braves is unhappy as my Squishy and happier to be your Squishy so i shall hand him over.  Take good care of him as everyone knows i enjoyed zapping him... hehe

Since i am King of the Squishy's and Pixie and i signed to have Twinkie as our squishy, guess that makes her rightfull Queen of the Squishy's ;\

So our new Squishy list is as follows:
Slipknot - Decent Squishy
Silver - Well behaved Squishy
Blud - Evil Squishy
Affe - Slyest Squishy
Twinkie - Oddest Squishy

If anymore of you disagree with Pixie and I, or just I, then speak up...

And don't forget TitanCannon...my 1st squishy :) Not that I've seen my squishy since SuperBowl...
well if your king pyra...then i must be lord AA...kings have lords in their court right.  

i forgot all my squishys just when i see them i know :)
Pyra, thank you very much for my new squishy.:) I'm sure you'll agree Braves is inclusive of Halo 06 so I am very happy with this solution!
Rest assured he will be well cared for ...I might even stretch to a squishy condo for him too!
Wishing you and Pixie a truely HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Esme ;)

hi there pyro, its been awhile im happy you still want me as the evil squishy. i wont disappoint you ;) can my muzzle come off yet?:( i dont bite....hard
wahoo i might get a condo :D better then that dirty freezer ;\
I think I count as oddest pet squishy. Don't you pyro? And braves, I spent a month in that freezer. It's quite nice until it's hard to move and you run out of ice cream and have to eat cream of asparagus :(
The loneliest twinkie,
Well behaved???  That's all I earned is well behaved??  I guess I am house trained.;\