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To flyordie ONLY
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To flyordie ONLY
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To flyordie ONLY
I just want to know if the moderaters you have can fix the game a little more by removing the firestarters who just show up to put you on fire and follow you around. I was put on flames by guys with nicks of FIRESTARTERS. What is this game coming to flyordie? We cant even join an operation without being put on flames. This is really making me sick. Tanks like that ruin the game for SUBSCRIBERS and get away with a laugh everyday in the game. Just answer up flyordie and tell me what you think about those non playing tanks? Thanks for any help to improve the one and only classic room.
Max is right on about this. It's clear that these guys are here to just ruin the game for subscribers that 
 to play. Flyordie has to address these losers, whose only purpose for playing is flame us 
 players to make our game play less enjoyable. Many times, these guys are teamed with low level players so that they can gain points, which is a clear violation of flyordie rules.
Moderaters can also feel free to reply along with subscribers to say what they think about getting rid of these unsportsman like conduct players and privates.


>>>2. Cheating: Any form of unsportsmanlike behaviour with the purpose of gaining points will not be tolerated.
>>>4. Moderation: FlyOrDie reserves the right to immediately ban access to any account for violations of our rules.
>>>FlyOrDie has the right to ban a player from the games 
for any reason
 where they suspect adverse effects will be felt by FlyOrDie and/or its members. Players are encouraged to report any activity, which breaches the rules for using the games. 



We've been through this many times now, and every time I hear the same small group of ranked tankers complaining from the high-ground: "I paid! gimmee gimmee gimmmeee!!!". 

Greed and exploitation go hand in hand, and while the top three ranked point barons (and fasyyz, who isn't so high-ranked) team with one another, with unranked or private bodyguards, to gang up on weak or new subscribers.

Unsportsmanlike behavior... yeah, it's there all right. Lots of hate in the game these days.

Ranked tankers don't shoot unranked tankers, and some unranked tankers don't kill ranked tankers. Loopholes are taken too far, exploited, by both subs and unsubs alike. 

Tanx is messed up from the lack of balance between ranked and unranked tankers. It's expoited by opportunistic play, now not only by point barons, but also by disruptive firestarters. 

It seems that most ranked tankers aren't inclined to listen to the cause of the beef that firestarters have, and so some firestarters disrupt ranked play in answer to point barons that think their subscriptions give them the right to do whatever they want, however they want, and blast the consequences to everyone else, the consequences to the game around them.

There's already the option, for ranked tankers, to play in the subscriber-only rooms. There's already the option to JUST PLAY FAIR WITH UNRANKED TANKERS. The same small group of point barons that keep bringing this issue up continue to avoid even mentioning these two options, and  they have been for a long time now.

Many solutions have been discussed by subscribers... most of which seem geared to shift the game's balance in their favor, where the lack of balance is the cause of all the frustration in the first place.  

Another ranked-only room: The other ones are hardly used... what good would another serve?

Ban all firestarters! : lol, yeah, right... ban all unsubscribed tankers while you're at it. Don't bat an eyelash when you rush unranked tankers in game, though, and come back later with full health and ammo, free of charge... who needs new subscribers, anyway?

Make unsubscribed tankers worth points: Close... but once again, failing to take into consideration the cause of point baron "mongreling" (the use of unranked tankers as field-medics), and hounding firestarters.

The last idea would perhaps work, as I have suggested  before, if you balanced it by having unsubscribed tankers causing subscribed tankers to loose points when they are killed. Unsubscribed tankers needn't have a rating, or any such genrosity; they simply need to have the same influence on the field as ranked tankers, lest things remain unbalanced. 

The only idea that is as yet unanimously agreed on by all players is that of having customizable ops. 

I wonder what Fly or Die thinks about the discussion. Maybe they or their moderators could inform us.

Good Gaming,
PS: Max, if you truly wanted this topic directed only to Fly or Die, you could have emailed them. If you gave it any thought, the only reasonable purpose for this thread would be to create another one-sided topic in your favor on a forum open to all players in the game.

Ghost has shown his willingness to help is this ok lads but,Houndfromhell has some points aswell but hound did overlook the punch phrase...These people here now complaining about bad gamesmanship, are themselves guilty of the same conduct ,so is it ok to be questionably accusing of the same fault being a subscriber.The difference between the "firestarters"and the subscribed players having the problem is nothing .So who should ghost ,Harry,Cantankerous or Stormbringer be taking notice of ,if i was in their shoes i would be nodding to you Maxx but the thoughts wouldnt be of pitty as i say "you earn respect dont expect respect" ofcourse this can help you away from tanx in everyday life aswell give it a go and the problems go away.You are a bit of a whine bag maxx, well not a bit alot, but its fun watching you get worked up about a game.Anyway i think i saw a little job i could do around the house must be off....jeees this is a bunch of losers ..oh am i still here sorry i say my mind sometimes lol
 The ever polite SPOOKY
Oh sorry just noticed this was to FOD only ....Why didnt you email fod direct if you didnt want a reply .I'm ever getting confussed ...is it me ....naaaaa what am i worried about with the amount of wacko's here lol...thanx .The ever good looking SPOOKY dood!
you guys have to be the greatest bunch of players on earth for real including you ghost
good try max but this looks like your saying im loseing points and crying  just as a child would say to his mom well this is just a game and you seem to be one of the players who make this game bad so just go cry to someone who cares because it looks like you are no better than the firestarter Mmmm not bad name lol
lol..WOW...UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT Ghost...well therein lies the problem!!  FOD can NOT truly enforce that rule!  Think about it...lol...the MAJORITY of subscibed nicks would be history IMMEDIATELY! But wait...since they aren't giving refunds...what do THEY care..lol.  FOD should just do a zero-tolerance, scorched-earth kinda thing for about a week.  That'd wipe out most subscribers, and a fair amount fo the NON-subs FOD would still have the money and all the whine in the world won't get it back...the game will improve DRAMATICALLY..MORE ppl will subscribe...FOD can than do this AGAIN in a month or so...BAM!  I smell BUSINESS PLAN!!
I agree

shoot back! And maybe even give everyone points.
funniest thread yet.....burn down those bankers, boys
ps if Ghost bans you for this ,(GHOST remember billiards...you are fallible..)go to the library and play as a private...dont let the crybabies that ruined this once fine game for so many.........oh heck just laugh at em and lob yer malatovs
Im still waiting for your reply flyordie.
were all these posts in one day? wow, well, i'm not going to read many of them except the first one MAX put out, and btw, most of the people in FOD want and hope that people like you will be out, we only use firestarting to counter-act mongruling, but most of the time u still mongrul without haveing firestarters, so it would be likely that fod does worse to u then firestarters
hey rate ! i thought you tossed tomatoes ?  but that aside they didnt ruin the game they just protected a small few..... those who are not protected look out.
  now to go back to the   naw  not gonna go there, but there was a man back in the day who decided who could play the game  and who couldnt  only back then it was a matter of life and death for them. does any one rember that guy who ran germany? well he had an idea of what was rite and wrong but freedom wrang out and put him in his place... maybe someday the same will happen again to those who think they can dominate the world wheather it be on the web or in real life....  love to all :-)
Now, i'd just like a word, i'm tired of point-obsessed people going around.  I dont want to be a fire starter most of the time, i just want a fight with people that will even shoot at me!  The highest pointing people are always the worst in the op.  Point people and Non-point people will develope a complete war in this game.  I can go after brock seeing how good he is, and he's even so mad he'd accuse me of trying to be a firestarter, sure i do get mad and start accusing them, but this is all becmoing nonsense.  i'm just getting mad.

Why is it that all the non subscribers reply in my forums?
lol........FOD, please protect Max from the non subs in the game AND in the forums...he loses points to them in both....
well......  imagine a perfect world....see it in your minds eye.......because thats the only place you'll ever see a perfect world....... did'nt mommy and daddy tell you there is no such thing ???  
quite frankly.... it's halarious......all of this....I can't stop laughing....all this for some experience points in a wargame...but then...after closer examination...it becomes embarrassing....and do you know why? .....because 90% of the players at TANX are in the United States.... and the game was developed by our European friends in Hungary....who are probably laughing their ***'s off on a daily basis at the childish and arrogant Americans....waaa waaa....it's no wonder Americans get a bad reputation over in Europe.......just take a look around these forums.....it's pretty obvious....it makes me ashamed really.....because I am an American......here is a wargame......developed by some very talented people in Europe.....who were generous enough to let everyone play it...free of charge..... for over a year....and this is the thanks they get from the "all powerful...all knowing"  Americans....what a joke...!....it's a wonder that they don't shut it down....talk about common courtesy....what a pathetic excuse of a topic this has become......why not just play and enjoy the game the way it was developed to be?....fun....the constant crying over a few lousy experience points or game rules makes one look small....narrow minded....feeble......as far as me being "fallible" as one post mentioned......well.....your right...we all are...I'm just a guy...not superman...and never claimed once to be in-fallible....but I will say this....when the TANX forum opened...I discovered a lot of things about players who once called me a friend.....and to those who don't personally "like" me......  all I can say is....too bad...sorry....deal with it.... the last time I looked this was'nt a popularity contest...  it was a war game......and I for one enjoy it......  points or no points....think about it....and quit crying....because no one's paying any attention to the infantile dialog.........trust me when I say this.....    

Amen,G...was yankin yer chain 'bout the infallibility...but HEY WE ARE AT WAR...a little patriotism G ,enuff America bashing from you (wink wink,yank)
Maxximus<Minnimus what ever your name is,tell us a little about yourself.Like maybe what planet did you come from? You really need to get a life.Remember this is nothing but a stupid game, Intended for personal amusment. Everyone is allowed to play any way they want, as long they stay within the stated rules. Maybe you could tell me what gives YOU the right to dictate how anyone should play. Right now the way I want to play is to launch an all out assault on you, and all the other whiners. By the way are you perhaps related to Adolph Hitler? Is there no other area of your life you could direct this negative energy you are wasting on this game.Lets see.... Im guessing your unemployed so maybe you should enlist in the real military, and play the game for real, Then you would have a real reason to cry.Uncle Sam needs men like you....NOT. So you guys arent going to shoot anymore huh, maybe you should get out while you still have your sanity.....OOOPS too late.Love always TORNADOE6
The way I've noticed mature people deal with immature problems is most often to not involve themselves with the problem. This, as is apparent by the reduced traffic that Tanx gets, and even more pronounced in the lack of new tankers, has apparently been the choice of many a mature player.

The game has an obvious, and unavoidable (even by mature-mannered players), problem stemming from the lack of balance between ranked and unranked tankers.

The rules you've reminded us of, Ghost, are good ones... but they don't cover the scope of the problem's roots. The only unspoiled ops are made up entirely of ranked, or unranked, tankers, and they are short-lived (especially the ranked ones).

This is the sad sad issue that is really responsible for making us all look bad, at least as much as the quality of the people posting on this forum. 

I keep to my guns here, even though I know my time is wasted on words that have little influence on their readers, because I secretly hope that through the discussion we can see a little more of the concerns behind the points of view that are different from our own, and maybe change theirs and our own as a result, if even only a little. I know that my own outlook towards tankers with different opinions has changed from reading what they've wrote. 

I've observed something, as well, from reading the posts made on this topic. Almost every poster has this message in the words used, in various forms: WE NEED THE GAME TO BE SAVED FROM OURSELVES.

All we want to know here, Ghost, is what Fly Or Die really thinks about this universal message, and if they are, or ever will, consider correcting the game.

Simple Communication.

Good Gaming,

PS: I'll never become a moderator. Even if I were qualified (I'm not), and available (I'm not), I wouldn't accept it if offered due to it being a thankless job, and one I truely would not enjoy.

BTW, thank you Ghost Rider, Harry Dog, and canTANKerous, for taking the flak, and still managing to be helpful.

Pssst: Max, the topic's ABOUT unrated players!
Who was the German bloke ....WHAT THA LOL
Oh, and about the American thing... 

I'm pretty sure Maxx isn't american. I'm not american, Spooky's not american...

The only one I know for sure is american, that posted in this thread, is ratethis, and he seems to be a credit to the country, in my opinion. 
I think the ultimate solution here regarding ratings would be one of two options.....

>>>(1) remove them completely from the game and base RANK on total number of kills on a subscribers player info. page. (service record)

>>>(2)award a RANK (not points) based on the number of log ins....the more often one logs in to TANX....the higher the RANK becomes....

example: a corporal after 30 log ins, a sergeant after 50, staff sergeant after 80,  a 2nd Lt. after 110 and so on....

I have seen other web sites and message boards use this formula and it works....one military style message board I visit basis rank on the number of postings made....so this is not a new idea...
and in regards to "maturity" levels of players here at TANX I think this thread speaks for itself....if you were an outsider looking in...  what would you think?

All I know is this, pointers are paying customers. I look after my paying customers and one would believe FOD shoul as well.

I was just in a room with six pointers, having fun. Then flamers come in and within 2 minutes the room has disbanded.

They left the site completely, maybe they will come back.

In other words the freebie people ran your revenue away FOD. That isn't good for the balance sheet.
Your right.....mostly.
There is also something called "rules of use"
It may be usefull if you read it, that is.
And they always come back, 
When the MP's leave. It's time to milk the newbies.

dont let this thread die........join the Pile-on; Maxi can still breathe at the bottom of the pile....just kiddn,Max....(tanx needs an arch-villian)
This is an undying subject until the new download is completed and open for all to enjoy as they see fit. 
There are those of us who like playing without points or power ups, even though some think of us as non subscribers and dwell on that subject, alot of us are. My registered SN's aren't used due to the crap that goes along with dealing with the bankers, jumpers and all around cheaters. I'd much rather "play" with those who like to have "fun", then those who let their egos rule their games. Usually, if someone with a rank jumps in to play an op with us, no problems. When the point "followers" jump in to reap a harvest, is when it gets a bit much. It even spoils our games when one person (name withheld) joins us under an un-reg ID, is ask nicely to leave the powerups alone and for some strange reason, can't understand a simple request of those in the op...Shows the mentality and even the egos of some. 

All in all, there are alot of good players here that do have intergrity and a bit of pride in their self accomplishments, then you have the others, who probably cheat life at every turn they can..whenever they can.
reading this whole thread..what A RIOT!  FYI...the ever,loving TrackSquid is American - often disagrees with RATETHIS...lol, and the fact that i CAN makes me (AND RATE) a credit to the USA...however...as a SQUID...I can often be found lurking in international waters......

The Ever-Loving, Rarely Conceding, Counting the Seconds Till Someone Replies to This With "WHo the Hell Cares Where You live", TrackSquid
To Maximus, I bet when you played checkers as a kid, you got pissed when someone jumped you. Its just a game, shoot back, thats what you have weapons for.

I think they jumped Maxi and took his checkers.....(wink Max)*
calamari, anyone?(wink, squid)*

*wink inserted in hopes that FOD would realize that these are in jest and aren't intended to cause "persoanal anguish", even temporarily,and would therefore not delete this post(wink,FOD)