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The Best tanx player
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The Best tanx player
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The Best tanx player
Ther will be a match between max, snake, yz, brock, tali,candy man at 3:00pm today. If the following ppl doesnt play other players can join. The following ppl can play as nonrated in classic. The person who will have 50 will be announced as the best tanx player.
u picked all the high pointers, people like brock and fast yz aren't even that good
Nah, though the game'd be better in so many ways if they'd stop... they are the best at playing their version of Tanx. It takes a certain vigilance to be so totally unscrupulous and opportunistic, for that they deserve credit. 

Congratulations, Maxximus, Snakedaddy, Taliban Forces, Fastyz, Brock, and Candyman(? not familiar with the cman, but what the ell) -you're the best losers. 
What about the -(square,square,square,square)«lol» and some of the brazilian players?
Well some of the brazilian players and (-)[][][][] r good. But only top 6 players can play also I have pick some of the players who almost won the turnament.
I think taliban, Maxximus, and Snakedaddy are the three real contenders. Of the others, I'm sure there are crossovers... perhaps fastyz also plays as (-), and taliban as slayer... Perhaps fast will surprise us, but the ratios don't lie -it's a question of the three evils, I think.
Hey Newsman why you even writing this crud.I dont want to read this dribble,and im sure 99.9%of the other forum followers dont want to either.But if its here for opinion then Fasty gets the vote.Reason for this would be the amount of time i have played him and the complexity of his game to work out,not trying to show any disrespect to the others but it was put here for scrutiny.By the way where the heck is my name,call yourself newsman,well im the news.SPOOKY... Oh how do you find out a winner for the best player in a round to 50 and in 1 game. 
I gave it a 50 kill game because all of them are good and also i picked them by looking at the turnament result. Except yz everyone is turnament winner. If u dont belieev me u can look at the result. here is the web address. 

>>>would be one who cares about TANX and it's global community of players....

>>>one who is a great sportsman and is willing to help newbees....not beat up on them...

>>>one who understands the dynamics of winning and loosing....(some matches are better than others)

...is respectful of other players and their *skills and game ethics....

>>> * There will always be cheaters....a good work around is to simply not play them...if they join your operation...leave...eventually they will get the message.

>>>it's not all about winning...but how you play the game...

>>>thats my 30 cents worth...

>>>enjoy TANX...

Do all the good players play the tournaments?...I cant classify myself as good unless i got rid of my no care attitude...but ..i would not go back to one of those tournaments, good to all the people who like them ,but personally i think they are a game of gang up chasey.Ghost rider has the correct points of view.But i'll give you a 2/10 for trying Newsman,the 2 is for try factor only not content....SPOOKY 
] Oh excuse me News Man I was reading a real 
Mr. Bluze B-)
You two should have a jam session....could be good. I enjoy the cute lil animations.