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Happy Birthday Kittin
Happy Birthday Kittin
Happy Birthday Kittin
The title of this post says it all.
Awww... Thx Ya'll :D !!! 

I love all u guys!

:D :D

Happy Happy from the gang (Sasquatch Bob, Big Bopper, Kaitar and Darjin)!  Many happy returns.  Darjin may even break in and leave a present.  OK, Maybe not.  It's a compulsion, you know.
another year older. what does that make it 21 and soe years experience?

Happy B-Day
bon anniversaire!!! don't go too crazy...

Happy birthday to the fallen angel of larkinor :D

*hands kitty her pressie - a miniature green mustang and a large bottle of ready made White Russian.
Happy BirthDay!!!:D:D:D:D:D

(G)and *hugs*

Happy B-Day meowjessmix:D,so your 31 right? heh, 13 backwards:D
HAPPY BIRTHDAY    happy birthday    happy birthday    happy birthday

        :) :) :) :)

            Tea Leaf

Happy Birthday ....... BAD GIRL ....... NOOOOOOO GOOOOOD GIRL
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!:):):)
Hope that on this age(31)you will be twice as happy and lucky as u were so far and hope u ll always keep the smile on your face!oh and hope u ll never run outta cosmos:p BiG Hugs!

<<makes a tost for kitty!:)Cheers MJM!!!

(meet you at the big party tonight:D)
Happy Birthday Sweet Kittin ! &  Many, Many More !

Hands her a cosmo-cake.... now blow the candles out.

Smiles, :D
Birthday? You mean oyu haven't stopped recognising them yet?
Well Happy Birthday girly!

Well today its finally your B-day so im just gonna stop and say Happy B-day Kitty :)  Enjoy your day and may you have another wonderfull year at your new young age :) *hugs*

Happy Happy Birthday Kitty:D

For A Robber Near You
Thank you guys for such an awsome Day!


Happy birthday Kittin.
I'll bring my backpack to the CC and you can choose your own pressie....as usual:p.

Happy belated Kittin!

If those presents get too heavy, Meph will help you carry!  ;)