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multiple accounts
multiple accounts
multiple accounts
this thread is mainly for those who come to chat, but anyone can post. i just thought it would be helpful if you posted your alternate egos, evil twins, other halves, voices in your head, and your mutiple personalities... so we can keep track of who's who ;)
mine are probably the most obvious in larki... i'm "jason_kroeker", "jason_kroeker2", and "jkroeker".
--jason (in case you didn't know my name yet)
ps... if you'd rather have a second account remain anonomous, you don't really have to post.  but why would you want to stay hidden anyway?  we at larki don't bite... too often ;)
Ghostwolf and _Shadow_Knight_...and my fav lilmey:p

Yeah I have 2 accounts.  One is Liponis with characters Leprekan, Magic057, lucky115, and fast magic 007.  The other account is Doglover777 with characters dogdigger, dogfighter, dogstealer, and quickfighter.  I think its good to know who's who.

Hmmm 2 accounts


Mage_digger - level 16 (i think)
Ruffian1427 - level 36 fighter
Diggersaur  - level 28 digger
Demonslayer3 - level 27 robber


Mage_basher1 - level 30 healthhogger (with tons of clicks)
Mage_smasher - my best character - level 34 (tomorrow) fighter
Mage_faster - level 29 pure mage
Mage_fighter - level 29 all rounder

Fun times trying to reduce the click numbers.
well i only got 2 that people really know about and thats slipknot101 and of course braves06 :p
and then the forum poster -

no other JB's are me ;)  just the *
*  JB's



Terrae lvl 21 mole with 70 luck
Youngmage lvl. 29 messed up slow mage (too many points into intelligence at first, but decent)
Ishamael V.2 lvl 27 (maybe my best character 72 persistance and 712 hitpoints)
Dexterious lvl 9 (I think, soon to be a decent robber-once I sub... If my parents allow :|


Quiksilver lvl 23 (also maybe best character. A quick fighter)
Yourmagesty lvl 21 (ALSO maybe best character, a pure mage )
Supero lvl 12 (strength fighter)
Rex Omnium lvl 7 (mage/fighter)

I also have another account under the name Bel'al with several early 20's. It was my first account and was a failure. lol. Don't use it buch now. It contained Ishamael V.1

the only 4 that i got that anyone knows about are knoxvile, obeyyourmaster, mr. clutz, and k∩ØxvïL£, 
Mwahahah I'll never tell. 
And just in case YOU think you know all, think again!
Gen3wrastle=Ravenspain=Digging is ok :D

Raiken and Duke_Severon (joke account to start off with, but now decided to keep).
oh i forgot about my other account frylock:p   and jb u cant forget about cool fool can yea ;)

michael rules and x-cessive hunter, just made the hunter today (so he sux)
Affe3 with:
Mana Godess

And also the login Managodess with:
Dolphin's Girl

For A Robber Near You

TitanCannon4<--main mage/fighter account
Crazytrain (lvl 22)
Doomtrain (lvl 35)
Lunar Macabre (lvl 27)
Freightrain (lvl 21)

TitanCannon3<--digger account
TitanCannon1<--thief/robber account
^--those..i forgot:D

OH! They aren't alter egos. Not even Different personallities. 

Jaird < Me-- Kialar, Mannic Noggin, Resius, Jaird

Lysiniau: digtons, GriffinDorph, Siente' Luna, Bacillia Tormeine

K_Strongman: Diggston, Korie, PorterMage, JTKorie

Janusaries: TheLostDutchman, Tremaine, Tenseract. Le Voltaire

marrow kill, scab killer, firebrand, and elzziP tegdiM are all characters of moi, Steinyrules! just in case your post was directed towards me. I should have put my characters names down in my post. Silly me.
hi im new here but i have 2 one is lady blazer  the other is sunblazer1 nice too meet you all have a great day.
thief777 is my unsub with
  E T -strong fighter
  moneyman 1 - digger
  Boommer- mage\fighter
  Starchild- digger\thief

my sub is Hobbit72 with
  Runnin' Amuck - digger
  Chicken Kid- mage\thief
  Wasntme Jr- Pers fighter
  and of course theres
  Hobbit72 my all arounder :D:D lvl 35

now yall know who my crew is:)

2 accounts :D

of course 
and also 

ughm u've prolly rarely seen me come in as my alternate characters, mainly because my non subbed start up characters are so badly messed up i can't be bothered to fix em lol:p
So the one you all know:

Nib and Noo (Robber lvl 26)
Cloudy (Pure mage lvl 33 best character)
Nooby Noodle (Str Fighter lvl 29)
Green Noodle (Digger lvl 22)

My other account names are;

The Blue Bear

I might play these ones for digging or if i am bored with my main ones, but i don't come in much as these ones lol
"Fattz" active characters: 
-Kick Me
-An Extra Nostril
-Half A Sandwich
-A Guy In A Wig  

Deleted characters:
-Dumb As Dirt
-Super Weenie
-Fatty Mcbald
-Hiding A Pickle
-A Squeaky Noise
-Quit Whining!

My non-sub account is under "Hair" but I don't use it.  
My sub is ...Twinkie... and my nonsub is Ding Dong! :)