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wats ur favorite music artists or band.  rock, rap, r&b, country, watever. even techno.
I like Placebo and Eminem at the moment, used to love The Cure in their old dark days. When I go clubbing though it has to be hard-house, trance or techno. I never really pay attention to who is DJing, but I do like Laurent Garnier and some of the old MoS DJs. At the moment I like Sonic-T on the Trance UK label, but he's kind of a friend, so I might be biassed :p
there has been over 5 topics bout this already, search trhough paged;)
yeh "bloody water girl" needs death.
wow y r u so violent towards me? lol. im not afraid of death.
y the heLL she needs "death"? 
She is a very sweet person....;\
my fav is definitaly DJ Mad from Hamburg/Germany  it rulez over everything!
Very good DJ

ps: bloody, sry cuz the "hit it"!!! serious
thnx for standin up for me chillo. ur sweet.
tyvm, if these guys feel upset now, they can coming for a bo5 8ball, snooker or 9ball game ;);) all invited!
lol. i appreciate it alot chillo. thnx.
im on right now again bloody, will be happy to see ya, 8ball rm1 pleeeeeeeeeeese
Mine ain't really a band , but Tupac is my favourite ever.. he is what i call a real Legend :)
hmmm.. supposedly hes dead. but then again i wouldnt know, im not really a big r a p listener. im more of the hard rock like hinder, theory of a dead man, p.o.d., and my all time fav, submersed. i like hinder's stoned song.
Ive been listening to ice cube and some unreleased eminem/obie trice stuff.also got a wicked techno song by scooter.listened to red hot chilli peppers today aswell.bloodywatergrl relax no one can get you we all love you here.
awww thnx whiteghost. i uv u too. as a friend. 
i think it would be easier to describe bloodys tastes as 'talentless crap'

It's all subjective PC, she doesn't feel the same way.
everybody has different tastes. not averybody has to like all the hot stuff and watnot. i like wat i like, u like wat u like. lets leave it at that.
ok im sorry:p just music made to cut yourslef to doesnt appeal to me:)
haha you have no reason to be sorry, you just too kind:p
and I already like her very much 
my bloodywatergrl !!! 
awww chillo! ur so cool. chillo is a sweet and very outspoken kinda guy. i like him alot. MY CHILLO!!! :D
I like ya too! MY BLOODYWATERGRL!!!!:):)
the kinks and the who and im sorry  to say abba
....wat was that about? no clue as to wat u mean.