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ore putty
ore putty
ore putty
I Need 20 more ore putties to finish my building stones-but they are too pricey for me. Can someone put some ore putties on the market for 50%, please? :)

Sorry! Wish I could help! My diggers R all outta clix!
Thanks for the kind thought, Kitten, but someone put some on at 63% which I could do. This batch was special,because I've been elected to Brass Ranked Freeman. At last. 

Jasminder :) :) :)

You're welcome for the 63%ers!  Thank you in return!

Sasquatch Bob  (wearing his Big Bopper hat)
wow, what's with ore putties being 100% on the market? they used to consistenty go for 50%. such essential building supplies for the renvoation of TA should be as cheap as possible. as such, i'll be sending my digger on a special run to TA to get some cheap ore putty. 

when i manage 2 get my digger 2 TA ill put em on at 50%, unless i go with sendin my fighter instead, which i may, but den ill put watever it is he gets 4 fightin on at 50% :)