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market prices
market prices
market prices
why is it that while there are over 7000 ore putty's on the market i can still put more on the market, while there is only a little over 5000 diamond nails on the market, but i'm not allowed to put more up for sale? both are at 50%. is it because there are also ore putty's at a higher price, while the only diamond nails are at 50%?

just wondering

depends on the item itself i believe
It also depends on how many people have items on there.

There's no limit to how much a person can have on there, which is why there are thousands of those items

from my observations, it depends more (if not only) on the number of people with an item on the market... not on the total number of items that are posted.  for example, oreputty and diamonds may both be able to handle 100 characters' items, but since the average person would have 70 oreputties and only 50 diamond nails, there would be your difference.  if all 100 slots are full at 50%, you can't post anymore, whereas if 99 slots are posted at 50%, and one at 75%, you could post at 50, bumping the high one.  then it would be full at 50% til all of someone's items are bought.
now, i'm pretty sure that not all items have the same number of "slots", but i haven't really checked that out.  not sure how i would, unless i had 50 or 100 characters to try it out with.
FYI, it's 20 slots per item.  Although I haven't seen the code, I can't think of any decent reason why a particular item would be allowed fewer or more slots.

There are two limits in the market

One limits the number of people who have a specific item listed.

The other limits the amount of a certain item a single player can have in the market.

Will all of the rules for the TA market be the same as those for the market on Larkinor? For example, if your items get bumped from the TA market, will they go back to your home on Larkinor?

what are the limits?  depends on item?