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magic nub price
magic nub price
magic nub price
magic nubs are way to expensive(3500 silvers for one) it is crazy and it is holding us back from the market on thord artin i think that people who have there nubs on the market should drop the prce to at least 100% because it takes over half a million silvers just to make 100 stones when it could take only 300k. so please if anyone has any nubs could you please put them down to 1000 silvers or 2000 silvers please
well i got to go away for 5 days but while im gone can everyone try to lower the price because i really want the market done and after that then you can put your nubs as high as you want. thank you all in advance :)
I get them and sell at 50%...not a bad incomew ether.;\
 to save some for yea.;):p
i sell all mine at 100%, and announce in chat when i do.  ok, so i've only brought in about 300 nubs total so far, but it's a start.  anyway, i don't have a problem if people keep theirs higher, because it means mine sell immediately when i announce it.  they could be saving for building themselves later, or just posting high and hoping rich people will buy from them.  but yes, i agree... it would be nice if they were dropped closer to 100%
all mine are always 50% and i bring em in a lot.. mostly on the weekends when i get more chance to play.
Is someone hoarding nubs? There are almost none left on the market and the few that are listed are quite pricy. If anyone's willing to list some nubs reasonably priced I'm willing to build to help finish the market.