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give me my nubs back!!!
give me my nubs back!!!
give me my nubs back!!!
for whoever just bought 101 nubs on the market and then promptly put them back up for 2500, it would be greatly appreciated if you returned them, i was attempting to transfer them from son of thrain to invictus III. pretty please? with cherries on top? and maybe a few drinks at the local pub? if you're of age that is. 

Hey MD,
not to be annoying or anything but it would prolly be a better idea to buy them at top price and then retransfer the money afterwards. Not that I do it myself... no I'm much too impatient. :( 
just a suggestion...
When I am trying to transfer nubs, I usually just sell one until the price drops to where I want it.  Then I add the remaining nubs to be transferred and quickly shift chars.  I usually even have the buying char in the marketplace so there is no lag time.  
This way, I can limit the amount of nubs that might be bought at a low price by another person to just the one nub.