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Best Looking Preson On FOD
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Best Looking Preson On FOD
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Best Looking Preson On FOD
jus 4 a lahg who wud say they was the best lookin person on fod put ya pics up if u r :S
You go first then aaron.Lets all see what you look like then.

im a fat git :| u dnt wanna c me n i dnt kno how 2 put pics up :(
tell me how n i will
Aaron - credit to you for putting a picture up... but I got ribbed by some people last time I did. Most people are scared for this reason. Not many people will have the courage to reply to this post with a picture. This means that so far you are winning :p
yay :D thks beppe but im not self conscious i dnt care wot ppl think of me i enjoy my life n so i dnt really care if nebody calls me 
you dont want to see my picture,it will probably crack your computer screen:P

Lol peter, I bet bloodywatergrl is the best looking. 

> Lol peter, I bet bloodywatergrl is the best looking.

What exactly are you trying to achieve with this post?
At least get the guy's nick right.


Or i post a pic of me in my Kilt.

there are some very good looking women on flyordie i have a few pictures in my email that are from some of the good women at flyordie.i cant unload them cause i told them i wouldnt let anyone see the pics.as for the best looking guy thats easily me.and no im not gonna upload my picture.
>i have a few pictures in my email

Any idiot can surf the net or scan an image of an attractive girl, but as far as you know they could be a fat 50 year old g@y male pervert.
try n post a friednly comversation n its always beppe who turns it into an argument y cant u jus let me ppl speak ther mind instead of u always makin arguments
beppe i have actually seen one of the women on her webcam.as for you theres a lot of insults i could use to descibe you but im not dumb im not gonna argue the point with an idiot and end up getting banned.beppe get a life and some friends instead of going through the forum trying to cause trouble.
agreed with ghost i only made the topic out of interest n not 4 u 2 come in2 it n insult every1 if ppl wanna put pics they found of internet they can its only goin on there own conscious tryin 2 b some1 else n my gf plays on this game (the 1 in the pic) she plays under LyndsayLou n i believe she is good lookin so it is not hard 4 good lookin ppl 2 come on the internet n play a pool game i love wot i look like bcoz i look like mi dad b4 he died n wudnt change tht 4 the world so if other ppl wanna show pics off other ppl y have u got make an argument 
It's because when Beppe posted his pic,the Elephant was better looking than him.LMAO.>>>>>(joke) 

Ive said joke,coz I dont want a 3 page reply about my ethics,morales,attitude,behaviour. Ok doe kay.

:D ;)
lmfao cud ave made it worse cud ave sed he was the elephant :| not implying tht u r the elephant jus saying :| i also dont want a 3 page reply :|
Lay off beppe, hes one of the best people on this site..and your just jealous you dont have the life where you can train elephants:)?
>try n post a friednly comversation n its always beppe who turns it into an argument

Sorry Aaron, I was just making a point to someone who seems rather gullible. Argumetative is someone taking a break from his webcams to tell me to get a life - PMSL! Do you pay for that service WG?

Aaron, I think that you and your girlfriend look good together. I do however have some bad news for you - now that we know she also plays, you have been demoted to 2nd in this post :p
I found Peter01 in Borneo in Feb, and although I promised him that I wouldn't post it I lied:

wow peter u r winnin at the momentu good lookin git :| n ty 4 the comment beppe :) she dont come on tht much :P
me and my girlfriend are the best lookin couple and u know it aaron lol.
What exactly are you trying to achieve with this post?

Just a comment, nothing more :p
Go on Stezz, let's see a pic then.
erm nufin if u wud ave read the topic earlier i jus sed out of interest nothing more if ppl dont want to put there pic theydunt ave 2 
i aint got 1 i dont go round putting pics on the internet not that sad man. some of us actually have lifes.

aaron,,,  what is a Preson ?

As in "Best Looking Preson On FOD"

beppe i dont pay for my email account or to use msn messenger or to view other peoples webcams.i shouldn't have to.
isnt pretending your the best looking person worse than proving it:p?
well i havent seen anyo of the people on here but i met sever8 and hes good lookin. no w for the three guys i would have to say would be whiteghost, rain, and maybe suit u sir.lol. that was akward. lol.
i dont know how people would think of me. i have reddish brown hair but its dyed burgandy now. i have green hazel eyes, a mdeium body build (not fat but not skinny), im 5'4 and i have a athletic build from swimming for two years straight all last fall and all summer this year. so i dont know how u guys would react but wat do u guys think anywayz?
im gonna try to get a pic up. i got them before i dyed my hair darker. plu i wasnt in a good mood that day.
im 5'8 very pale 185pounds(chubby but not fat)very muscular arms,skinny legs,brown hair,blue/green eyes depending on the mood.
RAIN9 I like your picky but is that you on the left or the right? :);)
Scooby sue I'd have to say I was the one taking the picture :) :) :)
I'm about 5'9", 180 lbs, brown eyes, black hair, Asian, kind of muscular (I play a lot of badmington and Ultimate Frisbee), in good shape. 
i use to play alot opf sports.i got my orange belt in karate in 1997.my bluebelt in taekwondo in 1998.my grey sash in kungfu in 1999.i quit martial arts end of 1999 and started weight lifting in 2000.i dont play sport or lift as much as i use to but i still do weights to keep in shape.i also learnt how to use a lot of different weapons when i was doing kungfu mainly wing chun and wushu.
Karate is like hot water. If it is not heated constantly it will again become cold water
 - Master Gichin Funakoshi

You should never quit a martial art for a period of time if you want to remain able to do it. I got a brown belt in karate when I was at school, and then stopped for a long time. I started training again in May thinking it would be easy to get back into it, but despite being stronger than I was then I am still poor for a brown belt. I eventually found a club last week ran by an ex-European Shotokan kumite champion, and she has been showing me how tough it is to relearn the correct technique and be effective with it.
a kumite is nothing there like 1-3dan try training under a 7th dan shihun thats tought.i could still do the splits beginning of last year and i still move very quick.i did continue some of the training after i quit.i can still fight but i dont know the forms/kartas very well anymore.
Basics and kata make up 66.6% of karate, don't live just off kumite. I have learnt since moving to Canada that Dan gradings don't mean much either. The JKA and KUGB take things seriously, but here the local clubs issue themselves with Dan gradings after a certain time has passed, not on merit. A good 2nd Dan is better than a poor 5th Dan, so I have noticed. A good instructor will ALWAYS be pushing you, and that's the most important thing. My instructor had not been doing this, so that's why I looked for a different club.
funny topic, well all the pics ive seen at flyordie from people here are 30+ years, so i cant really say i found some1 good looking in this site:p

After you reach 30,you become ugly ? 

@beppe one of the masters i trained under was a full blooded samurai that teaches karate plus kendo and judo.he was born in japan raised in japan had over 40years full time training in japan.he is very strict but hes ranked about 6th dan and still go back to japan on holidays and to take his gradings.the kungfu master had over 30years training under yip man in china plus hes a fully qualified chef,doctor,herbalist,accupuncturist.i bet you have only trained under white peope or americans.
I'm not questioning what you know WG, just passing on what I know. If you know martial arts well, you will understand. FYI I was graded to brown belt by and regularly trained under the watchful eye of the late Sensei Enoeda (Japanese, trained in the UK for several years) - if you are linked to and know Shotokan well, you will know who he was (my old Sensei in Canada knew him, and my current Sensei beacame the European kumite champion with his guidance).
Oh, and don't bet on anything until you know the odds ;) In this case you were wrong...
A "PRESON" is someone who does kung karate taekwan fu.


beppe might not be questioning what you know but i am. full blooded samurai? shows you know nothing. you say kumite only 1-3 dan:S kumite means fighting any dan can be fighting champion so learn what your actually saying. 

i train under sensai tatsuo suzuki.
I dont care what people think tbh...ive posted a pic before but mite aswell post another one


there ya go
Shotz - I recognise that name from a long time ago, maybe from Terry O'Neill's FAI magazine. Does he teach Wado-Ryu?
erm karate jus bottle em it drops em in 1 n has more blood and it knocks em out in 1 :| n yes peter a preson seems to b a karate kinda person and beppe n wg have nicely explained tht 4 us :| wit the inclsuion of shotz as i dnt kno shit about karate i had 1 lesson in my lifetime n i didnt go bk again as i thought it was a waste of time as i preferedgoin out n gettin very drunk i can join converations bout alcohol but karate i dnt no sh1t so ill jus join peter and call em preson :| 
omg ive always wanted to do karate for self defense, but then again i dunno. people say that when they first see me they think im german or french mostly because of my dark hair and eyes. i had german students askin me if i was german and all. lol. pretty funny. rain, u sound pretty good. the asian part kinda surprised me but hey its all good. ttyl guys. 
>erm karate jus bottle em...

Um... not against a good fighter (trained or not) - this would only work if the person didn't see it coming or was incapacitated in some way. I had someone try to glass me in a pub when I was 19 - he decided to start a random fight, punched me from behind and then picked up a glass and swung at me. It scared the pants off me, but knowledge of karate helped me stay just out of his reach. He gave up after throwing the glass at me and missing, choosing to hit someone else instead (who promptly dropped him). I have never hit anyone in anger, but I have used arm and throat locks effectively in stopping fights since then.
yea he teaches wado-ryu. a different branch though because when ohsuka sensei (the founder, who was also a student on gichin funakoshi) died he annouced his son as the master even though sensei suzuki was more experienced. so sensei not wanting one of his 'sub-ordinates' teaching him made his own branch and lots of the high level karatekas followed him.
oh ye...im shotz:p and beppe if your looking at forum come to 8ball room 1? maybe we have some games;)
fully blooded samarai? lmfao yea right.
Of course you can have a full blooded Samurai. It means both your parents were Samurais, and a half blooded samurai would have just one parent who was also one. I'm just a mudblooded karateka, neither of my parents could fight. Hang on, getting mixed up with JKR again :p
>rain, u sound pretty good

According to Reb, Rain is 13. Historically speaking, that doesn't really mean anything though :p
It’s funny how many people just expect me to know martial arts because I’m Asian. It’s like someone would just come up to me and make all these weird kung fu moves (like those Chris Tucker makes in Rush Hour) and then ask me if I knew karate. Well I don’t, but I did learn some good moves from my dad who learned karate for several years before having to give it up due to a lack of time. All good stuff…though I’ve never had to use it to save myself. 
the samurai who i trained under was full blooded japanese he was even a bit hard to understand in english sometimes.both my parents did judo even before i was born.as for bloodywatergrl try wing chun kungfu instead of karate it teaches you how to fight really dirty.
What about opening up a karate post ?

Instead of destroying aaron's "
Best Looking Preson

Post !!!

there is no fighting dirty. wing chun is just another style of kung fu. tai chi is very good when used properly, too bad many people have forgotten its true roots.

Well it seems to me that if you keep fighting the way you are, nobody will be the best looking anymore :p
lol. thats true. fight too much and u wont even be lovable by looks or even recognizable. but lettin anger go is good. 
Lol, that's why I always try to stop the fight rather than get involved. I can play around safely in training, but the best form of self defense taught to me by my sensei was to "RUN AWAY". In a bar I have offered people drinks when they have been argumentative - not only does it diffuse the situation, but most of the time they'll get you one back later :p
thats what a muppet would do beppe. :p
you seen the shaolin monks? got a dvd of them live they get HUGE slabs of concrede broken on their heads. still standing
then someone gets a staff and smashes that on the guys head too:p

no offence but bottles arnt as bad
Thats called a film, y'kno, it aint real lol.
just a question bu tdo i sound nice looking and nice in personality? just wondering cuz a lot of people say i sound nice. plz reply.
u sound like anybody else really sometimes nice somtimes argumentitive but u cnt tell nice lookin throu jus talkin n personality wise u cnt say ova net bcoz alot of ppl ave no life ova thn the net :p but u seem nice enuf 2 me :)
Your to sensitive and too young imho.
But you and Rain make a nice little couple. lol
haha not funny. were just friends thank u very much.
BWG, violence could be defined as: Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing - or just "untamed power". Karate or any other good martial art is about taming power and using it to prevent violence.
no was live ty not a film so get your facts right;)
so there gonna get slabs and whack each other hard ? ok.
um i havent. im still learnin about the crusades in history. wat are the monks?
Beppe have you ever seen Kung Fu: The Legend Continues?
The Shaolin monks are incredibly talented fighters, who live at shaolin temple. they are budhist monks who have had to develop fighting skills (shaolin kung fu) to protect themselves. they became so talented by training nearly all day every day but in the boxer rebelion most were killed. thankfully the few survivors continued the tradition. they are still around in china today but they also do live shows to demostrate.
Yeah, I used to watch that show every day after school in 7th and 8th grade. Too bad the reruns got canceled...:(
it is also thought that kung fu or chinese boxing was first developed here a VERY long time ago. when a monk bodhidharma came to shaolin temple he saw the monks were fat and lazy, so he developed techniques to help them become fit, these became the basis of shaolin kung fu.
No I haven't Rain, is it a film or TV show?
 No I haven't Rain, is it a film or TV show?

It's a TV show. It first aired around 11 or 12 years ago, so if you happen to catch it, it's only a rerun. 
crown killer u look ok, skilled cues pic is hilarious.