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SpecialEd stole fromme then ran.
thats fine.
Then he hid at home.
came out, saw me there, went back in.
Did this 3 times. Thats not fine.
Went back home for 1/2 hour. Ran to CC and hid again.
To any of my friends in larki, if you see this character or any of his others (screen name is tmotu)pls steal/kill.
And Eddie boy, if you ever read this; if u can read...be scared.  Be very scared.  Because you will pay tenfold.

when i see him/her ill make sure to kill them for ya ;)

It just so happens I have a couple of 32's around here somewhere  ;)

Doing my best to at least annoy 'im ;) Im sure I do, considering I attacked him with 4 people in under a minute :p
Sounds like a job for my other accounts char's I created just for times like this...will put him on the list ade ;)

Let's get it started then]:)

Attacking SpecialED from now on
Nice when you know your friends "have your back".  Thanks 
Ok...i have fought that person befor....and killed them.There on my list.;)
i mite not b abel 2 kill, but i sure can annoy, ill do what i can
hmmm... I'll see what I can do... :D
Okay here goes...

1. SpecialEd will not pay tenfold...i really think not.
2. A nationwide search for 1 character, very unfair.
3. Concentrate on the game and let ade deal with his/her own problems.
ppl like ed need 2 be bought 2 justice and be punished for their cowardly ways, i personally will leave him alone when he apologises in the forums, and maybe returns the item