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Items the market badly needs
Items the market badly needs
Items the market badly needs
Items in very short supply are:

Njonjoz teeth

If you need any items cheap on the market, post here and we will see what we can do.
i just scanned the market (and seeing how my char's are only lvl 31, i really only notice stuff you get from up to lvl 35 monsters, or need for up to lvl 31 stuff).  anyway, here's a list of stuff that the market could use more of (generally between 50 and 100%... obviously, we would prefer closer to 50):
-dragon eye
-dragon heart
-dragon muscle
-lapis lazuli
-pan's pipes

and the following things are on the market, but quite overpriced.  ok, so most of them are needed often, and you can get away with putting them at 200% or higher, but if you're willing to post at 100% or even less, that would be great.
-crocodile skin
-dragon horn
-dwarf boots
-flippant tongue
-gorilla's tongue
-mole hide
-nannysnail gob
-njonjoz tooth
-steel spring
-vampiric herb (ok, so these are often down near 50%, then go up to 400% or more... just with people making houseparts they vary a lot.  post them at whatever price you want, just make sure they go on market, since they're always needed).

and hopefully i'll be scanning the market every week or two, just to keep this post updated.  if you notice anything else, just post here what you need on the market.

i will be needing 10 silver lumps, 6 rattlesnakes, and 12 lanterns within 8 days for armour and a sword (level 26).  rexyin8
correction:  i need it for level 46  rexyin8
just put 13 disprosiums, 8 diamonds, and 26 emeralds on the market for 50%.  will put more on later.  

wow that was fast, all the diamonds and disprosiums i put are gone.  
I have some of the things you need.  And by the way, you won't find lanterns, they are now listed as lamps.

Let me know.......

samething.. im around barley ever.. but im gettin back.. so lemme know
one more thing i noticed... butterfly wings are in very short supply.  if you're in the lower levels and can put the wings on the market, that would be great.
time for another update on the market... this is for the larki market, since the t.a. market has its own post.  following are items the market needs, or needs more of, or needs more of at a lower cost (generally, they'll be items up to about lvl 30 or 35, since they're the ones i'm familiar with).

acid crystal
bird's feather !!
crocodile skin
crystal plate
dragon eye
dragon horn
hydragen-carbid !!
lapis lazuli
liquid crystal !!
mole hide
nannysnail gob
njonjoz tooth
njukug whiskers
pearl !!
silver sting !!

"!!" indicates that they're really needed, if anyone wants to buy some any time soon.  obviously, if you need something, and there's not enough on market, post here or ask in chat.

ButterFly wings up big time.
Ran through the butterfly mission a few times again.
No I won't Drop my price on them croc skins below 500s.
So Don't ask. THe last time you Bumped them croc skins to an imigrants House you lost 15 of them.
The nouse was empty but could only hod one croc skin.
Be aware you just cost yourself that many skins.
Not really smart whom ever did it.


i get that stuff all the time. dig a lot in forest.level 10