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BonnyBell read this now
BonnyBell read this now
BonnyBell read this now
You are dead meat -Soldier-. Attacking on TA is not allowed. If you attack anyone ever again, you will keep on being attacked and sent home until the day you leave larkinor forever.

Thats a promise

If I could I would kill soldier every time I saw him.

I just posted now.
I wasn't aware it was against the rules guys.


I must've missed the updated rules.
I think that we should give her snother chance... Let's not be mad guys (Although I prolly would if it had happened to me).
ok 1 time may be a misunderstanding ill grant you that but if this happens again i guarenteed that person will have a target on their back and they will see my name whenever they are on ta.

Is leor nod don eolach- a hint is suffiecent for the wise
I play the game because it's fun. I don't play it to make enemies.
Anyway –Solider- is my fighter and the only non-crappy character, he picks on almost everyone. . . b/c I'm trying to make him climb up on the famepoints top list.
I don't target individuals. I attack just about anyone who I am allowed to, unless the person is over 3 levels above me (or 3 levels below me).

There have been some who accused me of targeting them. I had to explain to them that I wasn't during the battle.

And as I have posted in the other thread, 
I won't be attacking anyone in TA from now on.
Very glad to hear it. But no matter what happens, you still owe me the 40+ wasted clicks I had to use to get to TA before I was brutally ravaged upon.

I also hope you are fighting SOUTH of the market and not NORTH of the port, because south of the market is the city centre, and we are trying to concentrate on clearing that square.
Just a reminder:
The no steal/no attack rule on TA is a self imposed "gentleman's agreement".  Most of the people who have made it to TA have agreed among themselves to these rules in order to advance the conquest of TA.
If someone breaks the rule unknowingly forgive them.  If someone constantly breaks the rule they will be ostracized by polite society just as in RL.  
There is no official Larki rule against this, it just makes good sense.
Just as an example:
The other day in chat a vet thief stole on TA, apologized, and said it was purely a reflex action.  She then allowed the victim to kill her as punishment.  It was all in good fun.

Awww! She let the person kill her?!
You guys are too nice. :-)

Anyway I was dumb enough to be fighting north of the pub (port). . . .
Thanks for letting me know.

Well my mission in life is complete anyway! I managed to stop someone attacking north. Even if it meant sacrificing myself in the process.
Now try stopin hulk...when and if he does.Got about 4k clicks so i got enough to fight south.