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Suggestions & Feedback
Suggestions & Feedback
The previous Thread has disappeared, so i have started a new one.

Feel free to use this thread in the same way as the previous one.

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Posts in the recently created thread have been moved to this one, and the other one locked.

[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Oct-2005 13:22]
1) During a PvP, it would be nice if there was a link to click so you could see your opponent's "Character Info" page. While waiting the 15+ seconds between hits, I tend to get curious about who and what I'm up against. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

This may be made possible, providing a suitable location for such a link could be found in the game screen for it during PvP

2) Stealing top list. Top list watching is a major aspect of this game for many of us. This particular top list is way beyond broken. It took me about 2000 clicks to increase my stealing skill from 200 to 201. Even if we assume it doesn't take increasingly more clicks to continue leveling up your stealing skill (which it obviously does), it would take over 400,000 stealing attempt clicks to get to the top of the stealing top list. Seeing as the guy currently on top of that list only required 175k clicks to get there, something really should be done.

The issue of stealing is still under review, and will most likely remain "under review" for some time yet. There are still a large number of things about stealing that require additional attention in order to find a better balance overall.

can you move the 'drink from wonderflask' selection away from the option to 'pray' so that you don't accidentally drink? wonderflasks are too valuable to accidentally consume--which I've done too many times recently.

The order in which items appear in the drop down list is more or less static unfortunately.

two suggestions:
1) i know it's been mentioned before, but to see the weight in your pack on the main page so you don't have to check inventory to make sure you don't overload.

This may be possible, but is not currently expected to be added for some time, due to the limited space available in the current game screen layout

2) what about a customizable button on main page? you could select what you want it to be in inventory/properties, and choose from dig, steal, rob, pray, homeport, or other things that different char's may only use one of, so they don't always need to go into drop-down menu. (ok, then they could use two... one on the new button, and one on drop-down.)

Customization of the menu in the way you describe is not currently possible

Transport: what would be good would be transport. (probably horses) u could buy armour for them, food, have a new building called the stables, where u could purchase horses, and upgrade them, train them, buy things for them etc..

Horses are not possible. However it is possible at a later stage to extend the abilities of ships to include new features in addition to simply increasing a ship level.

Lotto: weekly/daily lotto where u could buy a ticket for maybe 1000 silvers, and win whatever has been spent on lotto tickets, to stop people from buying 100s of tickets u could maybe have a 5 ticket maximum or something...

The logistics of this make is very difficult to implement at this time.

a few good events for none citizens and the average player,

Jobs: how about jobs? (dont quite know what you would do though)

Not possible

Casino: more casino games? 

 Possible, but unlikely to occur for some time yet, if at all.

Auction: maybe an auction house would be a good idea..

 The marketplace is as close asyou will get to an auction house, sorry. 

[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Oct-2005 13:23]
1) Any chance of getting either a general population map (how many people live on each square) or an 'address book' of where people live?


2) Can you get an email notifying you when your 'evil person' comes back on to play the game? Maybe this could be a service for which you could pay the king?


[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 07:35]
A way to see what items you have sold on the market(said on last Suggertions& Feedback post)Because on some days I get off and next day i have 200k more then the day before.
It would be nice to see what you have sold while you were away.

There is simply too much information required to be held for this to be practical, since many players have at least 100 different items in the market at any time.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 07:36]
How about clans, much like the hungarian larki quest? I know that I put this down in former post that Sandy started but It wasn't answered fully.

Clans will be implemented in the next major Upgrade, but will require extensive testing prior to its release.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 07:37]
I also in the other one, put down the idea of having rewards for being near or at the top of specified toplists. Perhaps the top 10 or so could get an item that is specifically related to the toplist category. Maybe I'm just off my rocker though... maybe I'm always off my rocker... :p

This would be unfair, as it would favour the older players in almost every category of the top100 lists.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 07:39]
How about some of new gems or something to dig up? (Don't know if this has been suggested previously)

Well....it may be possible, but the problem isnt adding a gem, its deciding what gem. If we use something already in the game it may cause difficulties, and if we create a new gem, we would need to create new items and recipes to match it, or else the item would be useless.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 07:40]
How about if we could get interest from the bank,for instance every month a certain amount of interest depending on how much money you have in the bank.

Looking for easier ways to earn money

This will simply never happen. It would unbalance the game in favour of those players who have access to 500 million+ cash and put them in a position where they make so much money it becomes silly....and all without even needing to login.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 21:12]
Somethings i've stolen from the hungarians..

Quick Button..duno proper name

A button placed on the screen front in which u can assign a task (ie-steal,rob,dig,pray,eat rations etc.) to click instead of having to go down the list... all though it's kinda implimented in the last action taken staying highlighted as your current event.. but you get what i mean?

I beleive the implementation of Quick-Keys are planned for a later upgrade

New Monsters... all tho that's a tad tricky.. so maybe you should disreagrd that

There have already been some new monsters added, with the likelyhood that additional ones will be added too in future.

More interaction with others.. like in game chat..( yes i realise we have a chat button but not everyone uses it.. thus if i needed Cinder's attention and he wasn't in chat but i saw him sneaking around i could type a msg to him that would appear possible in a little chat bubble.. but that kinda defeats chat purpose but not entirley..)

Cute idea, but probably not practical in the current game setup.

Higher Percentage of effiency for Diamond Shovel(currently own one but get mostly junk..like persay 1 in 10 clicks draws a gem)

The diamond shovel doesnt break, and increases the effectiveness of the luck stat already, allowing players to obtain items considerably earlier than they would otherwise be able to. Additional features for it are unlikley to happen.

Another King Task kinda like the tunnel.. something everyone can participate in for some kind of reward.. understood that there's not much else to do on larki.. but noone said TA was the same ;)

There are plans for additional "tasks" from time to time, but no plans for any in the near future.

More Houses w/ bigger cap... i understand the idea of houseparts and yadda yadda.. but it's not that easy to get ahold of composium for cheap

Clan Houses are larger, but are not yet available.
Houseparts cost around 65k for a non digger to make.

More Abilites to do aside from rob and steal and dig.. granted this may seem unrealistic but it opens up an opportunity for more character classes...

There are no plans for additional abilities at this time, but we would still welcome suggestions in this area for future reference.

More Updates? actually getting the relastic ideas implimented...i know it's a lot of coding to do and other things on the plate.. but if it's not going to be taken seriously why ask about it.. "future use" but you never know what that will be... hope that doesn't sound rude or seem as if im bashing

Some updates are simple to do, and are implemented as quickly as possible, but many of the updates made to the game are not seen by the players at all because they involve things behind the scenes. Often what appears to the players as a simple thing involves a lot more than they are aware of.

Dmd.. Gone but not forgotten

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 21:14]
re: digging new gem... it could just be something worth more (maybe even quite a bit more than hyp), even if it's not used to build anything (maybe not til future upgrades, maybe never... could be like treasures - just worth money).  maybe put it at 70 luck, or maybe increase the gap... not til 80 or 100 luck.  if it should be used to make stuff, you've got upgrades in the future to put in more stuff (i.e. when magic hulls were introduced, you could have put a recipe on them instead of selling at store.  of course, for a very precious gem, it would be something worth more than a hull.  another idea is that when clan houses come in, they could use the new gem somehow).

Please read previous response concerning this topic.

as for another project like the tunnel... someone pointed out before that a few of the diamond shovels have been accidentally lost, and a few of the char's are no longer playing the game.  it would be nice to have another event to bring a few more shovels into the game.

Already covered in a previous reply

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 21:38]
Like dmd mentioned, it'll be good to have a message icon next to people's names and add a 'leave message' function for that person to see the message on an icon of some sort. There's always a time where person is not in chat but you really need them to know something. I personally think if possible a messaging system is important in these sort of games.

Please read previous response

Also a search function would be convenient where you can search up a player's character's name instead of roaming around for it in toplist. A lot of times a name pops up and its annoying trying to find out about it.

As Malikar Suggested, simply use CTRL-F (which brings up the in-built search function for Internet Explorer) to find the character in question.

Currently its not possible to place a search facility such as the one u descirbed for technical reasons.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 21:34]
How about an e-mail when your sub is going to run out?

This would be something that would affect all users of the site, not just Larkinor. However, if a player did not tick the box allowing FlyOrDie to send them emails about stuff (which accounts for a large % of users), then such a ydtem would have limited effectiveness anyway.

[Edited by: Veriac on 21-Oct-2005 21:32]
how about a mail service? so you could send items or money to other characters... would be a much easier way to transfer stuff on one account and would be nice to have the ability to send stuff to other people :-)

For those players who look, there are already a large number of ways to transfer items from one player to another. They simply require co-ordination between the players/characters concerned.

[Edited by: Veriac on 22-Oct-2005 08:53]
This isn't really a suggesion, more like an eager question: Every time I ask when clans might be coming, the answer is always, "6 months to a year." I don't want to sound rude, but that's been the answer for a couple months now. Any new info? :D

This will be replied to in a separate locked post later in the day.

[Edited by: Veriac on 22-Oct-2005 08:54]
How about a chance that the thief successfully steals but doesn't get found out by the victim. This would be more realistic than the current system where theives successfully pick pocket someone but still get known. So instead of 'xxx has stolen a prayer wheel from you', it would sometimes appear as 'you find you are missing a prayer wheel' or something. 

This might be possible, but i'm not sure it if it something that players would really want, and would actually require some changes to the code of the game regarding the mechanics of stealing. I would say that it is not likely to occur.

[Edited by: Veriac on 22-Oct-2005 09:01]
     Would it be possible for all chars on the same account to be able to hunt down athief or robber, if they choose to hide it would be nice if they didn't know who was coming after them and would be easier to get revevge.

just a thought. 


This will not happen. Revenge must be taken by the victim only, and not by another character on the same account.

[Edited by: Veriac on 22-Oct-2005 14:04]
this HAS been brought up before, but i do not recall the answer if there was one.
A way to type in the amount you want to take out of the market. I hate spending an hour making sure that the weight i have in my pack will only allow me to pull out what i want. There should be a simpler way...


It was decided not to implement such a syatem in the market, sorry.

[Edited by: Veriac on 22-Oct-2005 16:44]
When you get attacked in PvP,have mana recharged too just like hp....bit unfair it doesnt recharged but hp does especally when your a mage.


When you are attacked, you mana total should be raised to half its maximum automatically, which was added a while ago to deal with the problem of mages having no mana. Half the maximum value is the same as the hungarian site and was felt to be a reasonable amount since PvP fights rarely last long enough for a mage to run out of mana.

[Edited by: Veriac on 26-Oct-2005 08:48]
Why not have a mission timer? Say,if you beat a mission quicker than the time the time said,you get an extra item/weapon or XP accordingly to the mission. As an example,Mission 1: 00:00:30(30 seconds)- 50 Experience points. Of course, this timer would only commense counting down when your inside the labyrinth and the time needed to complete each mission would raise depending on its ability to be beaten.

Time is not an issue in the game, except during PvP fights. Since the game is based on clicks, not time, it would be unreasonable to implement any kind of timer during missions.

[Edited by: Veriac on 26-Oct-2005 08:51]
I want you to think about adding maybe anti boots or 100 thingies to the new misson rewards maybe, many level 50 + players do not have anti boots and do want them, please think about a way to help us get a pair many of us deserve

It is possible to gain Alien whatsistsnames by fighting monsters on the new island. Callum is already doing this and obtains several of the items per day.

As to mission rewards, they will be based around the mission concerned.

[Edited by: Veriac on 27-Oct-2005 08:18]
No offense V but unless you give me something usefull to fight for this misson, it  is of no use to me m8, or the others whom are above 50 with no boots.  I unlike any other player have seen every update that has happened except the 1 that will help me.  I currently have no new levels no more new monsters, or weapons, or equipment, I never thought I couldnt play any more cuz I ran out of game to play.  All the time I have seen go into other causes except the 1 that will or could help me is unfair, I believe you need to do a little rethinking on this 1, like if I have to stop playing can I build more than 25k clicks since this isnt my fault and I may not have a choice but to wait till Danni or you or who ever decides to decode data alredy out there they are up to 90 on hung, and we are not, think about that 1 m8

can I build more than 25k clicks

 Definitely not. The clicks limit applies to everyone.

Data for levels above those currently in the game are not in the possession of FlyOrDie. They are owned by the Hungarians and would be required to be bought from them. FlyOrDie are aware of the levels issue, but beyond that i cannot give you any additional information.

[Edited by: Veriac on 27-Oct-2005 08:20]
Can we have the sense-ball say whether a creature is magical or not?

A senseball is only capable of two things:

Determining the weakness of a monster
Helping find land when at sea

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-Nov-2005 09:23]
can monsters change their mind, a small percentage of the time, in a future upgrade?
e.g. "a monster draws near you" is followed by "the monster decides to leave instead. it went north".  or "the monster tries to get away" is followed by "the monster changes its mind and draws near you".  basically, it'll just prevent diggers, thiefs, and robbers (others as well, but mostly those) from clicking without paying much attention.  the worst would be when they think the monster's leaving, so they have "two free clicks", but if it changes its mind, that means it would attack on the second click.
Hmmmm I dont know how to say this so I will just blurt it out V.  No where in the contract or help files does it say I will run out of game or that there is an end.  If there is no level 68 when I am ready it is a breach of contract on fods part, pure and simple.  you will not loose clicks and I quote.   I will not stop playing or be asked to stop playing cuz you and Danni decided to develop other areas b-4 making new areas or levels 1st. I am tired of excuses of babies and recipes that do not work, these are things I did not pay for, so either you can give me what I paid for or give me a refund, cuz the constant excuses and contract breaches are getting old V 


I will not stop playing or be asked to stop playing cuz you and Danni decided to develop other areas b-4 making new areas or levels 1st

If you choose to stop playing, thats your choice. At no point have FlyOrDie ever suggested you stop, or ever stated you will be forced to stop playing (unless an account is banned for breaking the rules)

can give me what I paid for or give me a refund

Subscribing entitles you to extra features, ALL of which you have received, and you are therefore NOT entitled to a refund.

 the constant excuses and contract breaches are getting old V 

There are no contract breaches whatsoever. You paid for extra features, and you receive them. You are not entitled to a refund. 

Below is an extract from the Terms of Service...


In addition, the Help files for Larkinor clearly state....

"FlyOrDie maintains a longer range view which may be in conflict with short-term and character-specific interests"

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-Nov-2005 09:52]
sorry bout that last post I was a tad bit angry so just ignore it
How about if we have non-weapon items in our hands, and we use magic, those items get destroyed? That would be very realistic :D

 That would dpend on which school of magic you happen to beleive in. Many forms of magic that produce similar effects require nothing more than an incantation, a verbal component, or in some cases, simply thought alone is sufficient.

[Edited by: Veriac on 06-Nov-2005 21:05]
I always thought it was a shame we couldn't Disassemble items back down to what they were made from a step at a time, like we build them

This idea was discussed a long time actually, but at that time it was only a discussion regarding the possibility of breaking down items.

The idea we discussed at that point was to allow an item to be broken down and for you to obtain a percentage of one of the 3 components (chosen at random of course!)

The cost to use such a service would be the same as it would be to create the item. Any additional components you didint receive would of course be consumed by the fire!

Currently though, this idea is sitting on a shelf until such time as updates are in place to allow the game functions to be expanded for this kind of idea to work.

[Edited by: Veriac on 06-Nov-2005 21:07]
How about a list to look at, that lists the last 10 Steals or Robbs you have done, and the victim's name.  And a list of the last say... 5 steals and Robbs.. and the perpetrator?  Just so if you are clickin too fast, u can still access the info? And so if you havn't forgiven someone yet.. you can still see who else got somethin from you

This is not currently possible.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:07]
how about case sensitive names so u dont see ppl with little m Montsegur

Character names are already Case sensitive, as are account names. Account / Character copies should be reported to the moderation team so that the copies can be renamed/removed.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:09]
A larger arrow next to peoples names, or an arrow proportional to their rank set. 1/4 the size of the steal icon would be good, its too easy to miss.

 This may be possible, but cannot be implemented just yet owing to the nature of the picture used, and the effect increasing the image size would have on the remainder of the game screen in the various browsers.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:11]
How about a new thing in the top list which would have the top players for # known monsters or some way to effectively see how you are doing vs everyone else that is your lvl.  Thanks!


It may be possible to add new things to the top lists currently shown. However, any changes to the toplists would not occur until after the next upgrade.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:56]
How bout making it so that more than 10 peeps can be in a private channel? With all the newbs runnen us outta chat all the time, all us friends can't fit in one... Maybe have say a 15 limit? or 20?

No matter what limits are placed on room sizes, people will always want more. The current limit will remain as it is.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:13]
How about a way to mute ppl, not just in chat but on the forums too?Logo is getting a bit irratating and im sick of seeing his posts.It would be nice to mute him once and for all.:D

 The mute facility works within rooms. The only way to prevent someone posting in the forum is witha demerit, which is not available to non moderators.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:15]
BTW my mana didnt recharge,i only had enough for one hit and i got the tar kicked out of me by a higher lvl.

And where do you get little m Montesgur,monty??

 This post is in the wrong thread, and will not be answered here.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:19]
can you change the top rank for players from g-d to invincible, or something else? some of us g-d fearing players prefer not to use that name in a game.


Also, I know this has been asked before, but I'd request that you reconsider the option for the game to store the last rob or steal, either someone stealing from you or you from them. It's a fund part of the game, and it's really frustrating when clicking quickly to have an 'evil person' appear w/o having any idea what they took from you, or vica-versa to rob and not get to see what loot you stole. 

 The game does not allow you to click back. This is because the game is clicks based and allowing you to click back would interfere with the mechanics of the game itself.

Storing of more than one name, or additional data regarding the "evil person" is not possible.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Nov-2005 09:17]
wow, it's been so long since this was posted in, it's almost been lost :p

i just found out today that clones do not vamp even if they're holding a vamping weapon.  if this is true, why aren't they allowed to vamp?  i think they should be allowed, otherwise mages have too much of an advantage in arena with their added shield protection.


This is currently being investigated in the beta site to determine if the clones are indeed vamping or not

[Edited by: Veriac on 26-Nov-2005 09:48]
it would be nice if i can just hit a botton on my key boeard to dig and not go through all the stuff to get to diggin now

The addition of "quick-keys" is something planned in a later upgrade.

[Edited by: Veriac on 26-Nov-2005 09:49]
It'd b nice if they didnot waste a clik for robbing, stealing and digging! Fighting and moving would take a clik still!

Robbing/stealing/digging will always use up clicks, and this will never change.

[Edited by: Veriac on 26-Nov-2005 09:50]
Would it be possible to add a better shovel? Something that would last a little longer than the standard shovel or somthing to weed out the metal componants which are found while digging.  Since fighters can upgrade thier weapons will the diggers ever be able to upgrade thier digging?

The only special shovel is the diamond shovel. This can only be obtained via special events. It is possible for more events to take place, but there are none currently planned for the near future.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:44]
Still new here; so sorry if this is a stupid ? but... how about a small box where you could type in some notes about a char.  It doesn't have to be a big box; maybe 150 characters or something - so if you're going to run out of clicks while you're in the middle of something, you can write it down to remind you; or if you're trying to coordinate something with another char. you could write that down too, or just any random idea or strategy that pops into your head.  I know space is an issue so maybe that wouldn't work at all.

I dunno, maybe I just have a bad memory.

Unfortunately, you would have to do this yourself via other means, such as using notepad or pen and paper.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:47]
It would sure be nice to know when a character was last online...through the toplist maybe? It would make it a lot easier to get vengeance if you were to get robbed by someone you don't usually see :D

This is not currently possible

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:51]
Would it be possible to show how many points are needed to reach the next level in the character information screen?
Maybe in ()behind the experience level.

It may be possible to change the character information page so that instead of showing the amount of XP over your current level, it instead shows the amount of XP required for the next level. However, making that change would require several other changes to take place owing to the fact the information is inter-connected with other things.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:52]
How about something like this:

You feel more powerful! You've reached level __!
You have gained __ hitpoints and __ manapoints!

Or am I the only one who forgets to write down the previous level's numbers before I go up to the next level?


This might be possible, but not until the next upgrade is completed.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:55]
Could Sherpa service be availlable at the temple for insurance?

It could be, but the sherpa's have been limited to specific things on purpose, and their service is unlikely to be expanded.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:48]
How about a cooperation mode where you could do missions together?

The game is single player only. Whilst there are some things that require several players to work together towards a common goal, the missions in the game cannot be done this way. All missions can only be completed by a single character.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Dec-2005 10:49]
So V i asked about it in chat and i figured id post it...

What about a new type of sense ball for TA fighting only that allows a player to get an idea of the lvl of the monster?

Or it say something like, "Seems pretty easy", "It doesnt look good for you"... Things like that based on the char's stats and the monster your fighting...


I dont beleive this is currently possible.

[Edited by: Veriac on 29-Jan-2006 19:48]
I think it'd be super if we could upload more than one avatar, so that they could be customised to each character.  


The avatar used is the one you upload for your account. There is only space for a single image on your account info, hence the reason you are not able to use a different picture for each character.

Would there be any possiblity to add a extra feature in the market, one where you can pick items that you wish to  keeping a eye on, (limit of say 5) and disregard the rest until you either leave the market or reset your list?  Reason being that it seems my luck when trying to sell items from one character to the other the items are spread out amoung those items listed and you have to keep scrolling back and forth checking to see if the price has fallen to the amount your trying to sell them for.
Another possibility would be the ability to sell directly between characters?  These are just ideas.  Thanks for all that you have done I know its hard work and you all are appreciated.

This is not currently possible

[Edited by: Veriac on 29-Jan-2006 19:46]

what about treating the antiballast like imp shrooms and lettin us find them when we click look for lost items in our houses. just an idea

The current system of forcing a player to buy a new one is more than sufficient. The ability to retrive lost items in a house is aimed specifically at those items which you cannot get back by any other means such as imp mushrooms.

[Edited by: Veriac on 29-Jan-2006 19:47]
Monsters that drop random items.


I kinda like that idea, but currently its not possible. Perhaps in a later update, but no promises on that im afraid.

[Edited by: Veriac on 29-Jan-2006 19:49]
How about allowing us to catch a select monster or two and (for a price) install them in our houses as "watch-dogs"? Depending on the monster's level, it could battle, chase away or even kill robbers that break in. 
What an interesting surprise for the robber! The number of pet monsters one could possess would have to be limited so they weren’t encountered every time; Maybe one monster at a time per account? Since robbing is my main interest, this is probably silly of me to suggest, but I do think it would be fun...a possible 1 in 4 chance of finding an attack monster waiting inside!

We could also have mini-monsters for backpacks. If a thief puts his hand into the wrong backpack, he may encounter a mouse trap, a scorpion, a poisonous spider or an attack monkey that has been hiding in the pack. Then the thief would have to stop and deal while his intended victim gets away. There would have to be a way to limit the mini-monsters though, so a thief wouldn't encounter one in every pack, every time he tried to steal. 

I suppose there is no way to do any of this... but it would add some fun and surprise to the game.

Smiles,  :) :D :) 


[Edited by: Veriac on 12-Feb-2006 23:20]
during a fight, i'm wondering if some of the buttons could be rearranged.  multiple times i've been fighting with a semi, and realized i couldn't win the fight and had to run.  but the magic buttons are so close to the run button that i've hit them and died trying to run on the next try.  if the magic and run buttons could be separated, that would be great.  maybe just leave a gap, or maybe move the run button somewhere else.

 The placement of buttons etc is something that will be looked at when the front end graphics of the game are updated.

[Edited by: Veriac on 12-Feb-2006 23:20]
Could we be given a way to see the Character Information sheet of the person we're battling in the arena?  It would be helpful to see who I'm winning and loosing battles with so I can build and modify my own characters accordingly. 

 This can already be done via the toplists. You already know who you are fighting, so just need to look them up in the lists categories.

how about drawing contests on this forum for the pictures of new monsters? No programing needed :D 
It could be determined by vote 

there could be contests for designing new missions too. (i don't think this one should be determined by vote though) 

ideas for new monsters: 

how about one that is: 
1) weak and slow with a whole bunch of hitpoints and gives a lot of paralysis.. maybe u get lots of mobilidoxin
for killing it 
2) one that infects 3-5 poison per turn 
i really like Sandy's idea of random monster rewards 

ideas for new items: 

1) how about a weapon that only vampirizes? 
 Already exists

2) weapons and shields that can only be made? 
 Already exists

Submission of ideas for monsters is always welcome, providing you keep the ideas in balance with the game and do not try to think up "uber" monsters.

[Edited by: Veriac on 12-Feb-2006 23:23]
how about the bank offering a money market or some sort of interest earning account

 This has been covered many many times and the answer remains the same...


[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Mar-2006 17:25]
not sure if this has already been suggested or not but how about mana full regeneration in PVP ?

Originally Mana Regen in PvP did NOT happen. It was changed to 50% (the same as the hungarians) a while ago and there are no plans to increase it. 

[Edited by: Veriac on 10-Mar-2006 09:12]
ok i know i made this suggestion before but iam going to do it again with more detail and an explaination of how it would work.

Quick Buttons.

a block the same size as the sleep button placed in between the sleep button and the ok button next to the drop down menu. You select what action you (digging,stealing,robbing,using prayer wheel,using aqua deis,using various potions,etc) from a drop down menu within the player information screen right under where pick your rank. This would be beneficial for a few reasons: i found in hungarian larkinor where they have this it make it quicker to do such actions this way, aviods using things you dont want to use which is a common complaint such as prayerwheel runs out and i use my wonderflask by accident. Once your crowbar,prayerwheel or whatever runs out the quick button disappears allowing you to restock on that without accidently hitting another function. Now this button doesnt stop you from doing another action for example if you have the robbbing button on you can still pick pray,homeport from drop down menu.

 Quick buttons cannot be added until the the re-designed front end graphics are completed, for which i have no ETA other than that it will not arrive until AFTER clans are implemented.

[Edited by: Veriac on 10-Mar-2006 09:16]
Two Ideas:

Would it be possible to show the number of each calamity on the main screen - this is particularly relevant when fighting on TA.

Could we have extra market slots for key items - i.e. nubs, when we finish a square a lot of people get them so the market gets overfull, with nowhere to put them.


There is no space to show additional info on the main screen until the new GUI is completed. 

The number of slots is global. It cannot be changed for a single item

[Edited by: Veriac on 10-Mar-2006 09:18]
Some chat functions I think would be nice:

Change the swearing filter so that it will warn you once against using profanity, then make it appear to the offender that their message has gone through normally, perhaps simply highlighting or discoloring offending words from then on. Currently, people who are venting with cursing are simply respelling words (and many of them are new players, or trolls) and the filter is not having a lasting effect.

The Chat filters are universal for all of the games at FlyOrDie. As with all such filters, especially for multilingual sites, it is impossible to filter out all possible bad words without preventing normal conversation.

Also, an ability to be in a chat channel and the lobby at the same time--would allow groups of players to have private conversations but still be a part of the main discussion.

The only way to do this is with multiple accounts. It is simply not possible for a single account to be logged in twice in the same room.

[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Mar-2006 17:27]
I find NO level protection on TA is rather hard... could one be added - even if it is less efficient than the one on larki? (eg. +6 levels)


The Island of Thord Artinian is NOT aimed at lower level players. Whilst they are not prevented from travelling there, they do so at their own risk.

[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Mar-2006 17:30]
What about adding an icon to chat that when clicked sends a screenshot to the mods?  This would eliminate much of the hassle as we would not have to deal with paint and emails, or whatever programs we use.  It would also cut down on file size, as it would be only the chat box, and not the whole screen.

Ty, TeT

This has been suggested for other FlyOrDie Games too, but i am unaware of any plans to introduce such a system.

[Edited by: Veriac on 19-Mar-2006 17:31]
An item I think would be nice: something similar to the magical hull that could increase a stat for a limited duration of time. Make them similar to the satchels so that only one can be used at a time (you would have to decide to get more strength or more persistence for example.)
Perhaps the increase could be +5 or +10 to the stat, and have one that gives +1 or +2 to all stats at the same time.

 This would create some problems when people increase their level, and as such is not currently possible owing to the fact that hp/mana cannot be retro-actively adjusted.

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-Apr-2006 10:56]
There is a method to make new item but why not have a method to break an item.

Already covered this idea in this thread. Please do not post repeat ideas that already have been replied to.

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-Apr-2006 10:58]
Would it be possible to have 2-3 posts permanently at the top of the forum?  Maybe the character guide, new players guide, and chat room etiquette?  Those are things I think all new players should read early on in the game, yet are often not aware of until later, if at all.  

My knowledge on such things is limited, but it seems like a good idea.  

Ty, TeT 

The only way we can do this with the current forum code is to manually bump the required posts. This is the reason why those posts are not always at the top of the forum list.

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-Apr-2006 10:58]
Just in case an official request will help:

The magical key in the supply tent is supposed to be the ingredient in the ruby antigrav boots.  It is not due to a recent change in the recipe from magical key to universal key.

During my attempt to find 24 universal keys in the wild, I spent an average of 388 clicks per key.  388*24 = 9312 clicks.  This means it would take a subscriber 2328 days (or about 6 years) of wearing the ruby antigrav boots to recover the clicks required to obtain them.  This is certainly the reason the key was added to the tent.


Veriac, in regard to tet's suggestion, wouldn't it be possible to create three rows in the table with the links embedded, and then loop the retreival from the database into the rows afterwards?

Otherwise, could you create a new table, seperate from the main one, written statically?
It would mean re-writing the forum code, but it wouldn't really be that difficult. 


I cannot answer technical queries regarding any underlying code for the game. 

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-May-2006 14:57]
Why don't we add a Bump button to the forum threads so that we don't always have to write something in a thread that it gets bumped.Then we could add a bump limit too so that this function doesn't get missused.

For A Robber Near You

 If we could have, we would have, but we cant, so we didnt.

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Apr-2006 00:55]
can we have the mana drain of monsters shown up in red like other important battle info. would be good for mages as its one thing i tend to look out for with mine


[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Apr-2006 00:55]
Would it be possible to add a new character status under shy for people like diggers, thieves, and robbers who probably do not want to fight monsters at all for long periods of time?

ty ~OPP

 I can only suggest you learn to run away faster. For someone to be considered less than "shy" we would be too worried about them dying if someone said Peekaboo!

[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Apr-2006 00:52]
Can sby who adds a link to the larkinor on their webbie get a one-time award, like a wonderflask or 10 extra clicks for one day on one char?


[Edited by: Veriac on 15-Apr-2006 00:55]
Maybe get a latest battles list. Have it linked next to their character name in the info sheet and it shows who won/lost and how many famepoints they won/lost. :p

This list was previously available, but was removed from the top100 stuff during one of the upgrades. I beleive its possible to bring it back, but simply hasnt been so far.

[Edited by: Veriac on 20-Apr-2006 09:09]
Will the FlyorDie ppl concider changing forum to invision or PhPBB  or some other board type that comes with included sticky/pinned code thingie and save us all the trouble of *bumps*??

You can always lock all this posts and add a link if one wants to search through it....

New Forum code is something thats been under discussion for a long time, so far with little success i think. The problem with PhpBB is most likely the licensing issue, as unlike most of the boards you see, to use it at FlyOrDie would require a commercial license, and the existing forums converted to the new format.

Whilst the forums may not be the best around, they do work, and i suspect theres not going to be a change in forums for some time. After-all, ehy "fix" something thats not broken.

[Edited by: Veriac on 20-Apr-2006 09:10]
This is for 
TA theifs

How about a macro that will have you steal until your pack is full or you have gained a lvl.

And for 
, you can steal until a monster draws near you.

Just an idea.


 Not a chance of this happening. 

[Edited by: Veriac on 20-Apr-2006 09:13]
is there a chance that when someone has an "evil person" already, and is stolen from or robbed... on the next click, could there be an option in drop-down to forget the old evil person, and take the new one as the person you would like to chase down?  (likely using up a click, as opposed to gaining one like when you would normally forgive a person).
These ideas are a little radical, but it'.  How about a new item which is designed to twart theives?  A few suggestions:

- Adventurers wanting to add a layer of protection to their backpacks can buy a rune in the mage tower pretty much like the traps available in fortress.  Each level of rune is exponentially more expensive than the previous (again, similar to trap levels).  When someone tries to steal from your pack, the rune explodes, destroying itself, damaging the would-be theif and thwarting the theiving attempt.

- Alternatively, how about a new item (or group of progressively better items) which are "irrestable" theiving targets such as "fake diamonds".  Once the theif is in your pack, the odds of them taking the "irrestable" item are much greater than any other item.


 Sorry, but right now i think the answer to this one is a clear no. 

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-May-2006 14:59]
can the font on the larkinor main screen for "forum", "toplist", "chat", and "help" be changed to something more legible, so newbs can't use the excuse they couldn't find "help"?  or maybe just put some emphasis on the "help" button.
Level protection against thieves.

I mentioned this in a post before and people called me whiny, but I don't understand why there isn't level protection against thieves.

If you've got a lv20 character, you have ~lv20 weapons, fight ~lv20 monsters, and earn ~lv20 prizes.  But any lv50 character can come up and rob you blind and there is nothing you can do about it.  You can't fight them, you can't rob them back, and even setting to 'shy' doesn't stop them.  Is there any defense at all against getting robbed by players much higher level than you are?  I wouldn't mind getting robbed if there was something I could possibly do to stop it.

 It is not clear from your post if you are talking about stealing or Robbing. 

Players below a certain level are immune to thieves.

Players below level 18 can retain their houses in the newbie district which cannot be targeted by robbers. After level 18 that protection disappears and you are forced to resort to using traps in your house to try and prevent robbers from breaking in.

[Edited by: Veriac on 04-May-2006 15:00]
I would like to have added to the help file under the "Fighting" heading, and then under "Real time duel against other players" subsection: 

"Click on the red arrow next to a players name to start a duel. You are allowed to fight other players depending on your level compared to theirs, or if you have robbed or stolen from them."

And in the FAQ, just because it does come up occasionally, 

Q: "How do I exit the game/log off?"
A: "Close your browser window to exit the game."

Lastly, the FAQ question titled, "Why pay the king?" -- perhaps change the question to "Why pay the king? / How do I become a citizen?" 

I think for the few new players who do read the help file, this will clear up some common questions that are not answered clearly in the help/FAQ.

The FAQ will be updated after the next upgrade is implemented. This change can made at the same time to the faq sections.

And No i dont yet know when the next upgrade is due, so please dont ask!)

[Edited by: Veriac on 23-May-2006 15:30]
I just noticed "monstalogy" is spelt with an "a".  Is it just me, or wasn't it spelled with a "o" before?  Certainly "monstology" would be more correct, since the suffix which denotes a field of study is "ology" or sometimes "logy", and never "alogy".

That aside, if I'm not mistaken, the actual word for the study of monsters in the gaming world is "monstrology"... or so a 30 second perusal of the word in Google tells me.  


Its a spelling mistake. It will be corrected the next time we run through stuff for typographical errors.

[Edited by: Veriac on 23-May-2006 15:26]
Could we maybe get a double check safety net on sending money to sherpa. It has happened twice now as I have signed in losing me over 2.5 million in fees.

A simple "are you sure you want to send you money to the bank" would be nice. (Similar to leaving the Larkinor forever)

Thanks KmS 

I beleive this should be possible. I will speak to dani about this one when i next see him.

[Edited by: Veriac on 23-May-2006 15:28]
When our house is full and stuff is bumped of the market we are told that the stuff goes to the battlers of T.A.

i was just wondering could we make it go to a characters home. totally random of course doesnt matter who or what lvl the person is who recieves it.

just so we dont lose such valuable items such as magic nubs or those expensive weapons.

Mr.Mad1 X-( 

This could lead to an endless loop which would immediately crash the game. Not gonna happen!

[Edited by: Veriac on 23-May-2006 15:25]

I've noticed that the game is oriented towards 'family friendly'. Some advertisment is quite far from this model. I'm refering to the pictures with scantily clad women. I'm sure the link doesn't go anyplace that I'd want children going. Any chance to displace that particular advertisment to someplace else?

 Adverts on the site are not controlled directly, but are served by a third party, based on your location etc. This makes it very difficult to filter out specific adverts.

However, if there are particularly offensive ones, please make a note of the URL of that advert (the advert itself, NOT the site it takes you to), and email it to support@flyordie.com with an explanation of the nature of the advert.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:17]
Could we have a way to use money from the market to buy things off the market before the money is drawn from the bank? I mean, if you're already in the market and you have money stored there, wouldn't you use that first before going all the way to the bank or paying the sherpas to bring it from the bank? I quite often buy things from the market for more silver than my digger can carry, and even though he has millions there he has to draw from the bank to purchase them.

 At the moment, this option is not possible 

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:20]
It would be nice to know just how much weight there is immediatly. perhaps a weight indicator under the mana one, or a customisable interface, so you could choose what is displayed there.

 This has been suggested previously. In addition it is impossible to implement a customization of what you see on the screens, unless it falls within the drop down menus (such as the balloon option)

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:21]
1. Clans 
2.lvl 75+ with weapons levels and monsters
3.kings missions
4.pub missions
5 quick action keys(digging etc)
6 character name colour different for subs and non subs

1 - In progress
2 - In progress
3 - In progress
4 - In progress
5 - Not until the next GUI interface is ready
6 - possible...but too low a priority compared to nos 1,3,4

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:22]
Any idea when the confirm option for sherpa may be added ... would guess this is a minute addition to the game but having just lost 3.7 million in fees when my screen jumped to a digger in market it would be very much appreciated :(



[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:24]
dunno if this has been mentioned before, but an edit button for the forums so you can edit your post would be nice.
You let a sherpa take your earnings to the bank. You must admit, this service is well worth that little extra charge (6,477,854 silvers) over the regular banking costs (12,955,701 silvers)...

Grrrr.  6 pixels between the button you want and the button which causes catastophe isn't enough.  We either need to move the Sherpa button to a safer place on the screen or we need a confirmation dialog.


 Not until the GUI is completed, tested, and implemented 

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:25]
Why can't we be able to paste stuff into chat like for instance the link to Sandys site or a forum link so we don't always have to type it all again.

 You can, but the feature is unsupported and relies on you using an out of date java version which is no longer supported by either flyordie or microsoft. In addition, in order to be able to paste into the java chat etc you would be required to make alterations to your java settings.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:26]
hi veriac i think it wood b a good idea if larkinor had easier leviling foor the noobz.and also make it that evryone can use a password on the chat room not jus da suscribers.



 Subscribers have access to some things that non subscribers don't. This will not change, because if it did, then players would have no reason to subscribe to the game!

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:28]
a messaging functions between accounts/players. I know we have chat but I would probably be acurate in saying those that use chat on any regular basis are the minority. So how about a function that we cant click on a  character or type the name of said character or account type a message in. The person recieving the message would get a flashing mails ign in their inventory screen they simple click that and it would display in the box right below where it says how many calamities you have in your inventory screen

 What you are asking for is basically an in-game mailing system. With millions of users on the site, this would simply not be practical, and even if it was, the resulting increase in subscription costs to cover the system would mean we would lose many subscribers.

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:31]

There was some serious dissapointment when we learned that we were not going to get a table. Clearly some aspects of the game suggest a need for something like that.

1. Several higher level items cannot be sold on the market for anything close to what it costs to make them. A table would allow the trade of high level items without the need for market transfers.

2. Without a table we have way too many nubs on TA. A table gives us a place to put lots and lots of nubs.

3. A table would give us something new and different.

I realize that programming a table may not be that simple, but that programming would not have to be done prior to us "finding" the table. If the table takes 3 million stones, it will probably take 2-3 years before the table would have to be any more than an outline.

This has come about because the hungarian version has a table. This version is NOT the hungarian version, and has many differences to it, including the table. If you are worried about not having anywhere to use your nubs, then i am sure it can be arranged to make it more difficult to finish creating the various buildings in the game....

[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:33]
>If you are worried about not having anywhere to use your nubs, then i am sure it can be arranged to make it more difficult to finish creating the various buildings in the game....
if that's what is required for builders to be useful til TA is cleared, then that's what i suggest.  monstalogists and conquestors will be able to use their skills until the island is cleared, but in the current state, it seems constructors will be out of work long before the other two.
maybe letting us get into more aspects of the game on updates...i love the idea of the new BOARD OF MISSION DESIGNERS lol...maybe more things like this besides just this thread...i dont know how many of these things actually become reality but from what i read their are very few that actually pass this thread and into the gaming structure.  just a thought but maybe that will make things more fun for us knowing that we (subs and non-subs alike) had somehting to do with the game rather then just in this thread.
Just a thought, I have observed stones that are made of the same material full of various gems and rich ores from larkinor and boated to TA might compare with many castles that have obsidian or quartz in their granite. The ability to personalize each stone is unique in trade,peoples tastes vary and if it were possible to personalize your building blocks you could really make a statement, the emerald city, the gold tower the ruby building and others by example. The magic is plentiful here in larkinor and in TA and components abound. But if it were not possible for the future I understand.If wishes were horses beggars would ride. Just a thought. Thanks Clegh
How about a hall of fame and rating scale for the Battle Arena?

If Sir Michael's post about there being almost 8 million monsters left is correct then we may have a bit of an issue. Figure that we are killing 3000-5000 monsters per day. At this rate, TA will take five to eight years to clear. I don't think most people have quite the patience for that long of a campaign. I believe that we either need more players or fewer monsters. 
how about a way to take loans from the bank??


If there was a way to take loans from the bank, nothing would stop people from creating mass amounts of new characters, taking out loans, transfering the money, and never using that account again.
Two words 
Sea Monsters
 that could attack you whilst at sea, i would be a good way to get in some new monsters that people have been asking for
dis is  a suggestion.say is there any chance dat u can make a character have more dan 1 house to use.let say less than three houses cos the rooms are not big enough.i have gether sum stuff so dat i can use dem to make sumthin in the future but the room is too small even tho i bought the house with most space.when i put them in the market they get sold.so is there any plans about that in the future?
dis is a suggestion.say is there any chance dat u can make a character have more dan 1 house to use.let say less than three houses cos the rooms are not big enough.i have gether sum stuff so dat i can use dem to make sumthin in the future but the room is too small even tho i bought the house with most space.when i put them in the market they get sold.so is there any plans about that in the future?

You can buy extra houseparts to make your house bigger ... they sell for between 100k - 150k on the market currently. 

[sorry V but thought this was one I could address]
I'd like to suggest we allow characters to purchase rides on other characters ships once they become a Citizen. It would increase intrest in the game, you could still limit a players possibilities on TA (making purchasing a boat attractive still).

It would accomplish the following

1) Make the game more profitable for some players with ships

2) Get interest in travel to TA up and therefore get areas cleared sooner. It could also get players interested in getting to TA fighting level.

3) Get items on the Market on TA sold more often

4) Get buildngs built at a greater rate

I'd also like to suggest we allow things to be stored in a persons ship. That would make being a digger a lot easier. Right now I try to help the building effort by transfering Ore Putties from TA to Larki. It takes a lot of click to do so. If I could load my ship up with Ore Putties that would make me more likely to transfer them to the market on Larkinor.

I'm sure there are concerns but wanted to share my thoughts. Great game by the way...really like the people and play.

MIght be hard, but...

On the player info page (not sure of its "official name", but where you equip weapons, distribute attribute points, etc.) if we could equip something to a "sheath".  
Not something to be used but someplace where we could safeguard one item.  For some people it may be an antiballast, for others maybe a weapon we need so we can upgrade.  I recently had such a weapon on the market at 3000% so I could use it later and it sold.  nice profit :)  but bad for my upgrade :(  


Whem I'm actively searching for monsters to fight, I pick a block and I "Rest" repeatedly until one attacks me.  I do this because moving around doesn't seem to cause more monsters appear than simply resting.  While I am open to correction on this assumption, the following suggestion is still valid:

I'd like to see a "Hunt" option.  Choosing this (from the drop down?) wouldn't move your character or heal you in any way (no resting, no satchels), and it would increase your chance of seeing a monster.


I'd like to see something done about the balloon.  It's the same people, all the time.  I suggest putting a click limit on it.  Whether it's per day, or that it must pass to a certain amount of other people before you can use it again, I don't know.  That will at least let more then the few utilize it.

While I wasn't here when the balloon was added, I don't think it was ever intended for players to use the majority of a characters clicks with it.

TeT (let the flaming begin)  
portable 6 packs of mobilo diavovino...for those long splat fests on Thord-Artin...

Oh, and a cooler to carry them in...

"You reach into your cooler and find a 6 pack of mobilo diavovino. You reach for one, pop the top, and quench your thirst"

bringing this post back from the dead...

almost half of my fights now have such an essay of text after my final strike (to defeat the monster), that i have to scroll down before clicking the button to end the fight.  could this button either be put at the top of the text screen, or else make the screen effectively larger (a bit higher, a bit wider, or even just a size or two smaller text)?  the extra scrolling so often seems like such a waste of time.

I think Jason's idea is a good one.  It is a pain to scroll, especially when one is splatting.

If you don't have a scrolling mouse yet, get one!  If you already have one, scroll down while moving your mouse pointer to the bottom left corner of the combat text area... by the time your pointer gets there, the button will be there to click.  With a little practice, you can get really quick at it.  Like most of this game you can almost click the buttons before they appear once you get used to where they are going to appear.

Once you've got the rhythm of this going, you'll end up with the reverse problem: it'll be slower to click the Continue button after combats where the amount of text was insufficient for a scroll bar.  You'll have already clicked the bottom left corner of the text area, but the button is actually further up.  I prefer this problem, since it's quicker to move up a few centimeters than it is to reach for the scroll bar on the right.


You let a sherpa take your earnings to the bank. You must admit, this service is well worth that little extra charge (6,477,854 silvers) over the regular banking costs (12,955,701 silvers)...

>Grrrr. 6 pixels between the button you want and the button which causes catastophe isn't enough. We either need to move the Sherpa button to a safer place on the screen or we need a confirmation dialog.

Not until the GUI is completed, tested, and implemented
>[Edited by: Veriac on 03-Oct-2006 14:25]

You let a sherpa take your earnings to the bank. You must admit, this service is well worth that little extra charge (36,253,273 silvers) over the regular banking costs (72,506,592 silvers)...

108 million silvers in fees this time.  Javascript confirmation code exists for the panic button, and for many clan events.  Can't we have it for the sherpa too?


The following is an extension of an idea posted by lilgyp in a private clan forum.  As she said, it would be nice to have a way of sending messages to other players without attacking their characters.

So how about expanding the existing clan messaging architecture to be able to send private messages to any character and/or player?  We'd need a new screen (basically the same as the clan message screen, but with a different recipient field), and a way of getting to the new screen (from your home or the inventory screen, perhaps?), but most of the architecture already seems to be in place.


It's not possible to use the clan messaging architecture for  this purpose. It would severly affect overall performance. Clan members are syncronized on their clans, which is a relatively small performance overhead compared to non-members. This solution would mean everyone had to be syncronized on every single click. The messaging architecture is designed for a low load among a low number of players.
One thing that would be handy from a time-saving sense would be an auto-pilot for our boats. It's kind of a pain, not to mention VERY boring making trips to and from TA for builders, splatters, and monstologists to have to manually click our way there. I'm not asking for any freebies, I'd gladly pay the 'captain' the same rate or even double what he charges for bringing my boat back to Larkinor when I need it and of course I expect to still use the clicks. However, if it were set up so that after manually visiting a port it would be part of a drop-down menu when we put out to sea it would be a really handy thing to have available.

-Dhargaman (Dharga, Shoveloff, Stainlessteelrat)
It would be nice if extra houseparts actually functioned as extra houseparts in the clan house (instead of taking up 10 kg of space).  Barring that, perhaps a new 'extra clanpart' item could be implemented.
linked to dhars comments,

how about a teleport on larki to the ones on TA :)
I've dreamed of that too... but dang that would have to be one expensive trip to justify the amount of clicks saved! -- Think about upgrading boats to save clicks and look at the chart on the guide of how much silver it costs for clicks saved.  I'm not opposed to the idea of a teleport gate between the two islands (and as I've said, I've wished for it on more than one occasion), but unlike the gates on TA, it should be a set price to use, perhaps based on char level -- and the price ought to be steep.
I think we need a wall-building project for the southern city on TA to keep out those pesky invaders.

That or an end to those pesky invaders entirely.  It's not like we are distracted by clan matters anymore and other than slowing our TA-clearing progress to a near standstill, I'm not sure what purpose they are supposed to serve.
I couldn't have agreed more. I lost count to how many I did. There needs to be a disease for them or we need reinforcements from our side.
A sell all button, or a check all button, would be nice to see in the shops...
Angelgrinder, when my characters go into the store, the screen is split into a buy side on the left, and a sell side on the right. at the bottom of the sell side, there is a button marked "batch sell". i think by using this button, you can sell a batch of stuff at once.
If that's the case then I'm going to slap myself silly after manually clicking on the items.

Thanks, mate.
I'm not sure, but you might need to be a subscriber in order to do the 'batch sell.' I know that's the case for making multiple items at once in fortress or mage tower. I think it is also the case for diggers (or whomever) dropping multiple item types at once.

Good luck! :D
I've seen the batch sell, but my question was more aimed towards something that allows you to tick every single item in the batch sell list for v. quick selling.
Ah, I see... I actually hope that doesn't happen.. I've managed to drop/sell/lose enough stuff on my own without them making it any easier!! :p
>That or an end to those pesky invaders entirely. It's not like we are distracted by clan matters anymore and other than slowing our TA-clearing progress to a near standstill, I'm not sure what purpose they are supposed to serve.

It delays the inevitable bi-yearly update to this game.
Not sure how frequently this thread is checked anymore, but I was thinking how past their upgrade, level 100 players don't need anything from the supply tent, so they'll be splatting away and have 100k+ credits and nothing to use them on (besides simply buying items to sell for silver).  

It might be nice to have some special/useful items in the level 100 supply tent - extra houseparts, or composiums, or the completely made-up diamond miracle satchel that never wears out (that could cost 50k credits or something ridiculous).  Just a thought to give our level 100s some incentive to keep splatting.

Zeke, what happened? Did you forget that this house is empty? They are not able to respond to one stupid competition since sept 2010(see bumped topic), why wasting our time with suggestions?
lol, Misko.  Wishful thinking, I suppose, and I have to store all my brilliant ideas somewhere so I don't forget them.