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bad day
bad day
bad day
now another person attacked me and i was just about to beat the same mission. anyone want to guess how much clicks i lost this time? 
If you're on the way back to the palace to collect your reward when these attacks happened, you still have the mission item, even if you get sent home on a magical carpet ride. Just go to the palace accept the mission again and immediately report for your reward.
^ * only if ya got insurance me thinks.
UL some ppl r just like that X-( no respect hope ur luck picks up.

to beat the boss i have to buy a drink at the pub and on my way there people keep attacking me and they are always rated about 3 or 4 levels better than me. oh well. im happy that im getting a lot of training. its just another step to halo 10s doom. 
i know that i should buy insurance but i know i can beat all of the monsters on the mission. thanks guys.
ummm...why are you ranked as a god doing missions? Seems to me that ranking yourself as shy might solve your problems.

On a side note, since Larkinor is a click based game, chances are you wont catch Halo10, much less pass him...he gets as many clicks as you do every day;)

Anyways good luck with your mission.
i ranked myself god because i could beat all of the monsters at my level. my hero though isnt very good at pvp. i would take your advice about changing myself to shy instead of god but now that halo 10 has got me really mad im sorry but im determined to get him. the only way i wont is if he is a suscriber. im almost good enough to kill him already.oh and just to let you know i just lost 500 more clicks and now i have 0 clicks. funny how you can wast 5000 clicks in one day.
i might be misunderstanding what u said, but if u said u dont buy insurance.. thats bad :-S .. you should always buy insurance.
Well, good luck on the mission (and dont go on god mode (you wont get attacked))

~Joe :D
*about wasting clicks (wow this forum is popular):D
i do buy insurance but on a few missions were i have nothing to lose or i know i can beat all of the monsters i dont buy any.
also.. PVP battles do not make u lose anything.. even without insurance..
But on a side note: There will always be something to lose.. insurance is a good idea ;)
what halo 10 is a subscriber? dang,oh well. i'll still do everything i can to crush him.
lol sorry to burst your bubble, but your not catching halo10. ;)....:| seriously. He makes koo-koo kachoo give him his lunch money :(
Well if koo koo was over level 32 I'd eat halo10 too! :D
hey who actually is halo 10? i would also like if any of you had it in your heart to tell me who his characters are that would be very nice.
halo10 is a good friend of my mine ;)
trust me- hes not attacking you just to make you angry and make you lose clicks. He has obviously not checked the forum. Just keep your rank on SHY and he wont attack you :)
Well....halo10 is owned by braves06. All of his characters have 'halo' in their name. But it would be a cold day in you know where for ya to have an easy time beating them.
ok i will not try to kill him just to not anger any of his friends but that wont stop me from dislikeing him.
I really really don't want to sound blunt but, get over it. He saw you on god mode and attacked. And besides, he only could have done it once. The others weren't his fault.
Gen 3 wrastle~ "Doesn't wanna start a fight"
well i hope i'll see you guys on TA soon.im almost level 24 so i got about 6 or 7 levels to go.
i know you dont want to start a fight and i'll change myself to shy and also all of those times he did kill me accept for once. i got killed 4 times. 
Impossible. Especially in one day. He's only allowed to attack once every couple of days. It couldn't have been all him.
bye everybody! im logging out and thanks for the support im feelin better.
oh and also as a last note he did kill me 3 times. i have killed someone multiple times in one day so goodbye.
I'm sure your making a mistake. No way possible he killed YOUR SAME character with HIS SAME character multiple times in 
You can kill the same character 100 times in one day as long as you fight other characters in between. 5 is the figure I believe.
im still on but im going to be off soon but it is true he attacked me more than once in a single day.
Hm so the same formula as stealing huh? You'd think that would be impossible, for the abuse factor. ;\
ok now im leaving permanetly for the rest of the day.
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Um you dont have the right to complain until you waste 600 clicks on a mission,going back and get killed.;)And i have no sympithy for you....and FYI its a game.Some times even the best players have to be reminded.Like me;\

you know what im sick of you talking bout me in this forum i never ever seen you or your char ever until today and we only fought 1 time. the result was that you got crushed get over it