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Well I guess some of you have noticed I've not been in chat or even Larkinor for a while and also I don't intend to come in too often only for a brief hello. Basically I have got to that stage in College where they are overloading me with as$ignments all over the place:( so I have to commit myself more to these tasks than playing on Larkinor, I am resisting the temptation to just think it doesn't matter but I don't want to fail LOL:p
Problem is most a$signments since it is art homework takes a long time to complete sometimes. One yesterday I had was to draw an exact replica of Goya's etching of Saint Francis, it was quite difficult and took me 3 and a half hours overall although the results were ace:D
Just saying that if this keeps up I probably won't re subscribe but I will carry on playing and chatting when I have the time:)

:'( thats too bad.. but im glad you are puttin a lot of time and effort into your work.. thats always good ;) :D
i hope to see you on AIM and MSN too;) and sometimes in the chat... good luck with your large as$ignments :D

~Joe :D
Sry to hear that Katie.

I too have been extremely busy (primarily work)and unable to play for more than a few minutes at a time for the last couple weeks.

Also, the fact that I got stuck holding a bunch of building stones when the Pub was finished, didn't help. LOL

Funny how the real world can get overwhelming at times. But, I hope you focus on school. We will miss you, but your education is much more important.

And ya might wanna consider keeping that sub. I seem to fly through thousands of clicks rather quickly. ;)

Look forward to talking w/ you when things calm down a bit (for both of us).


I have noticed your absence and do miss you... but realize that college is much more important. I'm glad you do, too.  

I hope you're getting a lot of satisfaction out of your classes and out of drawing, itself.  I imagine that you're meeting new people at school with like interrests that can make up for you missing your Larki friends.  We'll be here.  You don't have to spend every minute on Larkinor and TA for us to remain your friends.  I'm just happy you're so focused on your work and able to see so clearly what's important to you and your future.

Good luck with what you're doing and we'll see you when we see you!

Smiles, :) :D ;)
Go Katie!
If there was every anyone I voted to succeed with hard work and persistance.  You are a kid with a good head on you shoulders and has her priorities straight.
Sad to here that but I hope I will see you sometimes on chat.Keep on you r good work though not lot of people do that much work.

Always Hanging Around