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Who watches the show "Lost"?
Who watches the show "Lost"?
Who watches the show "Lost"?
That show is awesome, i saw everyone in the last season and have watched all of the second season so far!
I guess its pretty good. But I don't watch a whole lot of it...as far as I understand, these people crash on a remote deserted island, but they somehow find out there's some kinda monster or government facility or something. I would give it an 8.3 outta 10. ;\
i enjoyed all of last season and so far all of this season, but if it comes to a choice between lost or american idol, for the same time, i'll choose the latter.  besides, this hidden underground tunnel/facility they have created with electrical utilities up to code strains my imagination.  rexyin8
I like it (although last week was just a filler and left me a little disappointed). You need to get TIVO (or a DVR), on sunday my wife and I watch Desperate Housewives, Rome, and Grey's Anatomy. I tape all the shows and watch Rome after Grey (it is my big TV night).
its like the book im reading in english "lord of the flies"

its pretty good
Love it.

If you haven't read up on any of the fansites about this show, I HIGHLY reccommend it.  There is a LOT going on in this show that most viewers don't have a chance of picking up on during casual viewing.  The connections being made between characters and various things in the show are almost innumerable.


Read the Quotes / Notes / Trivia section for each episode.  If you love this show as I do, start on the first pilot episode and work your way through the rest.  It's well worth your time.

i m not really a big fan but i like it
i ll give it 7/10 
I love this show!!!you all talking about season two? in hong kong we are a bit behind, i guess, because we're still watching season one!
I read the book and saw the movie, hated it! It was really boring and not interesting at all!