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ok Iam going to try something and see if it helps (I dont have any expectation for success). I find that if people are giving a central place to ask rudimentry questions then others will either learn the answers and hence not ask the same question or B will formulate other questions, which in turn generate more answers, which in turn generate more knowledge for the playing community as a whole so here Iam ask questions on this topic.
This makes sense to me, but I fear, like the help file, people will not go to this central place.
we'll have to keep it bumped continually
Balloon directions : do they follow the holder's path or is it as the crow flies?  
they follow the holders directions, also noc rows in larkinor only stinkbeak vutures and gigapigeons
Okay so you can confuse anyone trying to follow you by going in all directions ... and just have to be careful not to pass by them on the way!

What does the last bit of your answer mean?

Thanks for your help.
yes u can confuse them that way and just watch for people following you, the last bit was a joke ;)

First, thanks for the place to ask questions.

My players are all level 21 or 22.  Most carry a Kaltenekker Bow and the best weapon they can carry (emerald nunchukas, flameblades, etc.)and they are all skilled at least one levle over the ability of that weapon.  I have the best helmets, armor and boots.  Yet, lately, it seems that all the new monsters can defeat me.  I was just able to beat a griffen and an underbeak.  

Is this normal to be having this type of problem at this level or am I doing something wrong??
well it is normal at alot of lvls to have monsters that are hard to beat or inpossible. you may want to try to use the chair in your house in case of a fighter house or a dd or mobile dd for those tricky monsters. But in a short answer yes this is normal.
Hi I'm an irritating newbie but am wondering if you have to pay off the king all in on amount or can pay it off in bits.  I only have 30,000 at the moment and Stingy Fango says its not enough.  Do I have to build up the entire 1,250,000 before making a payment?
You are able to make 1 payment when you have 45 thousand silvers in your account. 5k is subtracted due to bank fees, and 40k goes to the king. 
Thank you very much gen3wrastle.  I was hoping that I could pay it off bit by bit as I am not a very good saver.
do manasatchels and other things that you can use more than once have a certain range of lifetime where the older it is, the more likely it is to wear out? If so do these things immediately renew their lifespan once placed on the market or is the person who is buying a 3000 clicked prayer-wheel not getting his money worth?
Well to the 1st part of the question the life range on prayer wheels and the satchels are random some may last u 500 clicks some may last 1 click. To the 2nd part of your question since it is random the prayerwheels you place on the market may or may not last as long as thouhg bought "new"
luck doesn't have anything to do with chance of winning at the casino does it? I pretty sure that it doesn't (just judging by experience).
well "luck"  does but not the attribute luck
Also, Is there any way to take a certain amount of money from the market, or do you simply have to take the who bunch?
there is a button called take money that will allow u to take as much as u can carry. I f you mean to take a certain amount then no.
if you fill your pack with, say, rations, and then try to take your money off the market, will you still take all of the money forcing something out of your pack? or will it stop at the point where something is going to fall out? If it does stop, you could then drop the rations and go away with a certain amount of money.
it will say back is full and you can't carry more wieght
Malikar, that is the idea Sandy gave me and it works. I calculate the weight of the amount of money I want, buy iron (or something cheap and heavy that is at 50%) and load my self up until I only have that amount of weight open and then hit the take the money button. I only take the amount I want. Since a work around exists for this move I wonder if the developers would just change the button to ask you how much you want, or if you need silver to buy from the market, take it from the market bank instead of the greedy banks.

I think "my system" (others certainly used it long before me) is a little different.  I just fill up with silvers from the market, then "re-deposit" the excess by buying items at 50% and immediately relisting them for 50%.  This boils down to me being able to withdraw the amount I need from the market for 3 clicks.


Still a bit confused with balloon directions - just tried to follow it and it said the balloon was last seen SW but I could only go N or E?
Another qu while I'm at it ... I know having a weapon skill higher than your level doesn't mean that you can use a higher level weapon v effectively, but if you have a higher magic level and have that level of magic spells, effectiveness isn't reduced by your level at all is it?
Effectiveness is not ...erm... ;\ effected in any ways with magic. Nothing is reduced. But with the balloon thing, you can only fly over walls when you 
 it. You were following it, but it doesn't mean you can skip right to it. ;)
i tried to make this work green but it didnt ;)
Well let's see if we can keep it working, I think it's a good idea.  Especially since I have a question.  To take the balloon, does that entail fighting the person who is holding it, or is it more of a snatch and run type of thing?
No point snatching and just running with the balloon unless you want to make use of it for faster lvling. There's always someone who needs to use it and may frustrate most people if constantly being taken off to just 'run' with it.
i was just wondering...is there a troubleshooting section anywhere on the forum or the whole site? i need it because my computer stopped "remembering" the places i've already visited and spends a couple of seconds loading the same screens over and over...oh yeah, and laso it started to freeze a lot...if anybody can solve this issue, then thanks, i greatly appericiate it.
try deleteing cookies and cache
If I buy a new house (same type as old house) to get a better location, do I loose the traps I bought for the old house
for clans i do not know what you mean that must be a greek word that does not translate yellow. sorry cant help you with that.

You attack my hitting the red arrow next to the other characters name, if they have no read arrow you cannot attack (because of difference in lvl,status settin ie god or shy, and fp total).
is there any way to earn money easier and faster? im lvl 22 right now but all i got is 80k silvers... can anyone tell me some dos and donts about earning money?
i really want to pay my depts to the king...
please.. your ideas really counts.

Subscribe and rob houses ;). I had up my bank account up in the 300 k's then got rid of most of it to the king.
When will the event that would award the diamond shovel will be held?
it wont that even happened almost 2 yrs ago.
Why then how I'm suspose to get a diamond shovel?
Thank for the imformation.
What is the use of the mana potion? How does it work? What will happen after drinking the mana potion? By the way, when will the special event that give diamond shovel as a reward would be held?
restores manapoints you use it via drop down menu, shovel question was andswered by montsegur
Lord of Good you will not be able to get a diamond shovel anymore since the event where you could win one has already happened. This kind of event will probably not be held anytime soon again

For A Robber Near You
I searched all over and I can't figure out what the wizardrobe is for. I have level 30 characters and LarkinorGuide.com has it listed as body armour. It only has a protection of 10. Is it only used to build other armour? I haven't noticed any level 30 characters wear it. Thanx for your time.   
its an ingredient for higher lvled armours, a sort of intermediary component such as frontplates.
is ther eany way to trade items between different characters?
throught he market character A that has the item character B wants puts the item on for cheap, character B buys it. So you get the item and the money goes to one of your characters
is there any way to find out who is putting what items in the market?
Can you combine few thingies to increase mp/hp before cloning for eg. use wonderflask AND a chair, would those 2 have higher effect than using just one or there wouldn't be any improvement?
well you can use ur chair and a wf though i dont see the use because it will only increase ur hp/mp to the highest a wonderflask will bring the.
Actually, the chair in the Magician's Tower is a bit of an aberration.  It brings your mana points to 150% while the wonderflask only gets them to 140%.

There is no reason why you couldn't combine them.  It doesn't matter which one you do first, as either one will only raise your mana, neither will lower it.  I just tested the chair then wonderflask combination to find out for sure.

The next question is, do manapoints really matter in the arena?!  I never use the arena, but if I'm not mistaken, others have said in the forum that it doesn't matter.


Thanks. I thought you can add the effects, so you get double, but oh well...

In arena you need to have higher XP than your oponent in order to win, mp don't really matter.
You can't get double, that's for certain.  But it is interesting to note that best way to load up on both your hit points and manapoints is to apparently take a wonderflask for hit points and sit in a Magician's Tower chair for manapoints.