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A little problem...
A little problem...
A little problem...
I dislocated my left elbow and I wont be playing Larki as much.Ill be ready with elbow in about 1-2 months,so ill cya more then. 
Are you left handed?  Can't you play one handed?  We will only ask you yes and no quesions so you can use only one hand to type LOL.
Get better soon!
sorry to hear that TC  i hope you get better soon :D

wow TC im sorry to hear that. i hope you can still click around in larki once in a while. hope you get "better" soon. 

~Joe :D
Somehow I don't see how losing both arms could stop me playing larki LOL:p....I would learn to type and click with my feet:D
Get well TC:D
Hope you get well soon TC

Always Hanging Around
get well soon tc
lol noo that s be really interesting to see:D
Update on elbow,its fractured. Tiny fracture though.I can now type with both hands:D! Seems when its was fractured, extra fluid got in between the bone and unless i do arm exercises,it'll be stuck in a bent position for life.

TC~Ouchin right now..
I can relate...

When we were working on the construction project with the diamond shovel as a reward, I developed carpal tunnel in my right wrist and I couldn't use my right arm without pain for six weeks.

Feel better soon!!!
my doctor says im going to develop carpal tunnel if i dont change my habbits of extending my arms up from my slouched position, when clicking on TA. :(
Oh jb I feel the carple tunnel already!
I do a lot of typing mouse moving at work and I went with a track ball becuase I found it saved me a lot of pain. Also, there are these excersise devices (sorry can't remember the ame) that you hold an spin your wrist. They have a metal ball in them that spins and basially it is hard to continue to spin as you go. They are excellent for developing wrist strength.
As smurfy said, I'm an accident waiting to happen. Dislocated elbow healed to almost perfection:D...then my dad,who was working on a car, tossed his sledgehammer a couple feet, then when i came down there an hour later, tripped and landed on it...on my dislocated-healed left elbow:(. So, if i had to guess, i'd say the gods are preventing me from playing larki.Lucky me, it just  bruised it completly,nothing too serious.Be back on larki when i feel like/can actually play.:D