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Fav xbox and ps2 game.
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Fav xbox and ps2 game.
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Fav xbox and ps2 game.
wats ur guys' fav game? mine has to be all the medal of honor games and halo's 1 and 2

nba street for ps2

doom 3 for  xbox

final fantasy 7 for ps1

xbox halo 2 is wicked and thug2 is wicked.ps2 gran turismo 4 is wicked and snk vs capcom 2 is ok.i prefer xbox cause ps2 lags
final fantasy 7 beats any game that has or will ever be made.
tiger woods 2002 got a hole in 1 on a par 5
san andreas is good 
i hate final fantasy games there ****
final fantasy 3 on snes beats final fantasy 7 it was harder+more secrets and chrono trigger and secret of mana were also cool games.
yup final fantasy 7 is awesome, im currently trying to beat final fantasy 10, its good so far, but one of my favorite games is Kingdom Hearts, rpg action in it is good, but im mostly into sport games (FIFA, MLB, MADDEN)
king ding your ****

and as for final fantasy 3? if you like a block moving around a couple more blocks with some random letters on the screen its the game for you:)
I found Final Fantasy pretty boring, it's the sort of game that I'd like on a handheld console but not to sit down and play. 

My favourite is either Pro Evo, FM 2005 or GTA San Andreas.
I like all the Splinter Cell games. 
I like Blood Rayne.
I like Primal.

I like the games that have girl characters as the main character. I am a female, so maybe that is why.

I am playing a game right now called Haunting Ground. Its the most damn annoying game ever. Some of it is okay though.
i cant seem to beat final fantasy 10. any hints? oh yeah it is boring but i wanna beat it. ive beat all the medal of honor games

halo games and the mechassult games
ur full out awesome. did u play online player in the halo games?
i should be playing halo 2 online in a few weeks.i cant use xbox live due to my modchip so i will be using xbconnect if i do.my character is pure white with the name ghost.and im deadly with a sniper rifle.so be warned
ok. i played my cuz's halo 1 and 2. im gonna try to get an x-box this year and get online. my cuz and i played online and he and i used sniper rifles and bazookas. were deadly with bazookas so be warned

yeah the rocket laucher is fun but its too easy to kill people with it.
fifa 2006B-) aint out till friday tho:(
yeah well using shoutguns are awesome too. i jumped over one guy's head and shot him. then i went on a killing spree.
well cant u play atv and medal of honor on online player mode? im tryin to find this medal of honor game i played before but now i cant find it anymore.
still like fifa , could play it till the cows come home, got no one to play it with now though, lol.
hmm...never heard of that game. sound cool tho if ur stayin up foever playin it. lol. well i played this neat ps2 game called bloodvayne. or sumthin like that. well maybe i could get ur game and play with u. ill try.
oh never mind im tired this mornin and im not payin attention. sry dont read the other message i left.
My fav PS2 video game is San Andreas.

My fav XBOX game is Halo 2
i played tht game san andreas it was soooo awesome.
i liked it. it was soo cool. bu tthen again so r the ww2 games.