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Hottest women in the world
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Hottest women in the world
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Hottest women in the world
Who do u think it is?

My top 5 is :

Ewa Sonnet
Pamela Anderson
Adriana Lima
Maria Sharapova
Tyra Banks

man it would really take A LOT of time to choose...
i m 2 bored to do it...:p
she's hot

but she might be 7 feet tall by the end of the year....
yeah elisha cuthbert rules. good choice hara kiri.
ididnt knew that girl hara 
i checked her out in google and shes very cute.how old is she

Elisha Cuthbert
Pamela Anderson
Stacy Keibler
Anna Kournikova
Torrie Wilson 

All very Sєxy. 
Emma Sonnet is pretty hot to she would be number 6
I agree Sharapova is ugly, nice body but not a nice face.

My personal favourite is probably Kelly Brook. 
do i believe it? quickdraw being nice?

plus arnt you ment to be a girl yourself...
im not being nice. im being truthful.

you're being defensive...."beppe"
pûssycat dolls... the singer with the black hair
There is a player in Larkinor that is really HOT!

Christy Hemme (wwe) is also very hot  
Cristna aguilera 
Katie Price(jordan)
LOL, christina aguilera? LOL, u must be drunk, and sharapova aint ugly, shes awesome, kournikova is good, and jessica alba looks nice also :D
LOL - have you ever seen Christina Aguilera looking normal? Saw something filmed of her at home without the layers of makeup, in only a t-shirt and knickers. She's up there!
Jessica Simpson would make you anything but tired LoL.

Top 5 
Jessica Simpson
Elisha Cuthbert
Maria Sharapova
Pamela Anderson

I am female but there are woman out there that I would go oooooo how I only wished I looked like or had that figure.

Jessica Alba. She seems like a sweety too, not just a gal with a pretty bod, but some brains to go with it.

Okay now someone create the hottest man in the world...my list would only contain one name...my hubby :D
Whoever said Maria Sharapova is ugly is dead wrong!
My top 3

Maria Sharapova
Mickie James
Amy Smart 

1. Jennifer Anniston
2. Jennifer Lopez
3. Maria Sharapova(her face is not that hot tho indeed:p)
4. Anna Kournikova
5. Elize (dutch singer:p)
the 1 post Chris hasnt psted in.. i wonder y rofl
the female cast in hollyoaks 
The hottest woman in the world is the woman ur with right now(if uve got one lol)..if u tell her any different,then ? :|.oh drat it lol..
ye okey, but they saying goes ,the grass is always greener on the other side;)
angelena jolie for me by the way..mrs tomb raider..i wanna raid some tombs myself...
What do you mean by hottest? A woman who got flu?