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THE UNTOLD CHEAT...high scores beware
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THE UNTOLD CHEAT...high scores beware
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THE UNTOLD CHEAT...high scores beware
Ever wonder how some make those unbeliveable shots? You know bounce off 2 or 3 rails with out it being a fluke,cause they do it over and over again. The people with really high scores, yes are good no doubt, but they too have found and mastered the flaw! It's time for the rest of you to know also. Go to the practice room and play. use your path, line up the shot, don't shoot.Now get the path to the point where it's not going in and then back to where it will go in. here's the cheat, wath the other balls on the table, pay close attention to their shadows it will look like the balls go up and down, you can use this as a "tell" of the one your aiming at will go in. it takes a lot of practice to know what your looking at, but you too can make unmakable shots like the pros 
Ok I'm not going to say this is easy but it definitely works.Play a practice game, break the balls and start with an easy shot, line up your shot using path now move it to where you will miss, keep doing this and watch the other balls on the table, some will look like their going up and down a little. you just have to play with it, to be able to use this in a game. in a real game you have to have some idea if your going to get close to the pocket, this kind of fine tunes your aim. when you know you will be close is when you watch the other balls and their shadows
It might work, but it takes ages to learn it...
haha.. yea thats just what i do;)
notice how its always crap players who try to give tips?
well i would try aiming :p it works great for me
I've been trying this, played for about an hour in practise, and I can't see the difference. Could you explain exactly how you know when it's going in?
pmsl @ this topic he doesn't know how to tell you what he's tellin you so how u gonna figure it out PMSL

The untold cheat doe's work, but i didn't go onto practice mode i went on 2 pool its great it make potting much easyer :p
does this really works:o....now i have +570 points in snooker just by potting by feeling, but if this is true...700,here i come:p
just tried it...my god, still not easy, with path i saw the difference, but whithout...:s hard to see when the balls are moving
well that good if it works i mite have to try it one time ty people :)

right ive lined my shot up then unlined it then moved it back to where it will go in and i dont c any balls move up and down and i have been trying this 4 hours now!!! please help me i realy need to no this :(:(
This makes absolute no sense to me...what about the times when use spin to force a shot in by creating an angle??.coz u dont say if the aimer on P mode has to be lined exact to the centre.:O..instead of tryin to solve that cryptic "cheat":D i think il remain an average player who hops between 300 and 400 points :p..
This is probably the most silliest theory ive ever heard. lol the reason i can make those shots is because i can see roughly where the white will go. for example in a 3 rail shot.. ill watch roughly where white will land on 2nd rail then 3rd rail and base my shot on that.. usually its close or in :)
Thats because we never did that, hes talking rubbish. Why did you bring back an ancient thread anyway,

ps. hai guys, I'm home.
lmfao i poted the white haha wtf is this ment to taech u
You call this "The Untold Cheat" LOL, why don't you all try using practise mode for what it was intended...PRACTISE. Learn how to play, it's not that hard and come back and try your luck against the class players. GL :-)
lol, i dont know how people get so desperate that have to try and cheat.

its a game, i lose some, i win more and its as simple as that.

class players ( such as myself :) ) dont need to cheat because we have learnt how to read where the ball will end up.
flyordie do have a way but u have to spot it?
It's not a cheat..it's just another way to play the game. All you have to do is what the shadows and the textures of the rails. Seriously..watch how you line up a shot. Watch the pocket rails go from squiggly to being straight up and down.

I mean..it's easy enough learning how to pot and using spins :P..not "easy" but..you'll learn em soon enough.
FOD fair game? not for nonsubscribers :s