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who do you think will win the US open?
Müller:D(Hes from luxembourg like me)
He won against Roddick in the 1st round.

My last post was a joke.
Of course Federer.
By the way: Müller lost in the 2nd round:(
lol federer will probably become a tennis legend
I think he is already a tennis legend. He`s the best player since 2 years.
hey samantha, were you been? long time no see you around here
oh doing things, but I'm glad to be back. How have you been egghead?
Michael Campbell already won the US Open at the Pinehurst resort in June.

Egghead, she's been making up hundreds of IDs whilst this one was banned and spamming the forums with them - as usual.
Michael Campbell playz tenniz ?

No, she plays golf. Beppe was mistaken (check you facts!). This is the tennis US open, not the golf US Open
Why doesnt the title of post say "tennis" US Open then,and how do you know Michael doesnt play tennis ?
Well for one thing the golf US open was in June and it’s over, so it’s highly unlikely we would be discussing it now. 
Second, Michael Campbell plays golf, not tennis. 
 third, it’s inferred that the poster knows this is the tennis US Open based on the big names in tennis (notably Federer). 
This has gone a bit of topic, ive been good, started school already, doing ok, and yes federer and sharapova will win the us open, no doubt in my head about that
no doubt in my head about that

u mean in your 

LoL jk :p

by the way I think GOLF, TENNIS AND BASEBALL... are the worst sports ever :p
What, worse than Kabadi??? :O:O:O

In that game a player has to raid the opponents area whilst holding his breath - and has to do so by repeating the name of the game without a break or breathing out. It's the most stupid thing I have ever seen or heard! It's also recognised as the national game of Bangladesh :O
alrightly, no doubt in my EGGhead :P
lol. Are you still keeping track of the series egghead?
so?? i was just showing people what kabadi was..now hush samantha:) the site will be much better when you leave
why don't you hush? no one asked for your opinion
haha samantha too bad no one likes you:)
hahaha, thats funny, but lets get on topic, yeah im still keeping track of the series, i keep track of almost any sport( exept the one mentioned earlier,lol)

sharapova got eliminated by clijters:(:(:(
I know. That sucks.Just like Wimbledon. :(
federer, just as every1 expected;)
Too bad. I would have thought Agassi might put up a good fight. 
he did put up a good fight.... up until the tiebreak...then he started to show his age. agassi isn't as good as he was for or five years ago.

only one who can beat federer in his prime is sampras in his prime. nobody can touch sampras in his prime.

>nobody can touch sampras in his prime

First sensible thing I have read from you. Maybe MacEnroe could have stood up to Sampras, or one of the other legends.
maybe, well the tenis season is almost over, only master series madrid and then the masters cup, which nadal is my fav:D
Well I'm looking forward to the Australian Open where federer will win again :)
not again.... safin won the last australian open:D
the reason why "beppe" is responding aonly to my posts, not just in this thread, but in any thread that i go to, is because i have touched something very sensitive to him...

...i mentioned something about multiple identities and hidden identities...and he's offended by them. why is he offended? because he's hiding something.

"beppe" is more than likely using multiple nicks in these forums to gain advantage in discussions. sad but likely. this suspicion of mine doesn't only apply to him...i myself may be a suspect...but suspicion is always good practice online.

moderators need to check everyone's ip's.
what's strange about "beppe" is that none of my posts about "multiple identities" were even directed towards him. my posts we're directed towards internet behavior in general...

and makes it even more suspicious as to why he felt it necessary to get all upset since none of posts in other threads we're even pointing to him....

moderators should look into people's ip's..mine, your's, everyones. it will make things fair for every poster
In another thread you accused someone who never hides his true identity of hiding behind other ids. I merely pointed out that it is you who creates a new id every day without telling people who you really are. You can say what you want about me, but note that I am posting with an ID from Jan 2004, whereas most of yours are less than 3 days old...
beppe is right quick you probably have like 10 ID's
quickdraw = samantha? stupid spammer beppe is cool your not. simple as that
I have a suspicion that powerball is also quickdraw. It's a far fetched guess, but I think she is trying to pretend powerball is my. PMSL.
lmao beppe!! i know what you mean:p 
this has gone a little off topic......