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hi, just subscribed and tried to d/l 3d billiards v1.36 and when i installed and tried to load the game, the screen went black then loaded to my desktop.. any ideas why?? thx dids ;)
nope aint changed nothing.. i think its because i dont have my sound device installed... ill check
somethings probably wrong with ur PC. try and install to see if other games work. 
hmmm.. sound device is installed but aint working.. strange this pc is lol.. any ideas why??
hi, i just tried to download the same thing and that is happening on my pc aswell. Anyone know how to get it to work??? :-)
hiya mate, have you sorted things out now? i a have been unable to load any games since monday, its winding me right up!
any help would be great
i have tried loads to resolve this, any suggestions please guys;
my java window opens but will not load. i have played for a yr without any problems like this! 
help would be appreciated
First if it's just blanking out or not starting up in the first place you could either have a bad sector on your harddrive or memory could be failing, another thing to check is the possibility of adware/spyware/virus.  Simple scans with 
 or even 
 in order of first Ad-Aware, Spybot Search and Destroy.  For memory testing I'd say look it up on a search engine because there are a few and it's personal preference, as for the harddrive you can run Error-Checking from your harddrive properties and then selecting tools.
you also might like to try and activate you jarva script
right click on internet got property from the tabs upto got to advance and about half way down you will see java in the list tag the box and restart pc 
if that dont work then re download a java ap 

only a thought