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Memorable Momements
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Memorable Momements
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Memorable Momements
not sure if thats how u spell memorable but i just wanna pick up players best memorable times on the game.

mine was 827 on crownhunter
double crown with dark
pro crown on global

and loads more witch ill include l8r in this topic :)

Pprobs winnin a snooker TOC wen i was 1st at FOD wen i was crap :p Dno why but thats stuck with me 
Getting a 5 ball in 8 ball.

Winning my first tourney wayyyy back during RnW.

Winning a 5v5 in RnW without personally winning a game.

Basically anything back in RnW...that league was class. :(
get a life gush... memorable momements in games? 
Erm.... Getting 3 ball in 8 ball (went from 558 to 409 no ty!) and also getting a pink ball in the old snooker.
watching an geat shot,off 9 cushions and in
having crown in pro.. had it like 1 minz thn got dc'd against a green next match ;\ lol ( which led to loss of crown.. which i never got bk :( )
my most memorable moments:

getting my first cent ( i actually got 99 before i got my first cent lol very annoying)

winning 3v3 super tourny in upa2 with i_like_boobs and goldenleaf, we all ended up +75 on stats which must be a record :D

getting crown for first time (8ball one good while ago now)

getting double crown just last week :D pro and 8

cant think of anymore just yet :D
Oh yeah and watchin Matt's 147 B-)
having all 3 crowns at once

winning 8 ball TOC

my first cent
aint had none in over a year im **** :(
Beatin scotty for crown after he kept moanin for games :)
Ahhh nice topic :)

Gettin crown after just 5 months in snooker (H) (pretty sure evry1 els took at least a yr)

Gettin my 1st cent

99 in pro :(

Havin all 4 crowns

Losin to greenie bo35 in 8ball but beatin him ages ago bo35 in snooker

Gettin a cent against max (that was funny)

Takin crown off crappy players O SO MANY TIMES!

Cant remember anymore right now
Mine were:
702 in 9ball (my best rating ever)
my first (2) in 8 ball
when i was pink in snooker
Every time i fluke( those are the better)

FC Porto
Mine was becoming a mod..but now i've had that taken away from me..
Why have all my posts been removed? this was a good topic, and my posts did not offend anyone.
Never mind. Ignore post in top topic too I'm just lacking in the head :D
- 1 cent i saw, was BerZerk who made it against SkilledOne

- Run againgt runner :D

- 1 (pink) with No Way out

- Mike the moderator asking me to let him win :p

- Got banned more than 100 times swedishmodel and his german bf Miese Ratte :D.

- made cry the poor very old :(

- Adn miss easy black at 88 break.

- Getting a 4 ball in 9ball from 2 flukes, didnt go below a 4 for 6 months

- Beating nish for first time in snook

- Watching Scooby Doofus run his mouth about being the best then played me and i took his crown

- Playing snooker system tourney, drawing with Snooker Player and i dc'ed on pink having won the game :(

- Getting 9ball crown

- Getting 716 in 8ball
My most memorable moments on here ...

Playing in EBH tournys (Best league ever! R.I.P!)

Meeting some cool peeps along the way & making some good friends, there are actually some really nice people here amongst the twats ;\ :D lmfao ...

Getting to 699 in 8 ball (so close to a (1) grr! :D)
Getting to 660 in 9 ball

(Not bad for someone who doesn't really play on here much!)

Potting my way to 126 in snook pro against my mate & then forgetting to take a S.S.! wtf! 

& all the times i've beaten the legends- (you know who you are;))

The good old days of EBH, Realpool and UPA2.

Winning the UPA2 Super Tourney.

Having the crown in 8-ball.

JimmyWhites tournaments

These are pretty cool to read, you rem the 3v3 Upa2 tourny? Lmao that was great!! id love to see the stats from that one, league's arent really worth bothering with anymore.
Hmmm...my most memorable moment?

Let's see...getting off any of the numerous bans that I have had. :p

Also, getting 180+ points in 8-ball, which I have never done again. :(

The last post was by Raver...He died in a club shortly after that. One of the best guys I met on FoD.
getting a 4 ball in 8 and 9 ball and a blue ball in snooker, also wizard in darts with numerous crowns in darts when released on around the 80 rank nothing to brag about lol
omg he died. what happend? i have to many fav moments... upa2 ybpl, upa, and a lot more. gettin banned 16 times with 16 different nicks in less then 3 hours. had to be the best. haha

He was a dj in a club and he overdosed I believe.