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Best Excuses
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Best Excuses
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Best Excuses
Tell me the best excuses that escapes u from doing or telling some 1 the truth.
i my self have heard plenty and use plenty :)
they are:

Heard - My brother , cousin , sister , food , PLAYED :) , sorry , and a few more i cant remember

Mine - Suns in my eye , Bad Hand , Feel Sick , Lag :)

lol add plenty of excuses to this topic plz :p ty
When ryan wasn't replying or playing:


It wasnt me, it was my mothers brothers sons dog that was swearing on my name, honest guv ;)

My bro was on his PC, same house so same IP :D?
My gran died today,so i'm not playing 2 good.

my hamster just p1ssed on the keyboard.

my underpant's seem a little tight today.

veriac wouldnt that just be your cousins dog:)
Someone just used "Cell phone Rang"
well some of those might be true,u never know,so dont think its only excuses...
my mouse 4 example is actually slipping sometimes...
My personal favourites are:

"No chalk on the cue"


"Cloth's too fast"

ill turn the music off, its putting me off :)
wen ppl make shyte shots... "server" lol
"Table's bent"

Had a cat jump on the mouse as I was taking a shot before, then she kept walking across the keyboard.
Fod's fixed... Excuse of all time :D
Heres a favourite i see from a few specific people....

"I only lost cos that guest was harassing me!" :D:D:D

go figure :|

Hehe, one ive said before,
"Well, it went in on my screen" :)?
coz no1 expects u to pot any lol sweet ;\

sorry im on laptop with no mouse:p  <<<< mine:D

Just heard another one...

"I'm drunk"
"i can't see, pure drowsy"

From Fionn :D
lol yes its true i was pure drowsy
lol.. My fault for not reading :'(
My best one when I miss a shot is-
'Who put lids on the pockets'
some fat greek kebab idiot is spamming my msn ? :p
someone told me that the pommies were going to win the ashes...just put me right off

:p think it was greenie

Mudd jus said:
"too lazy to put on side B-)"

Another one from Mudd:

"was in 2d, lazy again B-)"

From Zain:

"wasnt paying attention"

Just thought of the most used excuse (and lamest):

"Wasn't trying"

:| Course you were.
The best one till now was by Veriac
" i lost cause that guest was harassing me"
Oh never mind PC hadnt updated from 2 days ago ?:| strange
"'pop up' made me lose concentration"
'need a fag' used it myself loads
Best excuse....

"I only lost cos i got banned for swearing in last game"
Some Excuses i've used and Some i've heard:)

1. Sun in my eyes
2. Sister was playing while i whent toilet.
3. Guest was whispering to me an put me off.
4. Cue wasnt there the whole game.
5. My 1st time playing. (even tho they have ratin over 300+ lmao)
6. was on msn sorry.
7. Need a Fαg.
8. Sum1 moved the pocket.
9. Wasnt trying
10. I've got no music on

Those are just a few.

Fяεεđøм Fιפּнтεя™B-)
" I No English "

Can you believe it?

On a Game that has no language barriers!

"bin distracted then, bro's gf stood on dog"
"bin distracted then, bro's gf stood on dog"
"my girlfriends sucking my ...."
that jamster frogs fault........ding ding ding ding
im really hungry, tired and cracnk so my playing is pretty bad today. i always use that.
'tables broke' i laughed mao wen i heard tht
this morning used by rhymz'e
bacons burning
i like ravers the best :-P lolol .. in yer dreams m8!! haha
What's that maddie I don't know what you're on about >:)

haha .. scroll up ... shame on yer g/f :p lol 
Sorry, i'm blind... how am i doing?
just got this one:

''That didn't look like the 8ball''

good excuse 
im warming up 
first games

another new one.....

''I'm colour blind!''
The best excuse I heard was from Wizard of Oz !
He was on a losing streak and dropped from approx 450 down to 290 points.

So I asked him what happened !

Here his answer : " I am sure that fod must have done something to my connection / server, as I cant take any proper shots anymore. A dirty game is being played with me " !

Thats the best I heard so far !
Don't much like you Tobo, but that's great lmao
Often heard: "There´s no way to win when u make fluke shots all the time" :)

Often used: "I should not have played with my feet" :D
Ha im bringing up an old topic here, but just heard:

''i accidentally exited the room''
lmfao.u serious;\ my keyboard is sticky.thats my excuse:d
hara - " wrong pos on keyboard " :)?
LoL i guy i played flooded when i was on the 9 and he said "sorry a cat ran over my keyboard" :p Great Excuse
it was the wrong pos on the keyboard though! wasnt looking, started typing one key along

o, tr;;u v;rbrt

translate it:)
"I let you win bcuz i fluked first game"! Haha, quality
this has gotta be one of the best for the running excuse..

" o sorry mate, im in a competetion with ma mate to see who would get a (1) ball 1st "

lol he even said bo3 at the start of the frame

another old topic brought up:|

"im trying out my psychic abilitis... ive switched my monitor off" 


i believe my comment followed the trend and topic?

unlike yours
And mine too, you stalking bros.?

"my finger slipped" always a classic.
"my dog was sat on my lap" :|
ooo another favourite of mine, you will often hear me and cue chaos say this

"Flyordie have changed the angles again"

some more

"i let my blind sister take a shot"
"im busy eating"
"my musics too loud"
"katie melua put me off"
"the guys in my head wont stop talking"
Chris lol u part of the group that supports each other, when one of your members gets into a little arguement? Idiot all stick together coz u cant handle it on your own. Truly pathetic :(
Not really, i think your being a little immature, you said bros. made a pathetic comment, he said an excuse for losing, which is what the topic is about. :|
Chris did it not once enter that small brain of yours, that all those excuses he mentioned, he just made those up for a laugh ;) If u or any one else honestly believe any of them then i feel sorry for you all :( He is just simply looking for attention 
A lot of the excuses people made are too extreme and probably made up, why don't you go through every page and say things to everyone you find instead?
excuses by there very nature are made up fool... and now i did not make them up, ive used them atleast once....

"what no sorry",
"i would say sorry but my keyboard wont let me type"

a personal favourite of mine