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The big surprise for the larki players :D
The big surprise for the larki players :D
The big surprise for the larki players :D
Right now a few nights ago I decided I wanted to do something for everyone in Larkinor and it took me a while to think what would be good….
Then the inspiration struck me and I thought why not draw a picture to commemorate all my friends in Larkinor and to show everyone just how much you all mean to me.
Right this website will take you straight to the artwork and I would like it if you would comment so I know who have seen it, this means I know when it might need to be bumped. The people that don’t come into the forum often will be told about this but if they haven’t commented if someone could recommend them to here.

So here’s the fun part, before you look at the site look out for these ;)

First and foremost I have written all of the names I know and I sincerely apologize if your name is not there, I honestly racked my brains to try and remember everyone….

Secondly, look out for the following monsters
Pebble elemental
Mountain elemental
Breeze elemental
Ancient mummy
Iron maiden
Dung golem (my version)
And more

Thirdly,  Cinder look out for the handful of crowbars (was thinking of you then);)
Luna and Ria look out for that balloon, you’ll have to fight over it.
Smurf look for the stealer;)
Mont look where zerothehero ranks
And lastly to the noobs, look for grundens wineceller

So tell me what you think, Larkinor and everyone here has given me the inspiration, I took 4 or so hours to complete it and spent extra time asking a few people to list regulars and some of the non subs, lol you know who you are;)

Look out for my 4 characters too, you will see that nooby is in a sticky situation, cloudy is at the top of the clouds, dark n evil noo is lurking and nib and noo is hanging about waiting to get the right houses.

Hope you all like it I did it because I love you all (not being weird I do:p)


Also I don’t want to have to bump it all the time because it might seem like  am forcing it all the time, if others see that it hasn’t been seen would you bump it for me so it seems a mixture is bumping it rather than myself.. :D I would really appreciate it


Here it is for ya;)
It's really cool. <big hug>  I like your monsters!  Thanks a bunch.  
Excellent Noodle!  I will have to study this for a while to see it all.
thank you for the art, I really enjoyed seeing it
I would say that you have found an interesting view of Larkinor Quest. The pictures do seem to cover many of the challenges and items I have encountered in playing the game.
Poor AFFE is going to feel left out. I know she either robed or stole from you at least once. Or probably spoke to you more than once in chat.
Keep up the good work and watch your pockets.

Dolphin of Blue

Always Swimming Around Larkinor
this is really, really good.  thanks again for the art.  i want to see more art of larkinor.  

That was COOL. I think I just looked for five minutes straight....excellent job.

thats was quite trippy took me so long to figure everything out.. im still flabber gasted... thanks for the regonition... keep up the work :)
that's pretty amazing, i must have been staring at it for 10 minutes. i think you deserve many thanks for taking 4 hours to make this superb peice or artwork :):)
i think im gonna go stare at it a bit more ;)
once again, thanks for that it's sweet! (ps. i think my name should have taken up maybe half the page instead :-P)

Thats was jaw dropping and thxs that is a exellent picture.Also it would have taken he a week or to to do that.
         P.S. I love you to katie:p  
very nice!:) I have been looking at it for a while too and i think i need to look for a bit longer.
Oh my lord.  That was amazing artwork.  I know you don't know me but I read your thing anyway.  I really liked it.  I hope we will meet soon.  I'm a noob and need a little help with everythong.  Maube we could chat sometime?  Think about it.  Thanks.

I must say, I read the replies before I looked at it... It lives up to the accolades!  Well done!  Needs more dogs though ;)

It is certainly something that takes a bit of scrutiny.  I like it.

i really like it.  and that's saying something, because i'm picky with art.  it's great the way you put everything together, and yet it's all one, even though it's so much more.  looking forward to more in the future ;)
Very nice Noo.  Your an accomplished artist. I left a comment on the website too. Great Idea!
Thank you for the Art treat.  Your work is not only very pleasing-it`s really fun.  It seems to me that you have captured the spirit of Larkinor that makes it so appealing to us all.

     Tea Leaf

hey noo i just wanted to tell you that you are great!
that was a wonderfull suprise!:))))
i love it!
oh and one more thing:
We love you too katie!
Wow happy to come back and see 16 responses thank you ppl...message for dolphin I got affe in there no worries ;) she is on the outside by you dolphin;)
very interesting piece of work!  keep up the good work and congradulations (belated) on your grades.  rexyin8
i must say i did read all the replys be4 i look at the site, all the relpys really show how great it is. if you keep making things like this you will go places in life. ( dont forget us little pep then :p)

p.s. it could of use a bit more color  jk ;)
I think it's a brilliant work of art Katie!
I love it.
Thanks a lot for the picture,it's real nice.
I like the lion a lot :-D

Always Hanging around
Just say it's great, and it's nice to see that we have an artist here!!

Euxodia :)
Fantastic Katie:)
You have brought the spirit of Larkinor to life.

I have to go and look agaian as many others have
Well done>

Thanks Ria:p

Noodle, you will be pleased to know that on the general FOD forum site your post is the top one on the most popular list!  That means probably some non-Larki types may be looking too. (Not that they would understand Larki types lol).  Next pic I think you should show V, Di, Luna, and me with our hands over certian peoples mouthes. LOL  I am sure you're getting a lot of sugestions.  Just ignore them and go with your instincts.  You are good.
Very Cool Nood!  That is Soooo awesome!  Thanks for including me.
shankies for including me in that Noo!(sorry for not replying as early as i told ya i would) After a couple minutes of lookin at it,i noticed it was drawn by hand,(:D,i just woke up)nice picture!When you become famous,be sure to remember us;).

I think your Artwork is just WOnderful:)
 Thanx for including me in there too.

            Big Hairy Feet 

Ya know I will never forget you guys;) lol one reason for the pic to show I won't forget ya....I am thinking of a sequal pic but not soon....I have to have that inspiration flowing to get a pic so intense again....but fire me your ideas...LD loved your idea;) 
Also collage soon...so might not have much time now I have a few extra things to do lol;)
Too cool, Katie!  This is such a fun piece of artwork.  Looking at it got me really involved... which is exactly what art is supposed to do. There's so much to see, just like Larkinor itself.    I've got your site bookmarked. I'll come back often so I can continue to see what new things you've come up with.  I think you've done Larkinor proud, and it's inhabitants too!
Thanks for sharing it,
Katie - one word - amazing!

You are an extrememly talented artist and I am glad to hear that you will be pursuing your dreams and talents in the future.  That piece is very complicated, each small section a scene of it's own yet you were able to pull it all together - that takes a lot of talent!  Keep up the great works - if you have other copies of your work I am sure everyone would love to see them - I know I would!

Great job!

i like the pictures . but how could you forget me . lol .your a good artist and should continue drawing
nice pic

I guess it is easier to say jb that sort us all...lol
hehe noo here s another bump for katie :p
 :D... spidey still has not seen it :p
That is an utterly amazing sketch Katey. Reminds me of works done by MC Escher. Keep it up, you will be a great artist. :)

p.s. Could you post a bigger version of it, I think if you blow it up, it'd make a great poster.

Right I think I will give this topic one 
 bump now, I'm pretty sure nearly everyone has seen it but it doesn't matter if they haven't so no need to bump after this anymore:)


Just wanted to say kudos for your new drawing, I amazes me how you do it.  Keep up the great work.

Hey noodle.... thanks for thinking of us all on Larki.... including us noobs and moderately lvled peeps..... keep up the good work and heres bumping to ya

Andi ;)
BUMP very great artwork,you deserve some token of appreciation for this!Great job!