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My results....
My results....
My results....
I am afraid to say I did.....
really well!!!!! :D
Ha ha I am really pleased with what I have and I am putting my results in here to save the trouble of repeating them half a dowen times in chat:)

So here goes....

Art = A*
Welsh = A*
Maths = A
Science DBL = A
Science DBL = A
Graphics = B
History = B
IT = B
English = B
English Literature = B

I have been celebrating, resterant gave me free food to celebrate and all my relatives are so proud :D

I have passed everything which means I can go into collage and have no worries about the doubt of getting in or not:D

Noo<<<<doing the very happy dance :D

congrats knew u could do it;)

ria :p
Never doubted ya, not even for a second. Wtg Katie.
congrats Katie!
Really Proud of U!
congrats katie :D thats awesome
have fun doing the happy dance ;)

Congrats Katie!

Keep up the good work!!!

Congrats Katie.
I wish the best for you in college.


Sadly thinking about the Schoolstart in 2 weeks:-(
Such good news, Katie!    But it's really no suprise.  It's apparent that you've got what it takes to get where you're going...and then some.

I'm so excited for you and proud of you too.  You're starting off the next very exciting phase of your life on such good footing.  I know you'll continue to be a happy success story.  Congratulations!

All the best,
Wow! Thats a great accomplishment. :) 
Not bad Noodlehead........ Not bad  ;)

:D :D :D

Happy for you!

Thank you everyone I am so happy :D:D:D

Just for the same reason of not wanting to repeat myself too often, after school I am doing an Art AVCE vocational course which is a full time practical course, all based on assessment and one of the hardest courses to take...I needed 5 pass grades (C grade or up) and a B grade or above in either graphics or art which I have done:D so I know I am accepted...They told me they would've taken me anyway because of my pure enthusiasm and devotion I was putting into my potential art careers...
So I am on my way and I am really looking forward to collage, at last in a world of sophisticated people (well almost, people still remain really childish)....but I won't let them stunt me what so ever...

So thanks again....:D

Katie :)
I got....

Geog - A*
Art - A
Maths - A*
Science - A*A*
English - A*
English Lit - A*
ICT - A*
RE - A*
German - A*
Graphics - A*
Citizenship - A

I'm so chuffed!! :)

hey noo thats great news!sorry i m 3 days late but better late than never!
i m so glad that u can finnaly stop worrying bout your results and enjoy the rest of the summer vacation!:)
so happy for you!
Sorry I have been busy but congragulations on the good grades. I like to see young people who are proud of accomplishing something worth while!