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Gas Poll
Gas Poll
Gas Poll
Filled up my car today and thought it might be interesting to see what other people are paying for gasoline.  This is mostly for the US since there is the monatary difference and difference in measurments that make it hard to compare but join in if you wish.
Today I payed $2.77 for a US gallon.

FYI .55 GBP =1.00 USD             .83 UK gallon = 1 US
   1.20 CAD = 1.00 USD
I found unleaded regular at $1.35, but there is a little gas war between a few of the independants
it is 1.09 a litre here there are about 4 litres in a gallondo the math ;)
Geesh. Where I live, the premium is up to 3 bucks. :(
$2.49 regular and $2.56 premium in hicksville, MO 
Ooops....thought part of the poll was to see price differences in among regions, but just noticed nobody else said where they're from.  Please forget that I live out in the boonies.*grin* 
It's about 2.60 a gallon here in IN.
Where you are from is a good addition to this topic.  I am from the Chicago suburbs.
just paid 2.55/gallon for the cheap stuff here in Western PA.

$2.89 for unleaded,2.98 for..um i dont remember,and 3.10 for diesel. The prices just keep climbing...
$2.69 for regular unleaded, 2.95 for premuim, 2.67 for deisel in Western Colorado :(
€4.92 per gallon. 
Thats about $5.77.

Any of you lot across the pond wanna mail me some of yer cheap stuff?!?!?!


(Pretty sure he owns shares in OPEC)
its 2.47$ for the cheap stuff here in pittsburgh

 oh yea beav glad i found a cheaper gas station then you :D
Here in UK unleaded petrol is 94p a litre. Convert it please and post it, cos i aint got a clue what that is as a gallon in US $$

Demon one pound = $1.80 so your litre is just a little less than that but it takes about 4 litres to make a US gallon so that means your paying about $6.78 a gallon.
$1.99 for unleaded in Anchorage, Alaska
$2.59/gal for regular in Cleveland, OH.  I work in the energy industry so I would advise all of you to prepare for some health heating bills this winter (all of you who need to worry about this issue ;)).
£0.935 per litre for me :(

thats a whopping $6.10 per gallon

Now I remember why I miss Anchorage:'(

well, among other things anyway;)
$2.67 for a gallon of regular/unleaded in Las Vegas, NV.

hey, it went down 2 cents a gallon today:D
I got you all beat .89 cents at taco bell for a bean burrito and I have gas all day, :p, not that it does my car any good lol
i pay about 2.49 a gall. it really sucks when u only get 12 mpg
2.59 per gallon in Saint Augustine fl
I live in Oregon... and I think Gas is around 2.65 a gal.(reg) here... I on the other had drive a diesel truck. and Diesel is at 2.81.  Now, Am I wrong or isn't Diesel supposed to be the step before Gas.... so shouldn't it be cheaper???? It cost me $95 to fill my truck up the other day! ACK!

GO CANADA!! i pay 97.5... for a Litre.. americans use gallons.. LD in RI(Rhode Island) is was 2.23/g..
today it rose to over 3 dollars, 3.46 in some spots

this isnt around me, but i saw on tv, 3.69 per/gal for unleaded
3.89 per/gal for super and 4.09 for diesel, the prices rise,so lets head back to the horse & buggys;)

Historically, gas prices peak on the long weekend in September.  If it wasn't for the refinery getting wiped out, we should have seen a reduction in the coming week.  God knows when that's going to happen now.  There's never been a better time to buy a hybrid.

1.35 a litre.. so it's like 6.00 a gallon.. i thought the UK was bad..
Ria and I were talking about this today so I thought I'd revive an old post.
I saw gas/petrol in the Chicago burbs yesterday for $2.85
The British pound is currently equal to $1.89 USD.  Roughly 4 litres to a US gallon.
they dropped our state tax ( well thats what the news said) so the gas price dropped from 3.29 us dollars to  2.99 us dollars 
I bought it yesterday for the first time since before they raised the prices, and I paid $2.89.
believe it or not, i think my mom said that she found it somwhere 4 a little over $2!!!!!!!!
Here in New Zealand after some complex conversion the price for unleaded 91 is $US3.99 per gallon and $US4.15 per gallon.  Fortunately in the southern Hemisphere everything runs downhill.
Sorry meant to say $US4.15 for 98 Super petrol
It's $2.19 a gallon here now....looks nice compared to that posts just a few slots up.