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Can't speak.
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Can't speak.
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Can't speak.
On Web Browser.. After a while for some reason it doesn't let you speak.

Anybody else get this?

lol... Erm no. 

I meant in the chatbox, when you go to type something.. it doesn't appear.

Its ok now though.. 
its most likely some of the adverts. Some animated adverts will move the focus to the advert frame. Simply click back in the text box to put the focus back

It is really frustrating. Even if you highlighted the message box u can't write there.

I'm having the same problem.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't work or it works for a few minutes.  I used internet explorer first, no problems then, but couldn't login anymore, now i use mozilla, and since then it appears...

Greetz and snooke-on...
this has happened several time s to me since ive been playing fod games and all i have to do is simply restart my computer and im good...
hope this helps...
yea same with me,
how do you block the ads?
it only hapens on mozilla firefox, if you do some task like block an ad it sometimes disables the keybord from doing commands, just restart the program to fix, or use internet explorer,

It does the same for with firefox on Linux. I tried with Opera (it exist on windows) and the problem disapeared.
Firefox doesn t let type sometimes try change your web browser for internet explorer or Opera.
yeah i get it all the time  ill be chatting then it wont let me type what do i do to correct this problem im loosing rank cuz i have to quite the game and restart it

>im loosing rank cuz i have to quite the game and restart it

You could wait until the end of the game, or better still, use a supported browser.
Which game requires you to talk to gain rank ?

I have this same issue with IE 7, sometimes the text box won't allow me to type...but it's not that bad as I just repeatedly click it until it allows me to type again