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What direction do we fight in now? we do have 4 choices.
Keep going east. The next square over is supposed to  have the market and is the reason that we started going east from the last square.

alpie (already making eastern inroads)
Even though I'm not very close to TA, I agree. It would be great to have a market on Thorn-Atin.
Is this market like the larki market or does it have any other special qualities?

Here's something to keep in mind for later on.  From my (new) understanding, if we clear all the armies bordering on any one square, aspiring monstologists will then be able to release monsters in that square since it is no longer "on the front lines".

I mention this because it is a little different than what people were saying previously about just having to have two cleared squares.  The minimum (from this port) would be THREE cleared squares, and since there is no plan to head north from the port, it'll probably end up being quite a lot more than three.

Anyway, just to stay on topic somewhat, I'm heading east.


There are advtantages to not releasing monsters, as well as advantages to releasing them.

If you dont release any, then the diggers and thieves who are collecting nails and putty will not be attacked.

If you do, then those who release them will gain xp, but at the expense of having the diggers/thieves being attacked by those monsters released.

will the market on TA be linked with the market on Larki.
items left in one will show in the other?  Or will they be independant of each other?
another question.....once a monster is released on TA , will it remain there permantly; or can it be killed off and have to be restocked.
a certain number of each has to be released for them to breed
the market on TA is not linked to larkinor market!
From studying the Hungarian maps, I'm under the impression that the repopulating the island with Larkinor monsters is done on a PER SQUARE basis.  Monsters released on "square A", for example, will not appear on another square until they are also released on that square.  Anyone know for a fact that this ISN'T the case?

If this IS the case, theives and diggers will always be able to do their work on the front-line squares, where monster releasing is not an option.

Just some thoughts, now that I'm back for a while:

If it's all that important to populate the island with monsters, then we should be able to preserve the "front lines" theory and just release them on the entrance square by the port.  Since it's not all that important to go north right now, we can always go west from the square that's northeast of the port later, and not have to use the port square as a front line again.

But I don't vote for starting monstology yet, because I'm not convinced that it's necessary.
If you release a monster on TA and I have a character capable of it, I will make a point of killing you on a regular basis. Nothing personal. Just wanting to speed the clearing of TA.
Think its a safe bet that as soon as its possible to release monsters, all the upper level players (at least!)will be doing just that. The XP to be gained by bringing a monster and a load of stones to TA together will just be too good to turn down. It will be another facet of the game everyone wants to try out. If we are to wait for the island to be cleared before repopulating the beasties, they'll probably be all dead of natural causes first!
Granted it may make it a little more difficult to clear the squares, but it will also at least make it a challenge, right now its kill a monster, heal at your leisure, kill a monster, the only way you can take the magical carpet ride home is if you make a miscalculation in a battle or (as I'm fond of doing) just not paying attention.
Contrariwise:   I believe the breeding of monsters on TA may in fact speed up the clearing of the island.  If you can make some money in one square and then fight TA monsters in the other you can have aspects of Larki and of TA together.    I think it is a good thing.
As a way to test this theory and not truly offend someone, why not capture and release a low level larki monster. This way it will not be a nuisance and we can see if the theory works. I recommend Callum for this honor (so if it does not work we can all attack him :)).
Yup i think we should head 
now, because i heard that once that square is clear, if we head SOUTH and clear that square then we can start building the 
Did anyone read my message on "Aug 16, 2005 6:19 PM"?  I'm convinced that monsters are repopulated on a PER-SQUARE basis, making all this talk of delaying monstology moot.