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Noob quetions of the day(that every day noobs ask all the time)
Noob quetions of the day(that every day noobs ask all the time)
Noob quetions of the day(that every day noobs ask all the time)
I will post some dumb noob quetions that they ask all the time.Feel free posting some yourself

here is my favorite and the first 1:
How do i get out of my HOUSE!?!
3.  How do i delete my character?

4. Where is Grunden's winecellar?

5. How do i make money?

6. My strikes keep missing the enemy. Why?

7. How do I transfer money?

8. What is a hatchet for?
Ok these questions are answered soooooo many times  don't post here anymore!  
1. Click the help button and read the FAQ (frequently asked questions duh). 
2. You can also page through the forum and there is a post called "to all the new players" with a little padlock in front of it.  A ton of answers there.
3. You can also hit the search button near the top of this forum and put in a key word like "delete" or what ever and lots of helpful posts will pop up.  
9.  What are calamities?
10. Are calamaties good? (personal favorite)
11. How do you heal?
12. Where is the temple?
13. Hi, I'm here to ask you guys something because I 
    clicked the button right next to the giant HELP sign.
 Any hot chicks in here?

 Where is the city center?

 What is a click?

 You are losers, this game is terrible... ok so how do I get money?

 Where do I get a job?

 How do I move?

 I keep dying what do I do? (no specific question added) 

 How do I get to the balloon? It says to go north but theres a wall in the way!!?? *wahhhhhh!!!*
9. It keeps taking me to my info screen. Is the game broken?
LOL jb  questions # 1 and 4 might just get you muted.
# lost track : How do you kill monsters?
11:How do i kill a caterpiller
12:how do i kill an elemetal
13:How do i move
14:Why do i kep dying!!!I didnt even fight a monster!(Does god hate me?!?!)
I dont know about that last part, Avenger. :|
15:How do i kill goblin regiment in mission 11
16:why do i go to my house and lose all my idems and all i did was press a button

To gen: For the last question of my last post he gets killed by poison
17. what can you do at the market?
18. can you ever actually steal from the church, or do you always get calamaties?  (actually, i'm still wondering on this one)

19. who would b dumb enuf to play lark quest, wen u can play 8ball?
First off, the last two pinheads to post in this topic should be banned for attempting to ruin our fun.

Secondly, you can actually steal from the church, but it's not worth it.  I made 500 attempts with a character that had a stealing skill of 200, and only succeeded 4 times for a grand total of 640 silvers.  (For those interested, my stealing skill percentage did not rise.)  Once I subtracted the cost of a 500 silver aqua dei (to get rid of 4x99 calamties), I was only left with 140 silvers .

I'm assuming that your character's stealing skill has nothing to do with your success rate, and that the option is merely there to provide a small amount of money to those starting characters who desperately need it after getting off to a really bad start.


16:why do i have to pray?
17:Where is all the buildings(Weapons,item,temple etc.)
18:Why do the subscribers get all the good stuff?!?!
(An answer to my own question,Cuz they payed for it!)

And i agree with callum, stop ruining our fun!

19:RuneScape rocks,it makes this game*MUTED/BANNED*
20:What are these leprechauns i keep hearing about?(favorite)
21:Can i steal/rob? If so,how?
22:The help button didnt answer my question.Because,it had words that im not used to, like "a" or "the".
lol thats was funny

But the first 1 might get u *Muted/Banned*Be careful:)
Ive noticed it may get me that,but just telling the truth:D
My favorites

(private message)  Can I private message you?

(Private Message) Will you be my friend? (get this question weekly...is destro a friendly looking name?)

How do I stop playing this game?  (?????)
17:Why cant i use magic
18:why am i here

23. why doesn't my shield do much damage when i attack with it?  (for my first day, i wondered that... then i clued in that it was a shield, not a weapon)

lmao this really happened: Where do I live?
 How do i get to the arena   
                                                          Why is people hp higher then mine

LOL:) all these post are funny and some are just SAD:(

How do I enter my home? How do I exit my home? This really happened. :| Its kinda disturbing condidering it was the same person and it has to be one or the other.
Whats the best weapon for a level 3 robber? :-P
2 absolute classics...

1. what shop sells weapons

2. what is the icon for the shop

thanks to vittu and mears_16 for those.
:S Some1 really asked u that!!!!:(

20:how can i be a digger
21:how come i die all the time
22:Can some1 walk me throught this game?
(Imao thats annoying)
umm avenger, i said 'how do you spell questions?' cos u got it wrong in the post topic
oh sorry,my bad:) As u can c i cant spell

26:How do i subscribe
27 am I annoying?
I never answer that q
28.Can you give me money?
Answer they get is:No
29. Seen in chat: do all you guys play Larkinor?

One of my favorites comes from the newbie who just signed up that day and asks "How can I be a Mod?"

how do i get a better weapon:p
well duh how did u find the computer

question that gets asked sooo often, 

Does anyone want to chat...well duh...its chat room its what we're doing lol:p

40:Do i have to play with this character can i delete him!

41:Can i have your weapon
How'd we go from 29 to 40? Peculiar,but anyways.
Heres the one QUESTION(question in caps for venger)that,i dont think,anyone has said yet...
lol heres 1"do you guys paly larkinor?"(asked in chat)
another one :"can you all come to my house to party?"
and my personal favourite(always asked 3 sec after the newb enters chat)"can i be your friend cause i dont have any here?"well dah if u chat for 5 min and u ll make friends!
oh and almost forgot bout that one"what are these childish drawings i see?"
oh well newbs what can i tell ya!?!
These questions arnt actually asked just that they are basically asking these in whatever they're saying....

Can I have money or I will annoy ya until ya mute me??

Can I flood this chat?

How do you do the smilies? I won't practise in the channel because its more fun annoying everyone

Why is everyone ignoring me?

Can someone play the game for me?

Help me I don't have any initiative of how to play or explore this game, just tell me where to go and what to do every ste of the way....

lol this is how they come across to me:p

We were all a noob some time :) Just some are more immature (and annoying) than others.
Now this has to be ut in while I have seen it just now....

How do you get rid of bad things.......what monsters or calamtiies lol I thought that q was a little vague but funny none the less

Some of My favorites...

How do I equip silvers?

Why do I see stars by your names?

How do I save?

I dropped all my money, how do I pick it back up?:D
Oh man, how can I forget this one:

What's a noob?
lol this is so funny:s

How do i sleep:)
"*insert profanity in all caps*"
(warned he/she will get banned)
Heres a new one 

  wheres my hp?

LMAO that was extremly funny:)


Always eating M&Ms
wgere can i find the hp?*  srry lol

this is getting riducilous:|
too late to be typing replies lilM?  keeps us humoured, especially if it takes you three posts to get one message across.  thanks for the fun :)
another question that i've seen:
How do i dig?
well obviously you have to get a shovel and then you can.  


I've actually thought of/seen a few...

Who is "Mod"?
My silver is weak,why wont it do any damage?
Will you help me with my homework?
Im level 1,000,000!You are all my slaves!<---One of the dumber questions...
I subscribed,but i dont have a star by my name,did FOD just steal my money?!
I bet that Headache dude is weak,hes just bluffing...<---I swear people are becoming stupider..
and finally; Your all like 70 years old,old people shouldnt play this game.

Those were the stupidest things I have ever heard...

Just last night to Slim from a young man named Derrick: Your about to be schooled by a level 4 Newbie :D!!! I couldn't help but laugh for a good 2 minutes straight.
newb: help me
me: what do you need?
newb: what do i do?
newb: help me
me: help will help you
newb: ha ha.. help me
me: im serious...
newb: ...
me: click "help"
newb: why?
me: it "helps"
newb: oh...
I'm going to get drunk and destroy everyone! WEEEEEE!

TC-Wondering who would say/has said that.
*after doing something that makes everyone mute them maybe be banned later* : Hi. :D
y cant i move 

sry if someone said that one i did not read all of them 
hey im back all and i got a mind full of stuff

How do i use a weapon
How do i stop playing
(Imao thats sad:()
Does anyone know where to go to the bathroom on here?

here one that i actually asked, and im not ashamed.

i accidently leaned how to steal, how do i get rid of that ability?

How do i play this game:)Plz will u tell me?:)

Jeez it isnt rocket science:s
Where am I and how do I get to the market?-noob
How am I supposed to know where you are?-me
Umm......I am at my house right now. How do I leave it?-noob
I cant believe this...lmao
Willie 911: How do you make an account?

^ above post was officially dubbed "Noobiest Question of the Day" By demon, so we know its true ;)  
Another priceless one: How do you read help?
Can I meet people in here????

Is >insert name< in here (when they are not)

How do you eat (not too sure he actually knew about the rations in the first place, think that was purely random)

>yawn< gotta go to college...these were just some I picked up from this last few days:)

I am level 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111....*takes a breath*....11111 I can beat you all! >:)
Dragon Yoh: I just started this game....so how do you start this game anyways?
This is the stupidest question yet

Wats this game called
im poisoned, paralized, and virus. heal how
here's another one: pubs wot do they do.... heal or sumthin?
One more and then i'll stop.... how do i out stuff on
Np Andi

Every1 can post as they want
umm, i cant think of any noob question, so can you guys give me an idea of one?
i always like it when i see this page near the top of the forum.  it's fun to get a good laugh at what people's initial responses are to the game :)  afterall, we were all there at one point in time, even if we didn't ask as many questions as some people do.
i got some (yay!):

1. What is the balloon?
2. What is the point of this game?
3. How do i get rid of Calamities?
4. When i die, do i drop everything i am carrying?
5. What is insurance?
6. What does the panic button do?
7. How do i fight people?
8. A/S/L?
9. This game is for RETARDS, can i not get banned for saying that so i can say it some other time?
a fairly common newb question, but here it is anyway:
"how can i beat the element?"
ok, so he likely can't tell there's a difference between an element and and elemental, but that's just part of the joy with newbs :)
no one posted in this post for a while, so i will do the honors and post :P
~I can beat this game by the weekend
~Once i get the hang of it in a couple days,read up--^

if u cant win.. what is the point of this game?

--i wonder.. what is the point of most 


Im back and have the stupidest question yet(again!)

Do u go to the bathroom in this game?
One of my all time faves...

"Someone told me you need leeches to get rid of the poison...where can i get them from?"
Some of these questions r extremely funny :^O (especially r calamities good) i have been laughing straight 4 about ten minutes here r some noob questions:)

 how do i move r the arrows some sort of compass?

 I lost all my weapons i only pressed a button?

 wats a inventory?

 i just put myself on god mode and im being attacked y am i being attacked?

 i attack ppl and keep getting killed y?

 y do i have to pay off the king?

 i have ran out of clicks will i die now?

 can u give me a map?

 i have a black dot next to my name wat does this mean?:p


How do you make the emotion icons?

then again...my favorite..

How do i get out of my house and how do i move?
Do u have to pay 4 subscription (wat a silly question:p)

AJB  B-)
If my enrollment runs out on this game, where do i re-enroll?

conversation between a newb and sub:N:How did u beat me! S:DUH you is weak.N: well how do you have more health than i do, were the same level!S:i got more persistance than u.N: hey Gimmy back my ration! ill steal it back!S: u cant your not a sub N:Whats a sub?

Urrrggg! it gets annoying:((to lilm&m thats my favorite too):)
how do I work for money?


Bump, and while in chat,
I thought this was the help file.

1. How do i type?
2. I can't find the city anywhere.
3. Where can I buy stuff?
4. Why do i get damaged when I use my vamp weapon?
(answer: because you have poison)
I don't know if it's here yet but whatever:
Demon:I have to wait for more clicks.
Demon:Yeah some more clicks.
Newb:What's that?

Still rofl'ing
> 4. Why do i get damaged when I use my vamp weapon?
> (answer: because you have poison)

Well look at that... I'm still a newb!  I didn't know that!

Actually Im not sure that is true. I just told him that and he went away happy.

Another noob question.

#whatever - Hi I'm new here. I dont have any antigrav boots yet. Where can i buy them from?
i posted "how do u delete a character?" the i went and read these and found out about the faq..
logobrett shows himself to be still a newb.  i gave him another logo-award in chat for this...
"who's guest?"
lol think we should make a seperate post just for logos awards ;)
Me: Congrats newb, you won the logobrett award :D
Newb: Whats a logobrett award? do i get money now?
Me: Who cares what it is? You just won it :)
Newb: ...So I dont get cash? Thats dumb....
from a newb who, over 3 char's had used about 1600 clicks already...
"wat r clicks"
Me:The clicks are in!!!
Noob:Who's the clicks?

Always Hanging Around
"is this a game?"  that's right, a newb came in chat and asked if it was a game!
from a new topic

 How do u heal when a stupid misqueto infects u:)

(yah those misquetos are hard too,:p
Thaduke: Where is the pull down menu?

ROTFLMAO that was great, and then he repeated it!

woah.. its been a while.. 
-- How do i open the help menu?

at least he/she DID go straight to the help menu...
time to bring back this thread.  a newb asked in chat "how do you go shouth west?"
How do you make a fodder satchel?--Boston8

ROFLMAO......havnt heard that one befor in my whole time here.
time to bring back the long lost post of newb questions:

newb: how do i get bak to home?
jason: die and it'll send you home
newb: and how do i die?
I'm a hot chick.....and I feel like a nerd because I'm playing internet games!
Hrm... let me see... Any bets on how long it will be till this one is banned???? ]:)

newb: who can i sell imp mushrooms too?

ok lets see...

can i sell a wonderflask

(its my first day back and im fresh with answers:))
here's one from chat: any1 selling an iron key at the market?


what can I do with the balloon?
Can you eat it?


asked today in chat...

hey guys what attribute determines your strength?

(he meant what determines your health... hitpoints)

I hate to bring a dead topic back from the grave, but theres GOTTA be more noobs asking the noob questions (or in avenger's way, quetions) for all to see! So don't ask me in chat why i brought it back when i just stated why..

Ok this one didnt happen in larki but still made my sides hurt from laughter...

Guy: Hey I'll give you a 600 point account if you lose on purpose.
Me: Uhm...No id rather not.
Guy: Ok,but do you know how to put on path?
Me: Prolly not,how?
Guy: Press Alt+f4
Me: Hah noobs only fall for that.
Guy: Yeah lol, so you sure you dont want the account?
Me: Yeah im positive.
Guy: Well then,ive got an ss of you swearing and youll be banned,HAHAHA.
Me: What did i say?
Guy: You said noob.

lmao lol noob thats such a mean insult:D

The Youngest Robber In Town
lol i just read through all of these and was laffin hard..... good times, good times...,..