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Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
first of all to Cinder!!

have a happy robbing & lucky thieving ;)
p.s. my houses still full of good stuff but you never seems yo visit them?  rather have some good french silkies?

secondly to the puppy DickyMcDick!!

hope you will be a chef soon so happy cooking

big birthdayskiss & huggles

yours Lucy 
Queen of the French Silk Pies

"old man"?!?! I'm sticking with the "I'm 26" story!

Happy B-day DMD, although next year I expect you to have moved yours...I dont share :p

Getting back to all the nice folks in larki..look at all the lovely stuff they left out for me in their houses....

a treasure,444 silvers, an egoplasm, a honey balm, 178 goblin coins, 95,248 silvers, an opal, 15 elemental essences, 2 pegasus feathers, a shovel, 3 diamonds, 59 opals, 91 pearls, an acid crystal, a gorilla's tongue, 5 pcs. of copper ore, a piece of iron ore, 212 rations, 2 boomerangs, 9 disprosiums, 4 centroliums, some fodder,64 gold nuggets, an emerald, a crowbar,11 extra mana potions,a lapis lazuli, an emerald, 4 pearls, an acid crystal, 3 chang swords, and a piece of iron ore.

434 diamond nails and...and not a single piece of cake :(

oh and...
You can go to the casino to develop your robbing skill!

Now I have to go update my street maps....my memory's not what it used to be.

Ol' man Cinder
Ditto, both of you. Hope you have better things to do on your b-days than sitting at home at the computer--even if you are playing a fascinating game like Larkinor. 


ooo i feel so popular :D thanks all.. i duno wat im goin to do yet..ahah Old Man Have a good one and Stay OUT of my house..  you know ur gift to me :)
Happy B-day C  :)
Happy B-day DMD :)

Happy birthday Dicky!  
Happy birthday Cinder!
Really?  Cinder's having a birthday??  Thought you quit those a looooooong time ago ;)

Happy Birthday old man, and you too DmD.

^^ please stopped

¿puedo have my nombre back?
Happy Birthday folks

Beer for Cinder
Bonios for DmD
cumpliaños feliz señor Cinder!


To the both of you hope you have a great day, pity you can't have birthday clicks like an extra 400 lol, wishful thinking....ah well.....have fun!!!

Lucy, the time zone thing isn't fair.  You beat me to it!  Happy Birtday DMD & Cinder!

Hope all is well with both of you.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Two of my favorite guys happy B-day!  
Happy Birthday C
Happy Birthday DmD

Hope you both have a great day :p

Happy Birthday!


Always Hanging Around
Congratulations and "happy birthday"s all around!
this is a larkinor quest not to talk about birthdays
happy birtday cinder hope your not to old :D

happy bday DmD