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chat last night
chat last night
chat last night
ok people there was some major fighting between myself (pete, beav)and slim. Anyone that knows the type of player(person) Iam. I helped many people out with money for boats etc. For those that were in chat last night i apologyize for fighting with you but those people that made some pretty insulting remarks know where I came from
I know I didn't see the arguement but I can't stand for comments about different people and I'm inclined to be with Mont on this one...
Maybe just maybe I'd have a different out look had I witnissed it first hand instead of hearing rumours...but I can't see how Mont is totally in the wrong as many of you are believeing...
It's just my opinion, no need to bash at me if your's is different.....
hey mont do ya think ya cud help me make a mil
I've been out of chat for 4 weeks so I don't know what's going on, but I always liked Mont.  I don't see how anything anyone could do one night could change that - people make mistakes.
last night was a bad one but its not all monts faults, yea slim did apologize and so did mont. it wouldnt have been as bad if pete didnt attack slim after he said sry thats when the chat got worse.
Mont has always been polite in chat and I find it hard to believe he would initiate a verbal attack on anyone. I can not say the same for others. I will say that lately the fights (and apologies) in chat seem to be on the rise. I wish people will remember this is just a game. Yes you may get caught up in it, but in the end the stealing, attacking and other GAME aspects have no bearing on the real world. Please try to keep this in mind before you go off and personally attack someone.
Owing to the number of complaints i have received about that night, and the fact a moderator was not present, i have requested further investigation into the incidents that occurred in chat on the night in question to ascertain just how bad it really was.....

large scale fights are very bad for the chat room, and discourage others from returning, so an investigation is required to find out why i have received so many complaints about that night.