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The Larkinor Limmerick!
The Larkinor Limmerick!
The Larkinor Limmerick!
This is just a bit of fun in forum....I hope every one will join in. :)

But first...Just a few things!

- Dont post 
 on the same page.

- Please 
 post anything other then the
 next rhyme.

- Keep it clean(remember its for fun).

- Try to make it about 

- Lastly try an finish your rhyme with something that someone else can rhyme too.

I guess ill start......

We sat on the computer for something to do,
 look what we stumbled onto, Lark Quest....
Is it a bird, or is it a plane....
Nope, its just a game!

A game you say, where i can play ?
Yes says i, until you Die!
Ya better not cuss and think you're cute,
or V, Di, or LD will make you mute.

Never have been good at this stuff.
it really is sad, when you are bad,
the things you planned, only to be banned!
Being banned? 
Talk about something appealing,
like stealing!
If you steal from me and run, ill come and kick you in the bum!
Dont worry we will run,
Straight to the market just for fun 
thats ok cos while you roam,
I'll quietly go and rob your home!
Whelling, stealing dealing? what's with the hard feeling
theres no hards feeling,
its just for fun,
least my house wont weigh a ton!
Thats a shame, cos its a pain,
when i carry home all your gains!
yes it is a pain, 
but only cos im poor,
how about i just leave u ore?
go ahead, leave lots of copper in your humble abode
i'm after the nails - don't care if i overload
Beave can run, rob, grab and snatch 
but HOL he will never catch.
Mana Godess will try to get her robbing high in vain,
I hope she's not to big of a pain.
pain, pain it never goes away, because the newbies are here to stay

im new at this
never fear theres alot of new ppl here,
they come for the same reason the limmerick is run,
all in the name of fun!
fun you say, funny says i, come to wonder i think i got pinkeye
so u dont think this is fun,
how can that be?
youve played it for months,
you are having fun, dont fib to me!
fun im having fun just tired of stealing from cinder while im on the run
What?? whats that you said?
Get back here 'till I kill ya dead!
dead say you lucky says i, i emptyed my pockets before i died 
Dead ye be, your spirit to roam,
I'll just grab me crowbars and follow ye home.
as i fly home i see cinder there, so i walk up behide and give him a scare, as he jumped in fright he droped his backpack, hes gonna be mad cause i emptyed his pack
so you got my pack, well thats how it goes...
I hope the crowbars fell out on yer toes.
Now dont you worry, cause I will be back
and I'll use yer stuff to refill my pack.
thought you were only good at one thing C,
an that was robbing from me!
while ive been tieing my shoe,
i notice u can actually rhyme too!
i thought so to, bout time you come and save me i was going down like the royal navy.

sorry if that offends any1 ran outta things to say :(
How about that ore putty! Yet not one cheer....
*sigh* I guess I'll go back to digging over here.
Clicking away at the "try to rob" action
The skill goes up but only a fraction

lol first time:p
action fraction, poor little traction he got nothing to do, so he hunts around for nib and noo
Eating and sleeping and playing all day...
Killing you now is how Noodle will pay...
cheer everyone....twice trice or more,
in jewyls eye there is a tear,
what do you mean u will dig here,
stay on TA,an bring back that ore!
stay and play all day if say, but go away ill rob you house and leave just ur mouse
To dig for Ore is such a bore,
I cant help it, so i dig for more.
I stole some stuff but then it was hot,
so i ran to the shop and sold the lot!

A mouse is enough to keep clicking and clicking..
..my empty house won't stop me from nicking;)
digging for me is more like a chore,
its keeping me clicking,
an my market balance ticking,
now my index finger is sore!
There once was a man from Lyme,
Who wrote poems in his spare time.
Although he tried,
He broke down and cried,
He never could get them to work out.
is he the same man from lark?
he also wrote poems in his spare time,
but he wasnt from lyme,
he would sit in the park,
an rhyme in the dark!
All Larkinor is filled with grief,
A haven for robber and thief,
  And designed in a way
  So that most of us pay
To maintain them all with no sign of relief
I've never seen the guy from Lark
Who used to rhyme in the park
But never would I put it passed me
After all Larki is a strange place I see....

if you need relief from lark,
go to TA,
an check out the plaque,
you will see theres play fight an digging ore,
you might even see the guy from the park rhyming some more!
I want to go to TA
but sadly it won't be today
I find it funny 
that I have little money
But hey someday i will
And I'll go to TA to chill:p
So much clicking my mouse wrist really hurts,
alas I am old,
But I'll still steal denim shirts,
and also your gold.

Love and kisses from HOL
aww smurfette your so sweet,
but your loves an kisses wont trick me!
we know your evil,
you cant fool me! :p
There was a woman named Hot Old Lady
Her deeds on Lark were extremely shady

Though Mega would chase her for that #4 spot
With limited clicks, he knew he could not

He finally realized he would be forever behind
Let out a sigh, whimpered and whined

She has his respect - they share the same vice
and #4 isn't bad, because the view is nice  ;)
Oh what a pain, 
Oh what a sty,
Im lvling again,
An will need dragon eye.
49 of them i do believe,
Can you help,
50% if you will,
Im poor an its a rather large bill!
49 dragon eyes you say?
Thats animal cruelty,if i may
PETA will come and take you away
Never fear,as your sentence is short
Because PETA doesn't care about dragons,not even a snort

My first rhyme, i think ill put it in my baby book:D
A large bill you say 
well for you that 
is not for ye 
for im as rich as rich as can be

that i wish i was  
there for i can help on TA
not today not now but maybe next may!
I've been saving and saving to get to TA
but alas going slowly to my dismay
When I get up there
I will be fair
I won't steal from you
I'm too good a noo
Instead I will kill
Sell nubs for a mill
Just joking you lot
Rather not get shot
I'd rather help out
Instead of doing nowt

Hey hey getting better:D
A million now
thats not on
thats just wrong 
if i didnt know better 
id say im getting swendled

How about 10k 
now that sounds fair
i might be a bum but ill still buy some!

What do you know im not that bad:)
M&m says hes a bum
But,we know hes got money
Can i have some?
Over the mountains
across the Plain 

Take a turn
At Slash and Burn

On the road to Eldorado
Maybe a little may be alot 
but my digger still needs some for TA 

While im on TA ill play a fiddle 
and i might have somegood riddles and 

That the bast one ive done yet

Hey going to TA isn't a game
We're there to put the monsters to shame
Dig for ore
It's such a bore
Lay some stones
Cover the bones
Once ALL that is done
Maybe just maybe you'll have some fun

And ill drink rum and share with all
and play a little of my fiddle
And twiddle my thumbs:) 
That didnt rhyme.
It sounded like PrimeTime
Just listen to me
And soon you will see
See wat see me?
You see me alot but wat will i see 
Whats that you say?
You dont know what to see?
Just wait,hold please
I see leaves of green red rose too
i see them for me and you 
and i think to myself what a wonderful world

I see skys of blue and clouds of white
the bright blessed day and the dark secretnight
and i think to my self wat a wonderful world

My thoughful ness for all of you and especialy hottrac:) 

ok i must stop you there!
thats not about lark, as you should know,
an whatever happen to the guy from the park?,
does anyone know where did he go?
Finnbogi, Thora, Wordsworth, and Wiggins
Are proving Thord Artin offers good diggins--
Metaphorically speaking since they only fight
Those Thord Artin monsters morning and night.
Flitch is there too, but his name didn't scan;
Heading the toplist--that is his plan.

Hes at my house in lark
Bored from the park
You can rob him from my house
Whatever happened to the mouse?
I robbed your mouse and is now building a house on TA in may!
You robbed my mouse?
You must mean house
Why in may?
Why not today?
Did you invite the old guy in....
In that case invite noo in for din..>:)
I would love to meet the old guy from the park
Little do you know I'm stealing in the dark
I will leave you totally decieved
And I will come out with what i achieved
4 Pearls, 6 opals and don't forget the money
I know you will cry but I find it funny

I like the mouse 
Its repairing my house 
Its making better traps
To keep you robbers out 
and the mouse in!

Where is your house
Ye doesnt know 
its anyones guess
except for yours  
Ive started a mouse riot
Nothing too bad,but why fight for it?
Its a common mouse
Thats been in everyones house
the one thats been in your house,
is cinder infact not the mouse,
but who can stop him he has everyone key,
even slims house with traps of (663)
This one special it takes out monsters
and takes out the trash
it even finds stuff for me where ever i go
and even plays the fiddle sometimes to much
and others to little 
Not many like making a rhyme
For some it could takes days at a time
But do not worry
Some of us can make rhymes in a hurry
some are in a hurry like me, you stay in your house you keep your mouse, you go astray halo comes out to play
halo aint nothin compared to larkinor,
whose got magic spells, 'cuz i got four!
you may have four but there weak i think, come to cc we will find the weak link
Out of ideas,its been really hard
I found another rhyme from a can of lard
I see braves take a centrolium from me
I shall make him flee.
i dont flee you should know me , things just happen to find my pack but come near me ill empty your backpack ;)
You can show off your centrolium around the field
I just hope you know that is was for your centroshield;)
Ye will make anyone flee 
because you are lvl 31!

for my centrosheild i guess i shoulda watched, because of that there was a delay, and like fat albert says " Hey, Hey, Hey"
It wasnt your fault i tried to steal
And if youre gonna quote someone
Let it be Ally Mcbeal:D
There i was trying to buy a house
My plans were cut short of being killed by a mouse

you got killed by the mouse while trying to buy a house , well thats weak say i, but i can not deny, im tired of seeing cinder was here :(
The noob found a game and joined in it.
We told him "read help", but he didn't.
    In the forum and the chat
    He asked this thing and that.
"I cannot survive for 2 minutes!"

He claimed Lark was no fun to play.
He said, "I need more clicks per day.
    Can I cure my disease?
    I need more silvers, please!"
We just laughed as we went on our way.

I am the noob that joined into chat,
i eventually did read forum, i bet you didnt know that!
now look at me i subbed for not much per day,
an your right i dont have enough clicks to play! 
Mad has clicks
Mad has tricks
Mad has money
But he doesnt have a honey;)
I went to the temple to pray
too bad they said i wouldnt have a good day
My robber paid the priests to say that
Paid by 8 portions of ratfat
Level to level...
You survive and win.
Then you start a new level...
Working your way to the end.

You try to rob...
and steal from me...
Some do..
But most dont succeed.

I catch you in the act...
And with a few hits, I send you back.
You wake up at home with nothing in your pack...
Come on...
Try it again.
I'll welcome you back!!!
Lvl are nice
Lvls are great
Grow them too much
You will be who the people will hate

So smirk and fine
On lvl 99
But what will you do
If everyone hates you?

Being the strongest has its perks
But everyone else thinks it wont work
People see you in lvls so high
They'll hate you and your bragging,except for you Di.
Not in my socks, 
Not with my Glocks,
Maybe on a box?
Your house Rocks!
Hope I don't end up in the stocks!

Love and kisses 
My sub account has not been made yet
But when it is, you robbers may threat,
I'll beat you all the best I canna,
Hopefully beat the one called Dianna,
She can be mean and nasty this I know,
She'll fight to the death and there is were she'll go,
So come one come all when I get to youre Level,
I am the Anti christ I will be youre devil
There is no need to fear
HuhWhoMe is here.
Delve into your pack 
not worried about attack.

2Bad4U says its sad but true
while killin Huh he is robbin U.

Saying Werepanther is quiet isnt fibbing
while the other 2 are mean he is dirt flinging.

LordPanther sits back and follows 2Bad
into his footprints as if he is his dad.
That blasted balloon....
It gives me such fits.
Why cant I get...
Something good from it???

A gold nugget, a treasure...
the occassional wonderflask.
Can I get some armour and weapons?
Is that too much to ask??????
I went to the arena
to battle someone
too bad i got defeated by cena
and whats done and done

even though i lost 1000
whats done is done and that is you, im gonna rob your house not cause u told me too ;)
when did i say rob my house,
your as crazy as that little mouse,
you wont get into my house not today,
if you do ill make you pay! :p
i may be crazy as the mouse but soon i will get in ur house, but enough with the mouse ur can make me pay, but heres what i say, many have tried to get revenge but you will end up the like the rest of them ;)
like the rest you say,
how do you mean? 
all ill say is have a nice flight home braveee,
watch me stand in CC an gleam! ;)
sure ill go to cc but as were in battle u need to watch ur pack cause when ur done i was is ur packpack
for get my last saying i just didnt know what to say so ill will think of a new one and set it on its way, so mad u can forgive the stupid things i do, cause one of these days im gonna get you
omg im so nervous cos of my mage,
he is about to grow to a new age :O
ive got 900 clicks with 1.8mill,
ive got butterflies with this little thrill! 
Being a fighter takes skill
Being a mage takes will
Diggers are boring 
While doing their boring
Being in Larki ... what a thrill!

I'm so sleepy from staying up
Larki is so addictive i cant sleep
It looked like a zoo cause i saw ralphthepup;)
Time for bed,Lark's becoming boring
Great,when i try to sleep,i see its morning.
Trying to escape from a battle
cause your weapon is a small paddle

But doesnt make it in time
And that ends this rhyme.
Nothing ends this ryhme because we are never out of time

And lakinor is addicting
For me my averige is 10 hours
Of flowers for the dead beastes on TA:D
this game is cool
and my glass is full
of coffee beans
and so it seems
i ll play larki forever 
and wont get bored ever!
and this rhyme will never end
so now lets all stand
up and say:
we will always play
The Larkinor Quest
cause its simply the best!!!

Coffee beans for a drink?
You're a little wrong,I think.
Ground the beans first
Or the beans taste will make you burst.
But whats with this coffee talk
I'd rather go for a walk.
Doesnt coffee come from a stalk?


i never said i d drink the beans in my glass
thats the first thing you study in class
hope you had a nice walk
hey no!coffee doesnt come from a stalk;)
hm we shall see about that..
well i m off to chat!

But i could swear you just said...!
Never mind,if i finish that sentence im dead.
Enough with coffee,i hate its smell
Too much coffee will burn like,oops!
Another word i cant say,
But i'm still lovin today
The clouds are gone,the sun is bright
Todays the day ill get in a fight!:D

Get in a fight,
well you might
after all the dueling
here on lark
and on TA
you might wind up dieing a lot!
i dont ryhem well?
Well it good enough
why dont you try 
it you little piece of fluf:p
M you cant rhyme
Your out of time
See my line?
Its so fine;)
Hmm,why did this become so cool...
Why i ask,is M a fool:D.
you both need to read some poems
and learn how to make them rhyme
cause when the time comes
your really going to shine

but for now
just play some lark
gen dont have a cow
let MM get his spark

i know im not much of a poet
but i did the best i could
i hope you enjoyed it
cause if you didnt you should

Typos here and there
Typos are everywere
But here on lark it doesnt matter
Because here on lark its not matter
AS long there is plenty of monsters to batter:D
my last one was bad
i just read through it
i hope you are all glad
that i decided to try a bit

joe again.
As i stare at M's "batter"
I see he's rhyme "matter" with "matter". 

you all are quite silly...
I think i'm gonna get the willys
all of these unknowns are making me chilly
what would i do to have something thrilling
or even bone chilling

hoped you enjoyed my rhyming...Andi (F)
Stealing and hidin' 
Is what Macghililadir does
But when we catch him
We get a buzz
As we batter him!!!

Jaird hates stealing
"Its not very appealing".
Neither are those dunggolem
But I aint gonna moan, um.

Forced the rhyme, but sometimes you must.
My lines get longer, soon they gonna bust
The edge of the forum,
Ruining the decorum.

Thord-Artin is just so great.
Killing monsters from half past 8
In the morning.
Its not boring
You just haven't played enough, mate!

Thought i'd bump this up, not done it in a while,
Many more lines for us still to compile.

  theres one other thing that hasnt been done in a while 
thats Mad coming in and making ppl smile!

i dont have time to play lark quest!
i think its better if i come in as guest
is it that ive become a bit of a bore? 
or is it that im working myself into the floor?

V is a little ill 
but im sure he's still 
getting his larki fill
he will have a bit of a hill
but i think he will come back
just have to wait and thats a fact!

well thats enough for now 
im sure you agree.... 
but dont have a cow
im not going to flee
just some time 
to sort out this computer of mine!

I may be ill,
but i have a strong will,
so without further ado,
ill come rob YOU!

Veriac seems obsessed with robbing so much...
He thinks he's really butch
Thats cos he's supermod
Whereas Slim thinks he's god.

Or maybe king he's thinking.
But we all know he's much too late
Unless Lorden VI decides to abdicate.

Veriac may be sick
but, don't be thick.
Ya better be nice,
Or we'll put you on ice.
Cause there is still Di 
and I
A little message for Ladydie
I really wasnt try- 
ing to give V any slack
I hope he gets back
Real soon, I give out respect
Cos its what everyone expects.

If only noobs
Wouldnt be such goons
And curse and swear 
All over ev'rywhere!
My friends on Larki are thieves.
They rob you blind, give no reprieves.
A thief takes what you've got,
If it's some or a lot.
Robs your house till it's empty...
Then leaves!