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Request for Enhancement
Request for Enhancement
Request for Enhancement
I was wondering if the market could have a feature where you could specify the amount of money you could withdraw when you click on the button to move the money to your backpack. There are times I don't want all the money and I hate having to give the bank 10%. Thank you. 
To "deposit" money into the bank, just buy something that is listed at 50%.  Treasures or air/earth/fire/water spells are among the more common items because of their round numbers.

I'm sorry, I guess my poast was unclear (I need to read these better). I do not wnat to add money to the market, what I want is a way to get only a portion of my money from the market to me. Unless I am missing something there are only two options for your cash at the market, take it all (or as much as you can carry) into your back pack or use the sherpa to send it to the bank. What I want is a way to limit the amount I take to my backpack. If I have $1 MM in the market and want $100 K, I want a way to ask for only $100 K. I hate take a ton of the money out because there are some unsavory folks in larki who keep looking in my backpack for silver and things :).
Hey Zhang....

I think Sandy understood your question.

There are a few options available.  

1.  You can fill up your backpack so that you can only carry a little more weight... and then when you take money off the market you won't take very much.  

2.  You can take off the market as much as you can carry, and then use some, and return the rest to being on the market in the way suggested by Sandy.

Does that make sense?  I agree that it would be easier if you could just speicfy the amount you wanted... but I just wouldn't hold out for this type of change ;)

Sandy's post should have read "into the market" not "into the bank" - perhaps now the strategy makes sense
Ah yes.  My mistake.  I "deposit" money into the market that way all the time.  I rarely use the bank anymore.  When I want 100k, I take my weight limit of silvers from the market, then buy treasures or spells at 50% from the market until my silver level is down to 100k where I wanted it, then I relist the items I just bought for 50%.  They sell within a few days, as many other people are doing the same thing.  If it later turns out that you need to liquidate your wealth, you can simply sell the items at the store to get your money back.

No banking fees, and only a few extra clicks per transaction.


Makes sense. I can use this method. Thank you.