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Would whoever stole the wordcaster i was transferring please put it back!!!!

Sorry don't know about your loss, V.  This is just a related topic.

Does anyone know how to get one of these?  Does a monster drop it?  Is there a recipe?  I've given the man in the pub about 200 drinks, and he's not giving up the goods.  

Sandy, it's a balloon ONLY item... there is NO recipe for it.

Well a Monster does drop it.....

But I think it's a lvl 72 monster... or some similiarly high level.  

But just think.... someday there will be loads available.  I mean if slim would just focus a little harder on leveling already!   :p

I guess that explains why the two I found on the market a few weeks ago were at 3000%.  Please don't shoot me, but I accidentally sold one to the weapon store for 50%!

I was lucky enough to get a Wordcaster with the balloon so I had it on the market for a couple of months at 3000%.  It sold near the beginning of this thread though...