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Stealing on TA?
Stealing on TA?
Stealing on TA?
crustyfur just tried to steal from me on TA.  I thought there was an agreement not to?
sorry, don't read the forum that often & didn't know of any agreement, i will make sure i don't do it again.
Apology accepted!  Don't like squealing like I did myself, but sometimes I go to TA for a break!
Everytime I see one of Slim's characters on TA he tries to steal from me, so I've gotten into the habit of reciprocating.  Seems to me like all agreements are already off.

No the agreement isn't off.  Like all agreements not everyone agrees.  I must also confess that some of my chars are soooooo adicted to stealing that on TA sometimes their hand sneaks in a backpack before I am even aware of it.  I do try to avoid it but sometimes........ sorry :(.