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Now this was just an idea I had and no doubt it would probably be a bit too complicated to actually do but I thought it is worth a shot to see what you guys think.
Well I was thinking that like an inventory button you could have a list showing all the monsters you have defeated and how many of that enemy you have killed, because it would be interesting to see how many of a certain monster you have killed...I dunno, ya know a little like final fantasy....or Castlevania....just a thought, what do you think?
i personally think that would be a waste of time.  rexyin8
I think this is a great idea. And for those that dont think it is, then they dont have to use it do they? 
i agree with demon.. great idea noodle :)
it would be interesting to see that.. interesting just like the toplist is interesting

actually, it could ALSO be a new page in the toplist - so you can compare yourself to other players just like all the other pages on the toplist...

just a thought  to add..
yeah i like the idea 2.
and the toplist one is not bad either.
think it ll be fun if there is something like that.
concrats noodle this is your first good idea

yea i like this idea aot it sounds like somthing fun to have

and maybe the list can include people you beat 
I'm a stats man so I would love this addition.  Theoretically it is only database lookups so that should be relatively easy... ;-)
im definately a stats man as well so once again i am in complete agreement :)

to conclude my ideas before: it should be a button in the inventory/properties page that allows you to look deeper into it as well as being on your stats page that everyone can look at by clicking your name. (just a number of some sort.) and it should also be a new page on the toplist.

Well I'm glad people are interested in the idea and Braves i'll have you know I've had many good ideas....just not that you agree with;) lol
Anyway even though I don't think it will happen or if ever in a long time but thinking bout it it shouldn't be too complicated after all.....it's just a few numbers etc....no need for pics if that would be too much of a hassle.....
I like to look at the toplist because it interests me and I'm sure many would agree that having a bestiary would act as a sense of acheivement.....you can go into chat and brag about how many bloodthirsty mosquito's you've killed lol just kidding:D
But hey keep your thoughts coming...
I do like the idea a lot.  But I especially like the idea that was mentioned about keeping lists of people you've beaten.  Both great ideas!

I like it. Many times I have wished to know the numbers as well. 

How about including how many unknown monsters you have left so you can see how you are doing with them.  Once you have conquered all unknown creatures for that level it could say- Congradulations you have killed all unknown monsters for lvl x.  This is just a possible expansion from your original idea.  I think it is great.  Keep the ideas coming.