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Computer Trouble?
Computer Trouble?
Computer Trouble?
When I've been playing Larkinor my characters have been having trouble entering/leaving buildings. The computer screen freezes up and I'll have to refresh or log-in again before I can continue playing. This also happens going to the inventory page. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is with - Larkinor or the computer, what to do, and if anyone else has the same problem.  
you should try clearing your webpage temp files they slow your comp down alot
you probably have spyware or viruses. do a virus scan and a spyware scan or something like that. it worked for me 
i had the same problem as you.

hmm... I did a pest scan. None were found. Unfortunatly there isn't any antivirus thing on the computer because it caused problems with the firewall.  Thanks for the ideas though! If it keeps up, I'll ask ny Dad when he gets home.