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Dragon Horns Required
Dragon Horns Required
Dragon Horns Required
I wanna make some dispro boots but they're selling at a minimum of 1.75M, their most expensive component - dragon horns (x25)- are at a minimum of 56K each!!!  Pretty tough for my hard-working but poorish-earning fighters and mages.
Where else apart from the market do you get dragon horns?
i will put dragon horns on market for 50% as soon as i can, just keep watching ;)

ah :( sorry, i cant yet   :'(       not high enough level

Thx for the thought though JB!
FIng look for me in chat i can get them and have them
whoevers holding them at 56k could you please drop them i also require them :(

Fing come into chat :p

I had 16 at 56K but have other characters who need them as well.  They are there to hold but if someone is willing to pay (at least three have sold) then that is fine with me.  In other words--no I won't drop the price at this time--I think there is more of a shortage right now because many people are fighting on TA--maybe if someone released some old granite and flame dragons on TA they would breed and thus the horns would become more abundant.  However, the "powers that be" have decided to declare a fatwah on anyone releasing monsters over there.  Good idea?  Probably not, but I understand not wanting to do any extra fighting over there.
:p......thats ok Negod, i was always told there no harm in asking....
Btw we have plenty do to on TA :O....stuff to build, monsters to kill, diamond nails
to steal (from who....i dunno), ore putty to dig up....see its a never ending list :p

So if you put monsters from lark on TA it will only make it harder ;)....:p

Most definitely, especially considering that the monsters released would probably not be fought in the same way that those laready there are fought, it would be more like lq
I have a few Fing, catch up with me in chat:)
Ta Elusha - I think I'll just not worry about the dispro boots at the moment as they'll only give me 2 extra protection points over what I've currently got!  Also, I have all 4 characters moving from level 34 to 35 over the next few days, so that'd mean I'd require 25x4=100 dragon horns to equip each character.

From one of the posts it seems as though dragon horns are gained from old granitedragons and old flamedragons, so I may see these monsters shortly ;-)