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I need stinkglands
I need stinkglands
I need stinkglands
would you please post any you find? :)
Sorry! :(

I'v ebeen on TA and haven't been saving stinkglands :p
Are there any other monsters you can get them from lower levels than pukipu and armpitdog? I could have sworn I've gotten stinkglands before. Anyway, if there are I'll help you out.
I just threw two up.  Will look for more :)
I put up 11 it was all I could do.  Let me know if they are too expensive.

u said u think u've gotten stinkglands before-well i'm just level 26 but i have gotten them in previous missions
 can't remember which ones though. :)
You can get some stinkglands in the Njonjo mission.
I just put 2 of them on the market.
aw, srry, I've already done that mission and sold the stinkglands :-(