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The real problem with building on TA.
The real problem with building on TA.
The real problem with building on TA.
Disregarding abuse, the REAL problem with is that EVERYONE is wants construction points.

There are 2 errors that people make:

1. I MUST to use MY OWN nubs to build stones.

The faulty reasoning behind this is that it's too expensive to buy other people's nubs. The effect is that they try to store their nubs on the market. Then some people get the idea of trying to make a profit by reselling nubs at high prices.

Consider what happens of we all place nubs on the market at low price without trying to store them.
To simplify things, let's say it's easy to get diamond nails and ore putty, and there are only 2 people on TA, person A and person B.

Person A has just finished fighting on TA, and has come back with 50 nubs. He doesn't want to build stones now, so he puts the nubs on the market for 100%.

Person B is comes back with 50 nubs as well, and he is ready to build. He sees that there are 50 nubs on the market, so he buys them, and builds 100 blocks. Then he goes back to fighting on TA, comes back with 50 more nubs, but doesn't want to build at that time, so he puts them on the market and logs off.

Person A comes back with 50 more nubs, and now has 50K silvers in the market from person B. He decides to build, and sees that there are 50 nubs on the market. He buys them with the 50K he earned. He builds 100 blocks and logs off.

both person A and person B have exactly the same amount of silvers they started with, and they both built 100 stones. Neither had to worry at all about storing nubs.

2. It is ok for me to build on TA without fighting monsters on TA.

This is obviously wrong, because even though you can buy them, they must come from somewhere. 
Fighting on TA is the bottleneck for the entire building process.
 It is much easier to build than to fight. To exaggerate, suppose only 1 person fought on TA, and 100 other people build. How fast do you think progress on TA will go?

My rule: My total construction points should not be higher than my total conquest points, otherwise I will contribute to tightening the bottleneck.
I should add that the reason everyone wants to build, and nobody wants to fight, is that they believe construction points are more valuable than conquest points.

Construction points are for clans, a 

Conquest points are for getting special/high-level items that you couldn't get otherwise, something you will 
 be needing
Wait... are you sure?

See I think you should look at the Construction as a competiton where he who best marshalls the required componants wins....   

In this senerio there will always be a limiting factor, and there will always be incentive to hoard.  Right now the market is nub limited, and that's likely to continue, as fewer can aquire this componant, and it's fairly click intensive.... Maybe someday we will be money limited as this whole TA buisness seems to be a money sink... but that is a ways off.

Maybe you should consider that many are playing the game differently then you Fan.


I think that what Sasha is saying is that FOL needs to get over himself and realize that 90% of Larki players are going to do exactly as they please, whether he continues in his role as Chief Bumparse or not.  Let TA sort itself out.  Thank you and enjoy your game.
In no way am i forcing you to do anything.
>This is obviously wrong, because even though you can buy them, they must come from somewhere.

I now sell my nubs for 100% on the market for 3 reasons.

1-I run out of money quick buyings nails and putty
2-What do I need a clan house for?
3-What else do I need construction for?

This point on I refuse to build any construction on TA. It is a waste of my time and clicks. Unless something I like and will enjoy pops out of no where, construction is useless to me ;) Besides, I want to get that Platinum Badge quicker :p